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  1. Hello, gringos (without offense), i have download the delta Force CQB Mod and really, without craps, SUCKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the helmet, oh my god is offense the the game, the only good in the mod is the bag incorpored to the chr. I want to now if is possible resize a model without 3d studio? with a hex editor maybe?
  2. Looking for realistic gunnery and weapons Nothing more than realistic Here i come again, with my bad english. The balistic hace to make better, like shooting trough walls and door. In large distance uses that thing or reticle scale to calculate,(you know 100 m 200m 300m etc), know the trayectory of the bullet, wind, breathing, everthing, like the real live. Its going to be good use voice command to give orders to the team using a microphone, like recon, assault, hold, etc, and the computer understand the voice and follows our orders. Interact with objects and people will be good, get intelligent from citizen, interrogate, etc. Mission realistic and with constant changes And with nothing more to tell you my brothers in arms, i say good bey bye
  3. Hi, fellows. These are some suggestions for the Gr2: realistic reticles: first 1x is to aim without watching, the second is with the sights of aimpoint, iron sight, whatever. kick door, walls that can be broken, breach door. Give order to the other soldiers, like ¨clear¨, flash, grenade, hold, cover. Formation close, open, in line, stair The posibility to drop and pickup objets and gun, with a limits. Than one team alpha gives the order to team bravo to follows, cover, etc. Realistic maps, and special attentions in this, the maps of Gr It and Ds sucks, they are unrealistic, and we can not use in the corretly form the sniper, soo bigger maps with realistic distance, terrain, structure and not nesesary detail. Better IA. Expand the kit, for example, one kit will be primary weapon(rifle and carabine with his respective grenade launcher), secundary(pistol), tird grenade, flashbang, bomb ,etc. Othed suggestion is the tactical light. The bipod of the sniper rifles active or not. realistic night vision, visible. handcuff the wounded screaming and craiyng because the pain, and when they are in the floor and incapacited they shoot you. The possibility of get off and put on the glasses. Radio with orders and reports for the comand, like ofp Team play like swat 3 uses the helicopter for sniper cover in the air. realistic vehicles. and more but i cant remember, soo see you later
  4. Thanks Man, yeah, the photo is from militarymoron, very good site and excelents pictures.
  5. Hello, brothers in arms, Iam new here but for several mounts i have reading this forums, i am from argentina and my english sucks. I am searching a chr or a attach with a knapsack like this. does anybody knows were i can find one?
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