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  1. There are a ton of different radio/mic systems used, Marcinko. Delta was using a boom type (which, I'm assuming is the type you mean by 'throat mic') way back in 1993 even. Just because you heard the Army uses something, does not mean Delta does now. Delta might as well be a different type of service from the US Army, in the way they do things so polar opposite; including funding,training,selection and equipment,etc. Not saying they do or do not use, as I would not know what they have today, but I do know whatever they use, it will be years before anyone else besides SOF in the Army lays their eyes on it.
  2. Cool, thanks for the info man. Should be going to see it tomorrow myself, with my bro, actually. Ps. Happy Birthday!
  3. I don't personaly work in any field related to sattelites, but it's my understanding that specific models can zoom in within a few feet of almost anything. This may not apply to everywhere in the world obviously, but thats my impression. Also, on the bit of the Gulf war, well the first reason is that there were alot of fake SCUD sites. Secondly, our sattelite capability were not nearly as advanced as today. Technology has advanced in the past 13-12 years by leaps and bounds.
  4. The M4A2 may be a Military designation, but Colt does not recognize it. I'm assuming the A2 refers to the M4 with a detachable handle and burst group. However, from the official Colt webpage, they only list specific model numbers for the M4. Infact, they don't even destinguish between M4 and M4A1. It breaks down like this: AVAILABLE MODELS (M4) RO977 : Flat top, Safe/Semi/Full Auto RO979 : Flat top, Safe/Semi/Burst RO777 : Fixed handle, Safe/Semi/Full Auto RO779 : Fixed handle, Safe/Semi/Burst For the M16 we have the following: AVAILABLE MODELS (M16) RO901 : Flat top, Safe/Semi/Full Auto RO905 : Flat top, Safe/Semi/Burst RO701 : Fixed handle, Safe/Semi/Full Auto RO705 : Fixed handle, Safe/Semi/Burst On the M16, all of these models above are listed under the M16A4 tag, so I'm not sure what to think.
  5. Rangers are conventional light infantry shock troops; not Specops. They do, however, fall under JSOC and SOCOM, in support of other Special units. Army Special Forces, on the other hand, perform Recon, Unconventional Warfare, Foriegn Internal Defence, etc.
  6. I totally understand on the name bit, but I do believe that downgrading or 'dumbing-down', so to speak, the details just so people can understand is rather neglegent, and sometimes only creates more misinformation. It's pretty easy to explain these things to the unknowing, anyway. Thanks for the encouragement, btw. Keep up the good work, always getting better.
  7. Hmm.. lotta bad info floating around in this thread.. I'll fight to urge Not allow my head to explode, lol. Argyll, Marcinko is speaking of SEALs alone, SEALs are not Special Forces, they are Specops or Special Operations Forces. The title "Special Forces" goes only to the US Army Special Forces, or "Green Berets". Which, do indeed have a newer SF Baby program operating. They used this system in Vietnam with great success. Believe me, no SF Baby is going to be leading a 12 man ODA one or two years after graduating the SFQC. They still have to break the guys in for 4 or 5 years before they are up to par. Additonally, SEALs have always gone after young recruits. With the absence of the UDT's, there just aren't any Units in the US Navy that would lend of much use to any fresh SEAL recruit. The other point is that the SEALs need to be young and as capable as possible, their work is hard. Yes, CAG recruits must have atleast 4 years of service in the Army, and be no less then 26 years old, which is what most units based on the SAS foundation go by (Including, Polish GROM). DEVGRU's recruitment is largely unknown still, being they built their own system, not one based on another SOF group. I think it's fair to say they only want experienced SEALs however. Stalker, you are wrong on many points here. First, any MOS (Job) in the US Army, can apply for Delta Selection. This included National Gaurdsmen. The most common recruits who make it through, are generaly Army SF, Rangers, or from Airborne units. SAS is no where near what DEVGRU trains for btw. The UK's SBS is actually more akin to SEALs and DEVGRU. SBS even have in house CT groups, as the SEALs with their DEVGRU. Ps. Marcinko, don't bother with the Marines aren't in SOCOM thing; they will be soon. DET1 will be fully operational within a year IIRC. PPS. Stalkers, please capitalize SEALs when you say it, and don't use the word "Green Beret" to speak of Army Special Forces soldiers; it's not their name, it's a hat.
  8. While a good point, I think it's important to note most teams operate with two or more men who can perform the same tasks. I know specifically in ODA 12 man detachments, there are two of each 18x MOS (Leader, Weapon Sergeant, Engineer,etc). Additonally, each man not trained specifically as a Medic, will have enough medical training to treat basic wounds in the field. Back to the original topic, yes, almost all medical troops carry these days. Certain units, like the Airforce Para Rescuemen, as stated before, must know how to save and kill, which is why many consider that certain job one of the toughest to perform.
  9. At Para; I think it's just for the pose. However, I have seen photos of even German LE doing such. If you recall, durring the little standoff at the Iraqi Embassy (Believe it was) last fall in Germany, there were a few photos of German SEK members with exposed "chicken-wings". These were live action shots mind you, but then again, the operator in question was simply scouting with his mp5/scope.
  10. Um, that would be the US Navy, Hitman. The ARMY is the ARMY for a reason, they generally stay on land, and let the Marines and Navy handle amphibious operations/assualts. Also, besides seals and dolphins, sealions have also been used for such tasks.
  11. Eric; The Holosight is made by both Eotech and Bushnell, not one or the other. Thus why it is called 'Eotech & Bushnell Holosight'. Also, your model needs some face mapping on the middle and areas other then the right and left side. The lense is alittle large too, it's not quite that wide. I would also recolor the model to be darker, and less blue in tone. It's actually more black then any color.
  12. I like it, DVS. The only thing I would suggest, is firstly, get rid of any of that excess white coloring. On the hole in the stock, and on the top of the RIS. Also, it would look much better if you face map more of the model. Just do it like you textured the front lense on your aimpoint, but select the faces on the front and rear of the magazine, and various other places. Cobra; pretty nice there. However, the ACOG is oversized. It should be scaled down, and the bottom of it should be on the same level as the RIS notches; currently it's alittle lower.
  13. Kidding right? 90% of the Paintball guns I see are andonized in the brightest colors humanly possible. Especially the cheap ones. No, I'm not kidding. I realize most paintball guns are flashy, but those bright colors just hurt you when you are outdoors. Thus, why I recomend painting or taping up your weapon.
  14. Full face masks are probably a good idea for Paintball. Unless you go for a pair of goggle and Balaclava, which would be much hotter. If it's black though, I would paint it a woodland color.. brown, green, or a pattern. Make sure it is strong enough to take a paintball hit from say 10-12 yards though, which is about the closest you should ever be when taking one.
  15. Actually I think the main difference is that the civilian copy's do not display the trademark logos, on MARPAT, atleast. That is, untill they are readily available via the Marine Corps, and through surplus stores. Also, on the Anti IR stuff, you can't dry clean the things, or else it negates the treatment.
  16. My point stands, however. Alittle extra pain never hurt anyone; it's just weakness excaping the body. Also, regular baseball caps don't offer camouflage. Black should Not be worn, it's not a natural color in forest/jungle or most enviorments, exempting Urban (And shadows). Even for goggles or a mask, try to get a Patterned or Olive drab/brown colored one. Black is never a good color to use for camo. It's mostly worn for a psycological edge in Urban warfare. In night time ops, olive drab, or dark blue are generally better choices. This also applies to your weapon, which would be wise to either paint it, or put some colored duct tape on various parts. At least try not to go for a very bright one, anyway.
  17. Well, I don't go paintballing much, but I can help you out on a few questions. 1. Like anything, paintballing Can be expensive. There are many different weapons and pieces of equipment of varying degrees available, some cost alot, others aren't too much. 2. You can get a decent beginners marker/gun at your local Walmart, in the Sports & Goods section. They will vary from 50-80$, to 100+. The best way to go is it get a decent semi-automatic model which can accept a large C02 tank, which are refillable. 3. On clothes, firstly, get a good set of goggles you are comfortable in. Also, depending on where you live and the paintball course/areana, get a set of BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) that will match. If you are in the woods/jungle, you can get a pair of US Woodland type, or for Desert grab some Three Color type (Or if it's a rocky climate, six color may be better then three). Either of these should be easily available at a local Army/Navy surplus store for good prices. They usually stock new or used pairs; just get whatever fits and you can afford. A Marine Cover or BDU baseball cap may be in your interest too, or maybe even a boonie hat, depending on the type of goggles you get. Other then this, I'd probably advice you buying some LCE gear which are also in the Surplus store. You can get a pistol belt with attachments pretty easily. A good buttpack and maybe a SAW gunners pouch for various objects would be of good use. Also, I, would invest in a Camelbak/Hydration system, if you do not get a regular canteen. http://www.rangerjoes.com/catalog/selectio...ry=main&id=2715 Models differ, but generally they can hold up to 2-3 litters of fluid, and are quite usefull. They have a on/off valve, if it's on all you do is bite on the tube gently and use it as a you would a regular drinking straw.
  18. Firstly, this was a joke. Secondly, it could be argued, and has been, that IQ tests are in no way significant to anything other then a ego boost. You can neither generalize men or women to say one or another is smarter. Things like this depend on the individual, not their gender. It's like saying women are always nice, and men are always hard and ruthless. There is no better example of this then Marget Thatcher vs Bill Clinton, IMO..
  19. Are FR really close to the way Royal Marines operate? I know durring WWII, Army Rangers were sent to cross-train with Royal Marine commando's, but I have never heard much about USMC/FR Marines doing the same.
  20. "Super Model'...*Cringe There are only a handfull of these 'elite' models who I would even consider good looking. Some how over the past 10-15 years, Supermodel has became synonomis with the 'anorexic-strungout-heroin-addict-look'.
  21. lol, well to test if it worked, I would assume you would have to give the thing AIDS in the first place.. so it would already be screwed.
  22. To equate dragging a animal, to a human being, is IMHO, Sick. Quite frankly, it was Just a Alligator. I regret that it happened (And I don't condone Animal Cruelty, for that mater), but tough ######.
  23. lol..remind me why people buy into this crap again? I think Someone needs a hobbie, or, atleast... a better one.
  24. Looking good, I like 'em. My only suggestion would be to redo the MARPAT camo, the pattern is alittle over-scaled. Nice touch on adding jungle boots btw.
  25. All I'm wondering is if the author feels as strongly about this subject since the story broke of the british soldiers of WWI & WWII who's graves were Defiled, in France. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-20031...3150899,00.html
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