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  1. You're such an honest guy lexsis, lol . You could have made a little xtra cash.
  2. when you get that you have to edit envelopes. Go here to read up on it. Theres a good tutorial here: Piggyson.com
  3. By offshoots do you mean the mesh that sticks to the letters? If so, then dont worry about it. It never happened for me either, and I have version 5 also. All my exporting went fine.
  4. Maybe somebody needs this camaro I made for an Urban Mod? Probably not, but I've been looking for some feedback on this model. It's my first decent(I think) car model.
  5. As for missions, I dont know what kind of maps were contributed, but like you said, if they are in different areas of the world, we could have several different missions, not relating to one another. Special forces does move around quite a bit in a short time dont they? Maybe I'm thinking of the SEALs. Anyway. Those are my thoughts. You may have one in the desert, finish, (or so you think), go to some other area of the world, and then maybe have to go back and finish the job. I'm not much for thinking of in-depth missions, but I was just thinking of a game like SOCOM or something.
  6. You might get hooked and keep at it. Take it from me . You're definitely good enough.
  7. Doesnt look bad to me, but post some other angles, like a perspective view, so it actually looks 3d.
  8. Open an actor file. In the actor (atr) file that you are putting the radio on, add this line. <MidSpineAttachmentNormalLOD>radio.qob</MidSpineAttachmentNormalLOD> *radio.qob was just an example* Hope that helps.
  9. Some coding genius should modify or add a plugin to delete that little annoyance immediately after export. That would be a small but wonderful tool. Seems like its easy to forget that little sht.
  10. If you have photoshop, dont bother with the rsb editor. Just make sure you have the latest plugin, on the Island Thunder CD, and open one up. All you have to edit is the alpha channel, fairly straightforward. Hope that helps.
  11. Usually the problem with crashing is the sht file. You need to delete it when you make changes to the map. That was my problem. Hope that helps.
  12. I agree its no great work of art, but I have two words: pure entertainment. Everybody likes different things though I guess.
  13. This has to be the biggest "scandal" in GR.NET history, or at least since I've been here. Its too bad stuff like this happens. I thought this place was a Utopian society.
  14. It cant. I have it and it doesnt work. It will save any other rsbs fine though
  15. I feel happy for you! Texturing is really difficult for me with regular uv mapping.
  16. I dont know if I was dreaming this or what, but I swear I was playing HX5 over the internet with people and someone had the hand turned to hold the hand grip. Like I said, I may have dreamt it, because I have been wondering about that too. I was wondering about rotating the left hand helper point, but I'm sure somebody's tried it already.
  17. Where did the modding championships go? I've been waiting for a new round so I can ge involved.
  18. Was hx4 named Black Sun? I didnt know that. Sorry for the misinformation.
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