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  1. This is in rhino but you get the idea.
  2. Do you model guns? if so, add two planes coming down from the barrel, the same direction the ghillie would be hanging. You need to apply a texture that has an alpha channel to give it that "ghillie effect". EDIT: I bet you could even use the original ghillie texture if you mapped it right.
  3. I really dont see much difference between this: and this
  4. I'm no expert, but isnt that just woodland camo they're wearing?
  5. delete "site" at the end of the url
  6. Go to the actor folder, open the subfolder MP actor files. THen open the different subfolders, and finally the different atr files, using notepad. Look for the .chr file name, like ica_us_rifleman_a, and find the rsb file with the same name (minus the _a) in the character folder. Hope that helps.
  7. I dont know of anyone that has successfully modded animations, so I'm guessing no, but you can always give it a try if you have max, just export it as the animation filetype. It would be even harder to make different animations for each weapon, I'm sure that's not possible.
  8. I may be getting a little ahead of myself here but I am working on a new paintball mod already. Its very high poly, but we'll see how many GR2 can handle. This is a paintball gun I made, its not real, but a concept type of thing. The Xform Delta.
  9. Maybe he wants to make them more like the AI in CS: Condition Zero. Very human-like. It would be next to impossible to do i would think, because like you all have said, you cant edit any source file or whatever, only the small number of editable criteria in the atr file.
  10. Yes, it does work for with max 3, 4, and 5. (and 5.1)
  11. Thanks for the advice Dannik, you were right, it was just missing from the start menu. I dont know why that would be. Anyway, thanks again.
  12. I lost a bunch of accesories when i did a disk cleanup and I need them back. I tried using my XP CD, and reinstalling them, but after they say that theyre installed, they arent in the start menu or in any folders anywhere. Does anybody know if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance, Larocket83
  13. I can't believe a silencer on an mg3 or an m249 would do any good. Kind of like a silencer on a tank or something.
  14. How old are you? If you are a student its available for around $500-$600, depending where you look. Try Creationengine.com.
  15. You can get the mod now at fileplanet.com, here: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/130000/139645.shtml
  16. looks like a good addition for 2.0. Thanks!
  17. Version 1 is finished and available for download if you contact me at my email: larocket83@mchsi.com or AIM: rocksolid583. Rocky should have it available in the download section soon. Thanks for all your support, and I hope you enjoy it. Note, version 1.0 is missing some kit icons, because my license for PS is no longer valid. Version 2.0, to be released this summer, will have all kit icons and full Multiplayer support. Thank you
  18. Instead of doing atr files individually, you can do them altogether if you want to. Use BKreplacem to edit all the files in one folder. I use it a lot, its really handy and fairly straighforward. Here's a link to it: BK ReplaceEm Hope it helps you out with coding guns, kits, atr's, and whatever else.
  19. the warthog? looks cool, but its missing the gun
  20. I said that about my paintball mod a month ago, lol.
  21. I didnt know that each person could have a different one, but all i did was edit the rsb that was linked to it. projectile_effect1.rsb i think it was
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