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  1. I'm not keen on this type of thing, but I'm pretty sure the buckshot on that barrel length of a shotgun would need atleast a foot or two to effectivly spread out, enough to hit the end of the rifle anyway. Thats just my guess, but it doesn't matter much, the Masterkey is old news these days. It was used by Delta in 1993 durring the Somalia conflict, but not these days. It has limited applications to a mission, and plus you can get 12g converter for a M203.
  2. Streinger; yep, thats about it. Like you mentioned however, the suppressor you have is just abit long. For the type of suppressor you have on there, it would be impossible for it to go back any further then the muzzle break however. Here are some pictures so you can get a better idea:
  3. Don't make me get out the hickory stick fellas, caps the SEALs. Nato, not really. I've had GR uninstalled for awhile now, and hadn't played it for even longer before that. Have been working on a few thinks for Raven Shield, what little that can be modded currently, anyway. I have made some Three color desert, and US Woodland skins for the game.. and a few name changes for weapons/retexturing.
  4. That would depend on the situation really. I mean, if you are the point man and need to take out a few sentry gaurds, then the SD would come in handy. However, after you have compleated the mission and say you are on an E&E, you may need some extra firepower; Viola! - M203. Plus, the 203 isn't that loud when firing, not into the DB level of a firearm anyway, the 40mm have more of a thud/thump sound.
  5. Very nice guys. The only thing I saw that is the least bit off (Asside from the small AUSCAM tape pattern) is that the M4QD suppressor goes back alittle too far. Unless the SD model has one of the Commando style barrels, it should only extend untill the end of the muzzle break; where the holes are that secure the QD mechanism.
  6. Thats cool man. Can you give us any other info on the weapons that will be included? Are you throwing in a MEU 1911?
  7. Yeah. What you are most likely seeing is the ANPEQ2, which is a infrared and regular laser aiming device.
  8. Looks great, however, the M1a is a civilian copy of the M14. Since the Marines still have plenty of the M14 in their armorys, I don't see why FR would buy one, especially when the gunsmiths at Quantico could accurasize the old one (As seen in the M14 DMR) beyond anything the civilian M1a/M14 market offers. No big deal, just food for thought.
  9. Take off the / on the page guys, then it will allow you. Btw, that weapon is defiantely the L86 LSW, Toey.
  10. Its easier to maintain accuracy. Just like in GR. The ACOG has a small eye relief (About one inch), which is why the guy has his eye so close, you have to be pressed up against the thing pretty much to see through it correctly. Also, most of them have the MARPAT under their NBC suits, which is what the woodland gear is that most Marines have had on.
  11. I'm not Pretending to know anything. Just relating the facts (Hence the bit about P.Howe, incase you didn't catch that). Sarcasm is generally funny too.. but whatever
  12. Yes, no one likes a Poser, Fusk. Go play with your power rangers now...
  13. Heh, yeah. That was Paul Howe btw. He is now in the tactical training scene; http://www.combatshootingandtactics.com
  14. Yeah, I'm not one hundred percent sure on this point myself. From all accounts I have read, all Delta KIA are officialy listed as being under ASOC/ARSOC (Spelling of your choosing). SFOD are under ARSOC command, but since they are not officialy recognized, it makes sense. I've heard stories of the various covers Delta uses, back in the day they use to put the unit and operators down as technitians and such, for Army official records. Apparently many Dboys will play them selfs off to be Comp Techs at local bars too.. lol, nothing like a 6'0" 230 pound man with the build of a pro body builder to blow that cover..
  15. Well, considering a average Delta selection source consist of 200-300 soldiers, and at the end there are only 10-14 left, I'd say they are the front runner. This figure comes from ex Dboys btw. Mr. Paul Howe who served in Somalia during the Battle of the Black Sea calculated them from his own experience (Years served in the unit - operations in Desert Storm and Panama) the BHD book.
  16. Actually, they are a part of SOCOM (Special Operations Command), and JSOC (Join Special Operations Command), and ASOC (Army Special Operations Command). The SF title is retained officialy for only the Green Berets though, as I said, all others are labeled SOF/SOC.
  17. No. US Army Special Forces are the "Green Berets". Since Berets have the title' Special Forces" in their name, every other group falls under SOF (Special Operations Forces), or in the Marines case SOC (Special operations capable), because they are not officialy a part of SOCOM yet. 'Delta Force', is not their "Proper" title either. Delta is their unformal title, but as stated above the full name is 1st SFOD-D.
  18. Well, I think a destinction should be made between a selection process, and training. Most of what we are talking about it in here has been the selection process for various units. For the most part, a selection course for a given SOF team last 30-60 days, and if you pass that, then they teach you how to shoot and blowing ###### up and all that cool stuff. Back to topic though, I honestly think, in terms of Selection, SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection - Green Beret selection) and Delta are pretty close. Both envolve heavy PT, especially marches and rucking with many pounds on the soldiers back. However, Delta are looking even more for someone who can function alone in the field, and as a team member. SF demand this to, but not in such a high regard. Alot of what makes guys drop out is the not knowing factor each course has. A given example will be that, a soldier is doing pullups, or running, or even a navigating course, when it is over he will simply be told to go sit down/wait, and nothing will be said about his score or whether he even compleated the task. The Dboys don't actually run those 50 (40, actually)miles, it is a march. Non the less demanding, because they have 70 pounds on their backs, and they must navigate through steep mountain areas to various check points in a specific ammount of time (which they do not know how long they have, or even have the abillity to keep track of the time; not knowing factor). There are similar exercises to this in SFAS as well.
  19. Back to the topic though, In terms of Selection (BUD/S isn't something a SEAL normally goes through more then once), I would say it ties between Army SF (Green Beret), SFODD (Delta Force), and SEALs. Airforce SOF is quite demanding as well, but some guys feel it's the easy way into the Specops community. This is not to forget Force Recon however, which is very similar to SEAL training. Infact, Force Recon commanders did not like to do cross ops with SEALs in Vietnam because they felt the guys weren't up to par with their own.
  20. Avey; The Ranger tabs is something given to a soldier after they graduate the US Army Ranger School. It is a piece of cloth that is sewed onto a uniform, like a unit patch or what have you. This is alittle different then what Rangers wear (Assuming they haven't yet gone to Ranger school yet), as when you serve in a Battalion, you are given a "Scroll" which looks abit different, and it tells what Battalion you are in and such.
  21. Well if they have had a name change, I'm pretty sure no news network were to hear of it for awhile. I for one don't think they should even say 'Delta'. Commando is much more suiting; not everyone needs to know about this unit, it has gotten far to much exposure as it is.
  22. That was the RCMP SERT that was disbanded, I'm pretty sure there is still some kind of ERT group up there similar to a SWAT however. I can tell you with certainty that JTF2 would not be used in Riot Controll however, it's totally undermining to their purpose; Counter Terrorism.
  23. I'm assuming, as I have not seen the same remarks, that these people are actually saying "Formally known as Delta Force", which would make somewhat more sense. However, that would still be incorrect in that Formal means to be something long withstanding/regular, and "Delta Force" is the unofficial title of the unit; the official being 1st SFOD-D (1st Operational Detachment-Delta).
  24. Not sure on how it is up North, but Military are forbided to perform Law Enforcment duties in our Country. This can only be surpassed if the president lifts the Posse Comitus (SP?) act, or Declares martial law. Back to the point though, I'd say the best bet would be the RCMP ERT guys.
  25. That depends on what you are speaking about really. The AK47 cartridge has alot of punch, but loses it's strength at 300m or so. However, on certain models you can still put down man sized targets up to 5-600m, with proper training of course (The main deciding factor against the Iraqis in this case). On the other hand, the M16 is quite accurate and can be shot out too 600m+ with decent accuracy. However, this is not to say it is effective at that range. The 223/556 cartridge is just a hot rodded .22 mind you, so once it goes so far out it's just seem like a bee sting to whoever is on the recieving end. Just a interesting tidbit though; units in Afghanistan (82nd Airborne,etc) decided to put DMR's in each sqaud, fitted with a M14 (ACOG for optics) so they can provide enough firepower over the long distance Afghanistan has.
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