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    Grape fatality

    funny stuff! Yup, cheaters never win! was funny after she fell face first into the ground. the other news anchors weren't tryin' not to laugh. U could just see their expressions trying hard to maintain thier composure and holdin back their laughter. LOL
  2. fraps 2.0? what...where...uh?
  3. I need help on "unbanning" players from a dedicated server. I don't know how or i just don't see "unban" options. So, I need some instructions or tips on how to unban a player. Player was banned accidently, so I can't figure out the "unbanning" option. Thx....
  4. Ontario, Canada GO, LEAFS, GO! <-- Da Artic! Das where that red jolly fellow is from!
  5. -=MCF=- DEDICATED SERVER Join IP# We play "no mods" and we have a total of 15 -=MCF=- members. Come play @ -=MCF=- for a good time and make new friends within -=MCF=- clan. We are friendly clan and we like to play in other ded servers as well. We are also on "ASE" as well, so u can get IP# from there too!
  6. SA80 and the M4 wit frags are awesome kits. The OICW wit Gl is ok, but I use it in urban settings on multiplayer. The Mp5 SD kit rocks as well. Esp for peekin corners or strafin them enemies, if u got the skillz! I've been playin GR for a long time now. SA80 was the 1st kit I used and since then, I've been using it and sometimes I strafe off to OICW/GL or MM1 for a barrage of nade spammin. Just to "###### in someone's corn flakes!" Well, this topic is sure fun to chat about!
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