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  1. yeah, why not release it now and patch it later? Seems to be a popular thing nowadays.
  2. good find. Hopefully this can be implemented eventually. It would be nice if this could be patched in, and not have to be modded.
  3. Sure, those renders are great and all, but it looks nothing like the screenshots. Maybe its just the resolution. Doesn't that game support AA either? Yikes. I'm pretty excited about this game though. Any good realistic military game gets my blood pumping, although I've never played OFP. Is it still worth picking up, or is it pretty much dead? edit: shots in the press releases look very pretty. I hope that's what it really looks like ingame.
  4. Yeah downloaded those last week. If you read through the release notes there are no fixes for GRAW. So hopefully the next driver they put out will include some fixes for this game. DD DD I dont see alot of GFX issues related directly to drivers, I mean if your after performance thats really up to GRIN to optimize it better well, in the release notes there are noted performance increases for a few games.
  5. They are .tga files, correct? If that's the case, thats not a weird game filetype. Most image editing software works with it, but not MSpaint. Just open it with an image editor and save as jpg. If you don't have any, I'm sure download.com has something to offer.
  6. This probably has more to do with the new ATI Catalyst drivers than the patch, (I should have run FPS tests separately), but it seems that the combination of the 1.20 patch and the 6.6 drivers I installed yesterday has boosted my performance by a noticeable amount. Any other ATI users experience this? I would definitely recommend getting your hands on the new drivers if you haven't already. Edit: I should mention that I only play SP. I don't know anything about the MP issues everyone is talking about.
  7. a list of music contributors in the credits at the end. Im pretty sure I saw Ill nino listed quite a few times. Other than that, I cant remember
  8. I'll be 9 in a couple of months, but thanks for the compliment. I will have you know that I only need my hand held when I cross the street. Sometimes I forget to look both ways.
  9. That seems kind of pointless. If an enemy is in clear view, they attack automatically. And even when a tango is highlighted with a red diamond, it rarely works for me.
  10. Can someone tell me how to effectively use the attack order? Whenever I do, the soldier responds "negative", or something of that sort. I've only been able to use it a few times, seemingly at random. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  11. Yeah, I bought the MSI x1800xt basically for this game. I was expecting very high FPS because the rest of my system is fairly high performance in my opinion. It has actually disappointed me a little, though. For 300 bucks I expected a little more. Oh well, I'll blame it on GR:AW being inefficient. edit: At what point can the human eye no longer detect improved framerates? Obviously any fps above the refresh rate of the monitor is undetectable, but I'm pretty sure for the human eye/brain it's even lower than that.
  12. not bad at all. keep it up. why dont you texture that p90 and repost it?
  13. Cool. Good luck with the game-making. I've never been ambitious enough to try that. Are these renders from 3dsm, or are you just using printscreen to get the images? They have a lot of jaggies on them, like no antialiasing is being used.
  14. I could see how those targets would be doable, if you were skilled at making dynamic objects that were animated to fall instead of fly apart or explode. That could be pretty cool.
  15. I think you understand what I'm trying to do. All I want is a door made of several, lets say 5 different pieces. So, instead of the entire door being destroyed after it takes a certain number of hits, only the part that has been shot gets destroyed. Lets say there is a piece in the middle and I shoot it enough until there is a hole in the middle of the door, but the rest remains, and the remaining door is still functional. So, I could shoot through the hole into the other room, if there were someone on the other side... But yes, I can see how there could be some huge collision issues. I can't believe no one has tried this before, with all the maps that have been made by some pretty hardcore modders... Anyway, I'm going to keep at it until I'm convinced it's impossible.
  16. It appears that the answer to the question is no, unfortunately. Exported from 3dsm fine with no errors, but as soon as the level loaded in GR, it crashed to desktop. Ill continue to toy with it, but it looks like its not going to work.
  17. Yeah, I already know that you can kill through a door and destroy doors, but I want to know if the engine can handle a door that is made up of destroyable parts. You guys are answering my question from more of a gameplay standpoint as opposed to a modding standpoint.
  18. Can doors be composed of multiple destroyable objects that are grouped together, so I can give the effect of blowing a hole through a door, without destroying the entire door? I could test this easily, but I'm at work right now and I was wondering this, and wont be able to test it till later tonight. I guess I just can't wait to find out. Maybe someone has done this before, but I havent heard of it. Thanks in advance. -1_<n><door>mydoor -O helperpoint -1_<n><dyn>doorpart1 -1_<n><dyn>doorpart2 ...etc
  19. Actually, it detects that, even after reformatting the HD. Besides, aren't you infringing on the rules by suggesting that? "
  20. I'm not Element, but yes, it is fully functional for 30 days.
  21. lol, i wish my lunchbreaks at the grocery store were so wonderful...
  22. If you're looking for something to mod GR with, you wont find anything for free, unless you get ahold of the 3ds max 5 trial somewhere. You're probably out of luck. Sorry, dude.
  23. Why wouldn't it? Naturally, a game superceeding this one will have all that and more.
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