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    Good post, Jester. Just one question though, isn't 6 months the maximum limit a soldier can be deployed at one time?
  2. As much fun as it sounds, lol, I think I'm opting against the 18x route, and going for Airborne myself. Possibly Airborne Ranger, I'm not sure yet.
  3. Yes, I'm aware, Delta. I just try to keep my post's as straight foward and simple as possible... although sometimes I do drag on anyway, lol.
  4. Phantom, perhaps do you mean the M40 Sniper system? I'm under the impression the M24 was not underway untill the late 70's/ early 80's era. Also, many snipers durring the period had a variety of hunting rifles. On the rest of the weapons, Jester and Phantom pretty much got them all. I do know that the AK47 and AKS47's were sometimes used by Special Forces and LRRP troops on deep recon patrols. This, along with HK G3's by SEALs, and about mid-way through the war the M14 was modified into the much publisized M21 sniper system.
  5. Nice post, Mep. I totally agree. Very cool on meeting Mr. Wilkinson btw. What a honor.
  6. No. It's not, Phantom. The M16A2 trigger group only has a selection of 3 round burst, semi automatic, and saftey. The 3 round burst was added because on the original M16 and M16A1 models (Used durring the Vietnam war), many troops had tendancys to 'Spray and Pray' and thus resulting in a higher ratio of rounds <to> kills. This was important only in the fact the Vietnam war inparticular was a numbers war, thanks to Macnamera and his 'Wizz-kids'. Who, incidentally, were also at the root of the first problems with the M16 weapon system. Oh, and Supasniper, the Diemaco models are not M16A3's. They are in fact based on the M16A1 and M16A2. Diemaco simply added flat-top recievers; which does not make them fall into the A3 or A4 category (As Canada has been using the rifle long before the A3 or A4 were made). It's another important note that the M203 is also most likely going to be replaced in the coming years by a breech, side loading grenade launcher; Ala the HK AG36/AGC - which have been getting use by British troops lately. Both on their L86A2's, and reportedly their M4's/C8's (SAS/SBS).
  7. lol.. please. Aidid's son served in the USMC before Task Force Ranger was formed. He went there in 1992 to help his own country. Try not to assume so much... JTF, eh?
  8. Swartz; the Boolean tool is probably your best bet in the rear sights. It's the method I use for most cases where a given object may need a shape cut out of it. I'm sure you can find a good tutorial on how to do this at; www.3dcafe.com Pains tutorials are very good too, however I have no idea if he covers this method.
  9. It's looking better man. One point I wanted to make was that, It might be better to focus more attention on the main parts of the weapon, and put more detail in them (For instance, cutting out the rear sight) instead of a addon like the suppressor (Which there seems to be a good amount of polys spent on).
  10. "Toe the Line" - It means to 'Handle 'yer Bisnit'/'Step up to the plate'.
  11. While you do have a point, Budgie, Berets still get in more then their share of door kicking ops. Look no further then the first few months of the Afghanistan conflict for further proof. Conversley, Force Recon, Delta, and SEALs all have the capabilities to conduct FID (Foreign Internal Defense) operations. Delta often (And Berets, for that matter) trains Tier one assests of foreign nations; IE. National Counter-Terroism/HRT teams. The SEALs were also part of training Kuwaiti's before the Gulf war, along with Army Special Forces ofcourse. [Edit: - spelling]
  12. Swartz; the indentation, better known as the "Step-Cut" is on the barrel of the M4/M4A1 to aid the use of adding a M203 grenade launcher. It's one of the more destingushing figures of the M4 carbine series, and can be used to identify if the model is a genuine M4/copy, or the newer C8/C8A1 Canadian versions (Which have been reportedly geting use by British SOF as of late).
  13. Looks very good man. Do you think we might be able to get in contact btw? I'd like to use the reference image for that desert auscam, if you still have it. Ps. on the photo thing, when typing a message, just hit the 'IMG' button up top, or the http tag, and put in the url for the pic.
  14. Apples and Oranges I say. The Royal Marines are intended as a Commando unit, the Marines as a whole, are not. They (USMC) are a entire ground fighting force, capable of alot more (In terms of the scope of a entire Military campaign) and operate in larger numbers.
  15. Just a FYI, those suppressors are the M4QD model made by KAC. They will only fit on a M4/M16 type flash suppressor, and are not intended for use in pistols, or pistol rounds.
  16. Looks good guys. At JTF, I wouldn't use that Protec/goggle texture from Nishi's mod, unless you have permission first ofcourse. Also, from the few photos I've seen, FR uses the full cover Protec helmets, more so then the PJ halfcut type. Force Recon with MICH Force Recon VBSS http://www.forcerecon.com/strongmenarmed.htm http://www.forcerecon.org/photos.htm
  17. Truth and opinion are not the same. Your comments smell alittle of blind nationalism IMO. Many places consider themselfs to be the best in Jungle Warfare. Most of which are located in Asia (Phillipine Rangers, for one).
  18. I also recomend BK ReplaceEm: http://www.orbit.org/replace/ I found it to work quite well while I was making SEALs.
  19. Pyro, I think Swordfish was reffering to the Middle East/Iraq with the WW2.5 comment.
  20. Viper, I'm not sure on all the patterns the Marines were testing, but I know the last two were Tiger Stripe and MARPAT.
  21. Thanks, Snake, good info. Devil dog; Hoorah! This may be alittle out of context of what it was intended, but I believe it applies -
  22. The MK43 is the Navy Designation for M60E4. However, the SEALs are now investing in the MK48 (Which should be fielded soon, if not right now), basicaly a cut down M240b, as they have found the E4 to be unreliable aswell. Marinkco, MK40 is not a official designation for any weapon. The MK46 is the cut down M249, and the MK43 is the M60E4. There are many more, the MK24 is the Sig P226, and the MK11 is the new SR25 long range weapon. As I understand it, Force Recon uses the M249 Para, but I'm not sure about the E4 or MK46. On the Marines, officialy, Marines are not Special Operations Forces. This is not to take anything away from their skill, as Force Recon and MEU SOC are great units, but they are listed as Special Operations Capable for a reason. However, recently the Marines have set up Detachment-1; a effort from Force Recon with 86 of it's best men. They are said to have been deployed with SEALs and will become a official unit under SOCOM this time next year, assumming everything works out. Btw, very nice work, Snake.
  23. Btw, IIRC, Hoahh (Hu-Ah) stands for (Heard, Understood, Acknlodged). It's used in many different context and ways by Military Personel though.
  24. Argyll; I can say if that man/men were Generals, and were former Delta, then they most certainly were put through the same course as all the other members. Officers in Special Operations Forces are put through even tougher training at first, then the enlist guys. They are exspected to perform on the same level as all the enlist guys, but yet strive above them, in order to lead the men. When it gets down to it though, we know neighter history of eather of these two men (Or the SAS bloke, for that matter), and which units they have been in. A good amount of Delta CO's and Officers were enlisted men at one time, they went through Selection like everyone else, then went to Officer training at some period (After College) and secured a Leadership position.
  25. Besides the .22 pistols and bolt actions, the next step in 'Silence' would be from Russia. Known as the PSS, it's quite an ingenius little pistol and cartridge which does not even house a orthodox external or integral sound suppressor. http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg24-e.htm
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