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  1. No. Operators used Custom CAR-15 rifles in the Somalia Conflict. I have numerous interviews of actual Delta operators who confirm this. Even General Garrison was asked if they had used the new M4 at the time, which he replied they used a CAR-15 that was modified similarly. The thing with the AR-15/M16 series, is that they are all so similar. Many share numerous characteristics with each other, which are undistinguishable by the untrained eye; EG the only thing that will differentiate a M4A1 and a Modified CAR15 used durring the Somalia Conflict, is the double heatgaurd, a slightly longer/shorter barrel (Model dependent) and the Step cut in the barrel of the M4 for placement of the M203. There are a few small other things, like a detachable carry handle (Which all M4's/M4A1's do Not have). Although, the modified CAR15's back then even had M16A2 style sights with the windage adjustment at the rear.
  2. Ruin, Airsoft isn't a "Brand" perse, more a type of weapon. They fire 6mm plastic pellets, not the usual 4.5/177 caliber as the run of the mill bb gun is chambered in. Myself, I have a MP5A4 Airsoft AEG, a Spring MP5A3, and a Chinese 177 caliber pellet rifle, with a 4x20 Gamo scope (Illuminated reticle).
  3. The M4 was not used in BHD the Film, nor in the Actual Conflict in Mogadishu, as it wasn't fielded untill 1994.
  4. Blue, the CIA does have it's own Para-military group. It has had them through out the years. From Mac-SOG in Vietnam, to the SAS (Not the British), and now the SAD (Special Activities Division) today. They are mostly former Specops, and work closly with SOF teams in the field.
  5. No worries, Storm. It's not a big deal, but I get alittle frustrated with the whole thing sometimes. Btw, I have a Chaintech GF-4 TI4600 and it runs fine with the 41.09 drivers. I'm running it with Windows 98, however.
  6. Gay as in Homosexual? Listen, I know there are certain slang terms used by pretty much anybody, but using a persons sexual preference in a derogitory fashion is just uncalled for. People should really think about what they are saying instead of buying into the latest fad.. It's like the whole ebonics thing, white kids who never been to the ghetto "Speak" it, for no reason other then to be cool/whatever.
  7. As I posted G5, his last directorial was in 1998. He has produced a few movies (Undisputed included) since then, but not directed.
  8. I think you're info is off alittle, Alfa. According to this site, which has the most information on the entertainment industry throughout the entire web, says "Boaz Davidson" hasn't directed anything since 1998; http://us.imdb.com/Name?Davidson,+Boaz
  9. Tollen: Yes, I have heard some G11's were delivered, but it also seems they were taken back soon after. Everything I have read reveals that the G11 was scrapped for some unexplained reason, however, after East and West Germany united back into one Military force, the HK50 (G36) was concieved. Budgie: No. HKUSA is simply the stateside H&K plant; http://www.hecklerkoch-usa.com/ Viper: I'm not very knowledgable on ballistics, however it is my understanding that the 5.56 round tumbles on impact, and thus does not make a large cause for concerne on the issue of over-penetration.
  10. No, that G11 is compleate BS. Besides the horrible size and ergronomics of the weapon system, the G11 had reliability issues. I.E - Rounds cooking off when they get too hot. Not to mention the restrictions the new round would place on any troops using it. Every Military in Nato uses Some rifle with a 7.62 or 5.56 chambering. Plus, from what I've read, H&K has destroyed most of all the G11's they produced, besides a few display models.
  11. Damn right, Warhawk. I'll have to agree with that Warhawk said on Iraq, HilandR. However, I think there is cause for concern on the North Korea front.
  12. Sorry, I can't comment on the skinning/model aspect, as that isn't my main fortee. However, I don't believe there was a Hostpital involved in any missions durring Operation Anaconda. There was the Uprising at Mazar-e Sharif however, which was a prison.
  13. Nightmare; Actually, the Germans have the AG36 in use aswell. Also, HK produces a seperate variant of the Launcher known as the AGC, which can fit onto Colt rilfes. It has been speculated that this may replace the M203 in the future. I believe the SAS already have it in use on their Diemaco models.
  14. It is standard issue for all German troops. It is my understanding that new recruits will most likely use the old G3A3 durring basic training, but G36 when they graduate. The German SOF (KSK, KSKP) use the G36K and C models mostly, which are the shortened versions. I've also seen pics of them using G3KA4's, which is basically a regular G3 shortened abit, with a retractable stock.
  15. Alot, JTF2. It would take me forever to explain it in great detail, but plainly put; Army Special Forces (Green Berets) are the true Special Forces of the Army. Their main task for the most part is insurgency, and counter insurgency, plus they handle some recon, deep raids, etc. Rangers are a totally different breed, and used for different things. EG. Need a 100 man Army trained in South America in 12 weeks?, call the Green Berets. Want a entire Airfield taken down within 2 hours?, thats a Ranger job. Here are some links where you can learn more about each unit: http://www.specwarnet.net/americas/usarmy.htm http://www.specialoperations.com/Army/default.html Ps. You will notice before I said Some Gr specialist were Ranger "Qualified". This does not mean they are Rangers, but that they have passed through the Ranger school. Some people have different opinions on the subject, but to be a Ranger, you have to serve with a Ranger battalion. Ranger school, from everything I have read, is as much about Leadership, then Combat and what have you.
  16. Yes, DEVGRU is the Maritime CT unit. Also, from my understanding, the Force Recon guys and SEALs have always had serious rivalry. The way Recon is setup, from my understanding, is very similar to the training and such from BUD/S and what SEALs go through, yet they get less recognition. Which, IMO, is a good thing for a Specops team. I mean, the Recon guys will most likely be sent in before SEALs anyway, so atleast they get first dibbs. Plus, the Marines should be getting into SOCOM soon, so that means more money for those guys, and more work.
  17. Hey Sniper, didn't catch on to the name. Nice to see ya around
  18. The Ghosts are Army, Army Special Forces (Green Berets) to be exact. This is seen by their Airborne/SF tabs on their skins. Also, some GR Specialists are Ranger qualified.
  19. The M60's have been replaced with the M240/M249 (and all their versions) in each service, as far as I know. I've heard that possibly Marines, some Airforce and other underfunded units may be still using them, I'm not sure however. The E3 and E4 version is still proving to perform less then standard in the field, and subsequently the SEALs have slated to adopt a new Machine gun to replace them. This is to be known as the MK48 Mod 0, and is a upgraded version of the full size M240. Much like the MK46 Mod 0 (A upgraded M249), it has a cut down barrel, accessory rails, etc.
  20. Try to stay safe over there man, come back in once piece, and good luck. Remember these words, for they are true.
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