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  1. As of late - Blind Willie Johnson: The Complete Collection. Awesome traditonal american gospel and folk/blues music from one of the greatest slide players in the genre. One of Willie's 78's (Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground) was included on the space shuttle voyager for music from America in the 20th century. Ry Cooder has said he considers it the most haunting piece of music ever recorded. He used the song as inspiration for the soundtrack to the film "Paris, Texas" in which he covers the original song, as well.
  2. Just to add, I don't think you guys should make a fuss over the topic, it's no big deal. The trooper in question could have been assigned the weapon, or chose it for personal preferance, who knows? One reason a SD is better suited (Especialy in CQB/Urban) would be for the muzzle report. Guns are very loud, and one can quickly be deafened without hearing protection when shooting, especially in CQB and Urban battles.
  3. Or, perhaps, you just weren't smart enough to figure it out by yourself. Seriously, it wasn't that confusing to most people I talk to. Maybe you just weren't paying very close attention.
  4. Just to add, the sound in RVS should not in the least be called realistic. They were designed (Key word there is 'designed') by a sound studio out of Hollywood. Keep in mind there are a ton of recycled sounds used for various weapons in Raven Shield. The M14 and M4A1, for instance, use the same exact sound. Then, almost every suppressed weapon in the game uses the exact loop, more or less. Some have less or more bass, but all the same base sound. When a SD 9mm is sounding the same as a suppressed 7.62, I think something is alittle wrong, lol.
  5. I've been into airsoft for awhile now. My first gun was a TM FN P90, which I traded awhile back for a mp5. Now I have a upgraded TM M4A1 RIS, as well. My first official game is coming up, and it should be a great one. It's a charity event for the familys of fallen soldiers, and in honor of those who didn't make it back from Somalia. Col. Daniel McKnight, and MSG. Howard Mullen will be participating as company commanders. McKnight and another BTDT (Sgt. Kenn Miller) have participated in Operation Lion Claw, and MSG Mullen joined them both for Lion Claw II, last year, IIRC. For anyone interested - http://www.bestofusamkt.com/events/OPI.html The game will be in Dalton, GA. If you contact John Lu directly (The project organizer) - bestofusamkt@aol.com - he may be able to get you a slot. I believe we are a few short on team Delta. Or, if you are just in the area, you can drop by to watch. It's not everyday you get a chance to watch, or meet such great men (McKight, and Mullen; of course).
  6. Just to add something, I think the shotgun in question is the C-more LSS; Lightweight Shotgun System.
  7. If you want some good 'Stripes songs (I own all four albums) - here are a few you may enjoy: Stop Breaking Down - a Robert Johnson classic back from 1936/67 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...6280090-2435900 Black Math http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...6280090-2435900 Hello Operator http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...6280090-2435900 Little Bird http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...6280090-2435900 There's No Home For You Here Girl http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...6280090-2435900
  8. Yeah, sure, it was partly true. However your history is alittle less detailed then it could have been. Pre War Blues (Acoustic) turned Electric in the 40's and 50's, and moved to Chicago. Electric blues was the biggest influence on modern rock, but without acoustic there would be no electric, and thus no rock, so it all goes back to there.
  9. Common usage would be; bolt hold open device, as stated above (Although abit shorter then Vipers version).
  10. Heh, what? I'm not sure what you mean by your question. Perhaps you can rephrase.
  11. I wouldn't say country springs from the Blues, although that depends on the type. The more traditional, not pop, country music, is from blue grass and that scene. Pop country (Shania Twain, etc) could be said to have sprung from a blues/rock/country hybrid, though.
  12. Good to see this topic still has some life left in it, thanks to all who have posted. Heyabusa, I know exactly what you mean. Son House's 'My Black Mama' part 1/2 does it for me; check it out. These two were cut back in 1930 in Grafton WI, with a few other tracks. On playing, I'm just starting to learn, but I don't know much yet. Just a few cords and a general understanding of certain things. Sgt. Croc, for a clear example - Bluegrass: Bill Monroe - Blue Moon Of Kentucky http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...0871822-7732660 Blues: Robert Johnson - Traveling Riverside Blues http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...0871822-7732660 Obviously the sounds are worlds apart from the clips, as you can hear. Bluegrass is tradtionaly a 'hillbilliy' (No offence meant) type of music, which was enjoyed largely by white audiences in those days. It relies on banjos, fiddels (Violins), and a picking style of guitar playing, etc. Blues on the other hand, evolved from field hollers and gospel/choir music, through the black community in the deep southern states. Alot of the rythm and lyrical arrangments stem from prison camp labor, as well. Traditionally, only guitars (Usually slide), or harmonica's were used in the playing of the Blues. Basically, whatever was cheapest to procure by the player, was used in performing. Many who couldn't afford guitars would homemake one from a broomstick with a tin cans and string, etc. The first documented case of someone hearing a traditional blues song was in 1903, IIRC. W.C Handy (A classically trained musician) was waiting for a train in Mississippi, and heard a man playing slide guitar and singing about 'Where the southern cross the dog', which is the the junction of the Y&M Railroad. For more on this, check out this well put together article by the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/ww2/A1095248
  13. Wow, the ravings of a madman, to say the least. I find it all equally disgusting. Of particular ironic value, I will highlight this passage: This is the most idiotic statement I have ever read. Infact, the VC only continued fighting, because of the American protestors. It gave them hope. If there would have not been any protestors, it is very arguably that the war would have ended two or three years earlier, and us as victors.
  14. Nice suggestions, I'll check them out. However there are still so many artists out there I want to learn of and hear, I think it would take a lifetime to listen to them all. Thanks, on the sig, btw. Nothing special, just made it in a few minutes. That's Son House, Robert Johnson, and Charley Patton in the picture, for those that care.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, Warhawk. Unfortunately, I'm only 17 and live in North Carolina, so my chances of going to any of those places anytime soon don't look good.
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