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  1. I don't think this question is very approptiate for a forum, honestly. First, I doubt you will get any replys, for a variety of a reasons. That, and it's pretty immature how you worded your post and title. I would suggest going over to www.specialoperations.com, and asking in their forum. Before doing so, get your act together. Such questions will not be tollerated over there, and you will be banned quickly. Not meaning to sound rude here, but this isn't play time. You're requesting to speak to people who kill for a living. This isn't a movie where the good guys win and everyone goes home happy. Don't try to use a real servicemember for information just so you can get your jollys because you think his job is "cool", or whatever. Think about something before you ask for it. [Edit - I suppose 'Murder' was a poor choice of words, I apologise.]
  2. Marcinko, yeah, M240's are regularly used by A teams and various other units. SEALs should be fielding, if they haven't already, the MK48 Mod 0. It's basicaly a modified M249 for the 7.62 round, so in essance, it is a short M240. Also, why would you change the barrel length on the sniper model? If you are going for medium to long range shots, the last thing you want to do is cut down your barrel. Just common sence there.
  3. Yeah, i'm not quite sure why they switched on the MP5/10 mags. Either way though, they discontinued the entire /40 and /10 series from production. Also, one bad bit about built in snap on mag clamps, is that after in use for awhile, they become weak and no longer hold magazines together.
  4. Just depends on personal preference. They have their pros and cons. One bad thing about dual clamps, is that it weights more and puts stress on the parts around the magazine well. From my understanding, with prolonged use, this can create jamming problems. Then there is the issue of carrying them. Most vests or magazine pouches are only large enough to hold one or two mags at a time, the clamp takes up extra space and would not sitt correctly.
  5. I can't really help you for most of your questions, however, I doubt they will take you if your asthma is very bad. Guys who have it here have to lie to get into the US Military, and some of those are found out later and discharged.
  6. I know soldiers who pass RIP are awarded the plain tan beret (Without Flash). I'm not sure if this is only for those who are going onto a Battalion, or another unit sending their soldier through Ranger School.
  7. Only Rangers/Ranger Qualified could wear the Black beret when it was their own. This is now how the tan beret works. Conversly, any airborne qualified/serving troop (Including Air Force) wears the Maroon Beret. Army Special Forces, of course, wear the green.
  8. I think the engine to beat will be Half-Life 2. It's got alot of goodies. Not to mention, made from the base up for modders.
  9. I think it's possible, Ghost. After all, a good deal of our older Special Forces soldiers today are from former Warsaw pact, and other mid/eastern euro countrys as well. Poland, Germany, CZ, Yugos,etc. I'm pretty sure the program for foreign nationals is still in place today. I do recall a young Marine, who was one of the first casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I know he was from some South American country, although I can't recall the exact location right now. Anyway, I believe it only takes a few years to gain your citizenship in this manner. After that, I think Special Forces would be possible. It's my understanding you need to atleast be a citizen of the US, to be issued the secret/top secret clearance. Thats not to say I would tell you to not join the British forces, because I think you should think about this alot, just as Todd should. This is not a decision to take lightly. It will mark the fate of the rest of your life.
  10. I'm sure thats mission dependent, Delta. I haven't read enough about their training program with the guys over there, to know how close to work together. I would doubt that they go directly into a known hotspot with the Filipinio units, but thats just a guess. The VFA, also, does exempt use of force for purely self defense purposes. Obviously, there is a big difference in offensive and defensive, however.
  11. I was under the impression that the 94 Crime bill had Just been voted out? If thats the case, I think the possibility of this new bill being passed is pretty low.
  12. http://www.supremecourt.gov.ph/Constitutio...tory_Provisions http://www.dfa.gov.ph/vfa/frame/frmvfa.htm Look, I reall don't care to further this argument, it's pretty open and closed. The above is about as close as you can get to the subject, in terms written via this legal mumbo-jumbo. If you can provide anything contradicting the Phillippine Constiution SEC.25, and the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement), be my guest. At the end, any reports of US troops activly operating in combat in the Phillipines is nothing more then speculation. Wether or not they are true, I could not tell you. It's my opinion that it's most unlikely, but I doubt any of us will ever know the truth.
  13. http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2003/f...030222top1.html http://www.monthlyreview.org/nfte0302.htm http://www.sptimes.com/2002/06/05/Worldand...uctant_to.shtml Are three seperate papers enough for ya?
  14. Rook, just depends on the specific model number of CAR 15. There were quite a few different models made. The series was very close to the new M4 by the last variant. It had A2 sights, 14.5" barrel (Without step-cut, of course), foward assist, etc. Also, the that Colt is called simply the 'Colt SMG'. The G36 looks to have a AG36 'Nade launcher mounted. Looks like a fullsize MP5 at the end of the line.
  15. Actually that would be untrue, Marcinko. According to the Phillippine Constituion, open participation in military operations (IE; Combat), is forbidden by outside forces. I imagen this is both a good and bad thing for our guys over there. Onto which forces are over there, I imagen since those pictures Mac showed are some of the first released, that they are Army SF. It's my understanding they were the first contigent sent, at the number of 400-500 IIRC.
  16. Interesting. I've been thinking about what to purchase recently as well. I'm 16, so the time is nearing. I've thought about the Springfields; M1a's, 1911's,etc. I'd like to try a few different models of pistols/rifles before I go with anything however. I have held a few models, like the M9/92fs, and Sig P226, and I find both to be comfortable. Other then that, my mother has a S&W M686, .357mag, with a 4" barrel IIRC, that she will be handing down to me. Thankfully she has never had to use it other then a few range shots. Do you guys with more experience perhaps have advice on good beginner arms? I'm not looking for anything for Home Defence really, mostly just range shooting and alike.
  17. Thanks, Mag. Much appreciate the information.
  18. Thanks. I'm also wondering, do you know how the AR10T stacks up to the new SR25, the MK11 Mod 0? I know the original SR25's were rejected some years back by units like the Rangers, but from what I've seen, the new MK11 is used often by SEALs, Army SF,etc.
  19. Thanks for the info, 300mag. I was curious however, do you have a link/source on the AR10T bit? It's not that I don't believe you or anything, I'd just like more info on the who/what/where.
  20. I can get you a decent picture, JTF. Contact me on MSN Messenger if you have it: chriscartman@hotmail.com I think it's possible the Tac-ops series may be used, but I'm not too familiar with the system, so I do not know of what advantages it may provide over what is issued. I do know, that some form of HS Precision rifle was used in Somalia in 1993, by Delta snipers. I'm not sure on the exact model, I believe it to be the Pro 2000/HTR (Heavy Tactical Rifle) series, but I am not one hundred percent sure. The company, interestingly, has been into Military rifles for a good while. Their match-grade barrels were selected by the USMC for the M40A1, and they also built the stock for the US Army M24 SWS, along with Remington. Here is a link to the HS webpage, for the HTR rifle: http://www.hsprecision.com/htr_rifle.htm
  21. Large calibers like the .50 really serve a different purpose then a general Sniper rifle would be used for. The one advantage they have over a 7.62 is that the BMG round is capable of firing at longer ranges. However, due to the .50-cal type of round employed by US Forces, it makes it difficult to make more accurate anti-personnel shots at longer ranges. This, added to the fact that the Barret M82A1/M models are semi automatic, and thus inherently not as accurate as a bolt action weapon. The Canadians use a better match grade .50 round, as well as a Mcmillian Tactical which is of bolt action operation. They found this setup quite satisfactory while deployed in Afghanistan durring Operation Enduring Freedom. I'm sure most of us are familiar with the story of the Canucks who broke the longest kill record while in A'stan-Land.
  22. The PSG1 and MSG90 are not employed by US Forces, Viper. Excluding, of course, units like Delta, whom no one could really say what they are using. Still, the PSG1 is too cumbersome. The MSG90 is More likely, but still probably not used. The new MK11 and older SR25 variants fill any role that the PSG1 or MSG90 could be used in, so there really isn't a need. This goes for the Blazer too. While it does have some unique features, there are certainly no indications it has actually been utilized by our guys. The M21 is quite old, any accurized M14's used today are new ones. Also, while the M21 was made from the M14, the full auto capability was cut. It's a pretty useless feature on such a large caliber weapon. I don't believe any of the limited M14's issued today even have the feature, for the same reason. British are slowly issuing the AWM, last I checked. It's the .338 chambered version. Before that, and currently, they have the L96A1. I know I've heard of SAS CRW using the PSG1, as well as the Australian SASR. However, I think both groups now prefer the Accuracy International rifles to most anything.
  23. Sorry for the late reply. Marcinko, there is no real firearm known as the SR16, that is a fake airsoft weapon. The XM21 is quite old as well, from the 70's infact. The SPR is not a true sniper rifle, it is a designated marksmen rifle. It still fires a 5.56 round, and thus can not be used effectivly out past 200-300 yards. There are a variety of rifles that I know of, which US Forces use. The 82nd Airborne sends their designated marksmen through SOTIC (Special Operations Target Interdicition Course) for qualification of the M14, recently re-introduced. They slap a ACOG on it and use it for engagement when the M16 series is not capable. Army Special Forces use the M24 SWS, customized M14's (Probably M25 models), and the recent MK11 Mod 0, which is a updated SR25. SEALs were the first to get the MK11 weapon, as it was made specificaly from their input. For bolt action SWS's, Naval Spec Warfare issues the Aurora Tactical M91 7.62 rifle; which is based on the Remington 700 action, like the M40 and M24 series. However, they have also issued the M92, which is basicaly a M91 chambered for the .300 Winmag cartridge. For semi autos they will grab the Mk11, however. Marines still have the older M40A1 hanging around in small quanitys , and more recently, the newer and better M40A3. Likewise, they issue the M14DMR, which I hear will be going out of service soon. On the Anti-Armor/Anti-Personnel front, there is the older M82A1, which is circulated around basically all services. The newer version is the M82A1M, which is being looked at by the Army (Possibly adopted, not sure), and is already in use by the Marines, designated the M82A2 SASR. The main difference between the two, being that the M82A2/A1M has a Picatinny rail on top, for mounting a variety of optics. It's hard to say if any custom rifles would be used by Us Troops. I believe if they were, most would be close to what is issued, perhaps a modified Remingon model,etc. http://www.barrettrifles.com/military.html - Short description of M82A1M http://www.auroratactical.com/tactical-weapons.htm - Info on Navy M91/M92 [Edit - Spelling]
  24. Whether any pics of Delta have even surfaces over the last few years, will remain to be seen. There are only a handfull of pictures, since 1977 when the unit was activated, that have been identified as the unit. Protecs are old news. Even SEALs use Kevlar helmets now, on boarding operations mind you, where they have always worn the Protecs before.
  25. At Pyro, yeah I think it's more of a good will gesture for the Aussies. I mean, they have filmed all three films there, and spent the last two/three (IIRC) just shooting Reloaded and Revolutions. Back to original topic though, I did get a chance to see it tonight, and I really enjoyed it. I don't think I got the same exact feeling as from the original (though I believe thats more to do with that I kinda knew what to expect), but, I am really looking foward to how it turns out.
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