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  1. The combination of that skin and the attachment looks so sweet. Good job
  2. very nice, but this should be in the vehicles section. how high is the polycount right now?
  3. The textures look 100% better, thanks to snowfella, but the model is junk. I'm scrapping it and I'm going to start over.
  4. thanks, that was actually my next question. I have absolutely no resources in that area, except the internet, and i wasnt looking forward to sifting through crappy sites and broken links. I really appreciate the help I'm getting from the community, thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. And thanks a bunch Snow, you're the best.
  6. Yeah, send them my way if you would. larocket83@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  7. I was browsing the hk website and saw the mp7. I thought it looked cool, so i made one quick this morning. Its low quality, I'll probably fix it up and add details later, but thought I'd show what it looks like now.
  8. Yeah, i know. I'm sure it was a fluke. I'm thinking about trying it sometime. Maybe after i format my hd tonight.
  9. A friend of mine is at college, and all his buds told him to use it too. He thought, yeah, ie isnt that great, I'll try it. Within the first five minutes it crashed his computer.
  10. Looks fantastic. That will be a blast to play on.
  11. Good revision to my post. Scale is much better than working with vertices. I should have been more clear. Thanks!
  12. looks like it would be fun to play. good job
  13. You continue to progress, but I have one tip for this gun: Re-assess the uv mapping. use unwrap uvw and manipulate the vertices to make the textures look right. For example, the text on the grip. The model looks good, just work on texturing a little bit and you'll have a nice usp for use in the game.
  14. Sure the quality and accuracy is great, but that doesnt matter when you have to reduce the number of polygons before export anyway. It would end up looking just as rough after polygon optimization. I have heard great things about catia, but as you said, its designed for engineering, not 3d models for computer games.
  15. I thought of the spotting distance thing, but will that affect my teammates too?
  16. What I am basically trying to do is get the enemy to effectively use a weapon that is only able to be used at point blank range, like the knife, etc that have been created before. I cant get the enemy to actually use it, because they will not get close enough to use it. I am making a 'dawn of the dead' style mod, with zombies that have a bite weapon, but can only work if they are right near you. I've tried using the combat and movement roe's, but they still sit back like it will work from far away. How can I get them to run at me, and/or chase me?
  17. Nice work there man. I have never heard of that program before, thats pretty sweet. Glad you got it to work out. Once you get the scaling right, you'll be in business.
  18. That exact same thing happened to me. It's the grouping. I'd ungroup everything and then do it over again. Thats what i had to do.
  19. Yeah, I already checked there. There is one named ike fx fire, but usually animated rsbs have several. Like this ikefxfire1, ikefxfire2, etc. Maybe that is it though, thanks.
  20. Is there an animated rsb hidden somewhere that is a texture for fire effects? I have a hunch that it is hard coded, either that or I'm just looking in the wrong place. Its the effect like is used for fire in barrels, etc. I would like to work with the rsb files that it uses for another purpose.
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