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  1. I have the logitech Mx1000 or whatever the damn thing is called...I tried mouseware, and setpoint and it screwed everything up. I am now on the default mouse driver and I have the following Fire = Left Mouse Run = Right Mouse XCom = Wheel Button Sel weps/Xcom menu = wheel Zoom = Forward Button Reload = Back Button The only functionality I cannot get to work is the wheel left/right combo as well as the scroll up/down buttons in front of the mouse wheel. I posted this in another thread, but will say it again here. When you have been trying to map buttons, and changing the default, the mouse wheel will not be recognised, you need to reset all buttons to defualt and then map everything EXCEPT the mouse wheel, DO NOT assign anything to the mouse wheel. The try in-game. This has worked for me and many others.
  2. Hi All, I dunno if this is the right place to post this, I have posted it elswhere on this forum and not received any feedback, hopefully someone can help. I tried MP for the first time last night and I managed to get games going without problems, apart from the fact that my pingis just sooooo sad..Here's the thing: I have a LinkSys Wireless-G router and am not sure what ports to open on the Port Range Forwarding, at this point I have got a LARGE range open on TCP/UDP to cover the ranges on the manual, but I am not happy doing this as it leaves my connection well exposed.....it's like opening a condom packet with scissors..... Anyone else with a Linksys setup that can advise? [Post moved to correct thread]
  3. This maybe a thickhead question, but I am trying to activate the correct ports on my LinkSys Wireless-G and am having some probs.. In port range forwarding, do I need to open up ALL the ports mentioned above??? That seems a little extreme.. If anyone has done this with the wireless G, please can you give me some advice? Thanks
  4. //lurkmode off I too am a GR1 fan,and have got about 3 yrs of MP GREATNESS out of it. I used to hang around the UBI lobbies (against the advice of the hardcore gamers) and I used to constantly find the RUN n' GUN masters out there, I could NEVER play anything but COOP because the teamplay was YOU DIE YOU DIE YOU DIE with 10 respawns....not fun. There were a number of guys that joined my server because we used to play LOW n SLOW all the time (2 of us took an hour and a half to do MBC, with one respawn each) 'cos thats how it is! All the guys who came to spray n pray all used up their spawns in 2 mins, and promptly left. Now GRAW has all the makings of a great tactical shooter, and although I haven't tried the MP yet, I am expecting it to get the best enjoyment when played like you were there! They need some patching, sure, and I will wait for that, patiently, so that it is good. This is one of fewpositive posts regarding GRIN's efforts, and I hope it stays good, they have done a great job. I have a P4 2.8 CPU, 1GB RAM and a Nvidia 6600 and the MAX FPS i get is 25, normally around 15-17, and I am LOVING this game... //lurking again
  5. Rocky, Try resetting all the controls to default, at the game main screen, then fire up the game, your scroll should work properly, then start mapping the other buttons..
  6. I have the LogiTech MX1000 Laser, and this thing is pretty useless with GRAW, I have dl'd the new drivers (45Mb for a mouse utility??!!!) and I have tried almost every conceivable combination of mapping the buttons and it still will not work, I cannot even put my old mouse back on here unless I uninstall the Logitech cr@p. Does anyone know of a generic driver that I could use with this logi-mouse? P.S \This is on the DEMO, not sure if it will be able to run on the full game though..
  7. Hi Guys, Yeah, I am always keen on a game of Ghost Lite, all these mods are fun but they make it very difficult to join games when everyine has their own likes and dislikes in mods. I recommend you use the UBI games lobby that you got with your GR cd, or acquire it from UBI themselves, it will update itself automatically and then go to the GR lobby, and 'create a game' call it Ghost Lite room and then whenever you are there, we can seeeee yoooouuu!! Hopefully catch game with you sometimes. Regards
  8. Hi guys, I have been away for a while, and not been online as a result. I have a number of questions regarding where to play and the mods associated, the questions are based on my past online gaming experiences. I used to host a lot of players on my PC as I am behind a large proxy here in the UAE and for some reason I could host better than when I joined others games, I used to limit the number of players to 4 and we could all have a good game of coop or missions with this number of people, I used to do this on UBI (which everyone here SLATES, and I know why). Fortunately playing on UBI in coop usually negates the cheaters and all the guys that joined all had good times on the games. Questions: Since my return, it seems that a lot of people have one or more versions of the silent-killer map packs and since reading about the 'stealing' associated with this pack I am willing to uninstall it (although there are some great maps on there). What are people using as the BASIC mods to get a game here amongst the shared dedi servers here at GR.net? Is is just DS&IT, HX5? I have DA4.9 as well but not fussed about not using it. I would really like to join some of the games here with the faithful, as cheating seems pointless in a game that is such fun even when you get shot to shreds. I prefer coop and missions as a rule. Any advice would be appreciated. P.S Apologies if this post is in the wrong forum, didn't know if it should reside here or in the MP section. Thanks and regards to all.
  9. Hi all, I am an old 'lurker' in GR, and I have recently upgraded my PC from the old battleship she once was.....I have also added an aditional drive. Although GR is working well on the old PC, I would like to do a brand new, clean install on the new box.....and herein lies the prob....GR Desert Siege CD has gone AWOL! I dunno what I have done with it, but it's gone. As I live in the Middle East, the old games are VERY hard to come by and I have tried everything to get another copy. I could do it on Ebay, but the cost of transferring the cash to the seller would be STUPID to say the least....Moderator edit for content I will take a photo of the Gold Edition packaging that I have, sans DS, with a copy of this forum printout (and your response), and mail it to you so you can see I am not bull-dusting!!.. Anyway, I appreciate any effort to help me... Discussions of warez is against forum rules. Please refrain from doing so in the future.
  10. I often play on UBI, but MO is simple, I click on the lobby, usually Ghost Recon and then ignire the lounge, go directly to CREATE ROOM and start up a COOP game....all the people that join the games seem to be mature, mannered types and we have a great time....all the ones that do the run n gun usually leave after I start reducing the respawns...that way, the either use tactics, or spectate while I make my way carefully around the map after their lives are up.... The room is called "Cat's Coop" and there are a few rgulars who join in play, never had to boot any one..if we feel like a mission or team play, we all agree and away we go....people joining always see Cat's Coop and don't like to come an ply their rambo, a-hole tactics and stay away... Anyone with respect and fun games in mind, is always welcome, in fact, I have yet to use TS and am looking for some folk who do so I can get really immersed in this awesome game....I am an addict All in all, I only play on UBI because it is easy for me.
  11. You wanna see more of this guy, go to.. www.emotioneric.com some really funny stuff there..
  12. Hi Folk, I recenlty downloaded the Covert Coop by Dr Doom, and was well impressed, had a go on my own first and it proved to be a little dificult...but an online game last night with a partner made it more interesting. I played on the lowest setting as a starter, and it makes a change from the Rambo run n' gun stuff, since you get an MP5 SD, you gotta make the shots count.. And for a whole 10kb, well worth a go...
  13. Snake, Thou art indeed an all-round family entertainer....dost thou do children's party's?
  14. Thanks for the responses.. I agree that the 'server side' mods would be nicer in their own 'location'. I am a dummy noob so I am not sure how to determine a server side mod from a full mod. It would be really useful. I love this game.
  15. Hi folk, I was playing MP recently and there were some cool server side missions and although it is obvious no special mods are needed to play these games as I only have DS & IT and could log on, are these special packs? Where can I get some..?? Dunno if this is in the right topic, please move if required.. Thanks
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