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  1. Hello, I'm searching for the 1.1 patch of the M110 Sniper rifle mod. The link here is dead. So can someone give me a hint where I can find this patch ? Please! I would be very thankfull.
  2. Hey Tinker, can you clear out yor pm please. Thanks
  3. You can count on me for beta testing. Would be very nice!!!
  4. Hello, I would like to know if this excellent project is still alive? I love the operatorskins and the weapons. greets Brazzo
  5. Thanks for your hints guys. I will get this chopper tonight, I hope.
  6. I have a problem with the p 203 mission. I´ve played the mission several times now, but never see the commanders heli. Is the helo realy in the middle of the map( frozen part of the river). or is it on a part of the map which is invisible on the command map? But I have to say it`s a realy realy great mod. Thank you for this fantastic work!
  7. Is it possible to reactivate the soul-switching option?
  8. There is a nice BF 2 Mod with a HK MG 43 KE modell in it. It´s called Operation Peacekeeping.
  9. Eskwaad - for the best Skins in GR ever. Thanks to him.
  10. Ok thanks fo the information and for this great mod thales 100.
  11. Hello are all weapons available in SP ? I got only the mp 5`s and the hk 416`s . I can´t choose the FN SCAR´s. Need help. I would love to play with this toys. Thanks
  12. Search carefully in one of the eastern Houses on the map. Not every door have a doorhandle, if you know what I mean.
  13. Thanks a lot Dannik for your quick help.
  14. I´m searching for the Geisterspaehtrupp Mod. Can anyone post a working downloadlink please?
  15. I think a Steyr Aug A3 is in the Sniper Canon 2 or 3 Mod.
  16. Give the new NTW 20 Weaponminimod a try.
  17. I think in the DTD IDF Mod is a nice 60 mm Mortar.
  18. - adding binos would be very nice - a manual movable camsight of the drone - possibility to devide your Team in two Fireteams and ordering them as a team - a better "Follow me" Order, a choosen Teammate with this Order should stay closer to the playercharacter (better check of my Six) - perhaps some missions in SP with non urban Maps - quicksafe option - weaponupdate ( P 90, HK mk 23, a semiauto Sniperrifle or a DMR)
  19. It´s the same well known DVD Box in Germany too.
  20. The chopper looks like the firesupport version of the french/german Eurocopter PAH2 Tiger. Only the Fenestron Tailrotor is different. Very nice Model.
  21. Perhaps you can give other Skin-Mod like the Delta 1990 Mod a higher Priority than the CENTCOM Mod, so you can use your favorit Skin with the superb Weapons of CENTCOM at woodland Maps. Only prob are the Specialists. One Question. Are there only weapons with Desert Camo in the CENTCOM - Mod ?
  22. Look at the Downloadsection under conversions. - 22nd SAS Modification
  23. I think in the 22. SAS Mod , the specialists wear gasmasks.
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