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  1. HX5 does also. I guess that may be one that para was talking about. they may have just copied the main idea.
  2. with 4 floors it wont work well for SP missions. Only 2 flrs show up on the command map.
  3. yeah i did that already also. Thanks for all your ideas though. The tracer color and shape is changed, and the guns do fire tracers every shot. I guess that is how I'll have to keep it. For the GR engine that should be good enough. Now that I have that decided, the mod should be done in about half the time it was going to be.
  4. Yeah i already did that for blood splashes and bullet holes. Also for explosions (for paint grenades). I need help with the prj files tho. whenever a paintball hits, the screen shakes, like when a grenade explodes. Can i get rid of this? Otherwise, I'll have to use regular bullets. (not very paintball like physics-wise).
  5. already got the pt extreme, forgot about the flatline (thanks for reminding me), and i have no idea what a blaser is .
  6. Is it possible to make a character able to collide with an object, but have bullets pass through? Also , would it be possible to have a projectile go through an object sometimes but not all? I am thinking of a paintball going through a chain link fence. Sometimes it goes through, sometimes it hits the chain links. Like some kind of randomization? I'm pretty sure it cant be done but if the first one is possible that would be good enough.
  7. is it even possible so sit on a copter like that without falling off? They must be strapped on or something.
  8. yeah because if you mess with x, IIRC, it makes the character stick through the ground or float above it, depending on whether you made the character taller or shorter. You then fix that with the z. Am I right on this?
  9. Remember in the first matrix when mouse said, "how we know what tasty wheat tasted like? Maybe what we think is tasty wheat actually tastes like chicken, or tunafish." The machines messed up when they coded the UMP into the matrix. You might be able to tell I love the matrix. I'll defend it to the end
  10. If you can make the paintballs actually fly like paintballs by editing .prj and gun files that would be awesome. Another guy is supopsed to be doing that but i think hes been busy i havent heard much from him. Other than that i think i can handle it.
  11. thanks for clearing that up. I just thought that most everyday players use CO2. Now I'll definitely add N2 tanks to some of the guns. Probably about half of them.
  12. i think thats what he meant. He knows the L85A1 w/gl wasnt in GR. He's saying the standard L85A1 was, and is looking for a modded one with the grenade launcher. (Its confusing because he put a comma in the wrong spot). But I dont know which mod has it either.
  13. you're right snowfella, it is frame 0. I forgot that it starts at 0 and not 1. Sorry about that.
  14. never seen that movie, i'll have to check it out. The best part is when they get shot in the leg and limp around, its just hilarious.
  15. if you plan on making custom characters, dont do what i did and export in an animation frame other than #1. Otherwise, this happens.
  16. not much different that i can see except the gauge on the neck and maybe its a little fatter. I'll put it on the high-end guns like the autocockers and stuff.
  17. ive never used or even seen an n2 tank used before, so I'll have to do some research first.
  18. After someone is hit by an explosive like a grenade or whatever, blood is seemingly placed randomly around the body. I cant find the rsb file that is for this blood effect, even though I found the effect for every other blood effect there is. Anyone ever edited this or knows where it is? I'm sure i just overlooked it but i've looked a few times and still no luck.
  19. ME the pervert? I in no way meant it like that, lol.
  20. a .prj with barely any killing power would be fun for toying with your enemy. Like injuring a leg or something. Then you would have your way with them, hehehe.
  21. for question 1, patch hole works sometimes. But other times it just deforms the object. Another way is to keep whatever you used to cut the hole and hide it when you are finished. If you ever need to fix the hole, boolean union. Thats what i do anyway. Hope that helps some.
  22. nevermind, i thought you meant no impact as in no killing power. I see you mean doesn't detonate on impact. Different thing altogether.
  23. That looks awesome. Great job on your first model.
  24. just make the kill coefficient 0 in the .gun file. I think this will work. Correct me if I'm wrong, any pros out there.
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