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  1. hey. guys. it's cool. it's really just some rough housing between brothers. i think it's his way as an older brother to show some love. we both like wrestling too. when he gets home from his construction job we watch the WWE. sometimes he like to act like Mankind and give me the socko move, when Mick Foley rams the dirty sock downthe other guys throte. he laughs so hard i don't mind. despite the fact that that sock has been on his foot all day and it gets pretty hot where we live. we broke the lamp once when we were wrestling and my mom got mad at us. karate has made me quicker so i'm more like RVD.
  2. let me answer that. nuff said it think. OK. my neighbor has a digital camera and took it. bob the nail was nice enough to help me post it. but listen i'm no wimp i can take it. karate has toughened me up. i'm paying my brother a fee to use the alienware so i'll be back more. i snuck a few games of GR in too last night. some nice action on the fortress staage. i had to get a used copy from microcenter because my bro threw my other copy in the creek out back with his friends while they smoked cigaretts. one of them tried shooting it with a bebe gun, but missed. it's too scratched to play now.
  3. My brother is washing his truck so I'm back. the tail was the source of my power kinda like jedi force powers and it's gone. i'm going to sneak out to the driveway tonight and take it back. i know it's nit any good to me now. i also have a black eye and a scraped knee from my brother. he said when he looks at me he has the urge to smack me around and he thinks it's funny. he said karate is stupid and he'll toughen me up himself becuase he can't stand being related to such a wimp.
  4. Ok. I ‘m back but I have to tpe quick because my brother might fing me in here and he doesn’t want me using his alienware anymore. To mak a long story shot we sorta had a fight. He pushed me off the couch and made fun of me infron of his girlfriend she laughed at me and called me a [idiot] so I called her a name to. Well he didn’t like that bvery much and started pushingme around. I ran out the back door but he caught me. the blocks I learned in karate a 1-8, but I could only remmber 6 of them. so I went on the offensive something my karate teacher wouldn’t like. My straight punch missed. Well he actually caught it and knocked my knees out and I fell in the dirt. he pinned me face down and cut my tail off I’ve been growing for the last two and half years with his hunting knife. It’s now tied to the cb antenna on his pickup. I’m even thinking of giving up karate now since it wasn’t muxh help. What bothers me most is that he won’t let me near the computer even though I told him I have friends on GR he doesn’t believe me. It would really be cool if someone could post something nice about me so i can print it out a show him. Maybe my mom will let me use the cumpoter again if she sees I have online friends.
  5. Oh man i didn't know i was so confusing to people, but i am real. Approved Jan14/13:17
  6. OK. I’ve been thinking about this and realize if karate has taught me one thing over the last four and three quarters months it’s to be a good sport. So Xavier I would like to apologize to you and the GR andiministrators for my temper. i took a good long hard look at your photo and think that under that war cry is probably a pretty nice guy with a lot of friends and pets that really like him. You probably don’t have a brother that makes fun of you all the time like I do. Like last week when he hid my karate belt and I had to go to class with masking tape around my waist. The karate teacher was reall y mad and yelled at me for being disrespetfful to the dojo. The tape broke durning practice and my ghi flew open and well it wasn’t making things any better. I had to do push ups in front of the whole class. So if I humiliated you I’m sorry because I know a few things about what that feels like. This site is for GR fans and at heart I know that’s somthing we’ll always have in common despite our differences and THAT ROCKS!
  7. Whole post deleted by Admin. KK - the next time you post a personal remark about anyone on these forums, it will be your last post.
  8. First let me respond to Sgt. Rock. The human spirit can overcome almost anything. nuff said. And he was not 35 he was 19. And i don't i think should apologize unless Xavier does first. Because he really offended me and everyone else in this forum. He remarked that we were not fit for his company which to me sounds like an insult. And much like defending the honor of a fair maiden in distress I am defending the honor of my fellow GR net buddies. So Xavier, if that is your real name, where's your apology? What say you!
  9. Hey Xavier. You sound like you think you're better than us, but by the looks of you i would guess that you're lucky to end up with anyone's comapany especially if they are of the female persuasion and not a cousin or a teacher. i would also guess that I can have you on your back on two seconds begging for mercy hoping and praying that the crane kick does not run wild all over that dimple ridden jaw of yours. the new an improved KARATE KID has spoken. I'll be green belt soon.
  10. yes it's me! I'm back i've been watching you all make fools of yourselves going over every detail of my posts. But I am immune to your ridicule. I have chi power. I printed out what you guys were writing about me and taped to a tree inmy back yard and threw chinese stars at it. And karate does improve reaction time thanks you.
  11. Um sure snake if that is your real name. First of all I don't know why you are getting involved you must love living in fear. My GR skills are not to be matched anywhere in this universe. I would take a look at my name and avatar again. It's not just for show it's a warning. My karate instructor says i'm developing so fast he wanted me to sign up for another six months and even buy a new uniform and gym bag. and i'm not takking anym more crap! especially from you! As afar as BObthe nailer. Anyone who uses a girl tied to a target as an avatar might have a few issues going on. i thiunk he the only ones he am beat at GR are girls withtheir arms tied.
  12. that's a pretty lucky shot. i',m wondering if luck like that is from skill with the game or a skilled hand at faking screens.
  13. I guess to told the C team you 'C' them later.
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