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  1. Thats the problem I have with COD4. The game is fun, but their isn't much to it. The consistent large crowds for MP is really the only draw it has any more. I remember playing each GR map over and over in SP using different weapons, different tactics, and taking different routes through a map, and it was always a blast. You don't get that with COD4.
  2. Hey all... I started playing the original GR when it first came out, but I have been out of the game for a few years. I noticed that people are not happy with the recent Ghost Recons that have been released, but I was wondering if there is any word on a new one being released in the future? Or is GR pretty much done for?
  3. Scrap them. You don't want a 512 with DDR2 as DDR3 cards will kick there butt with only 256 (note most DDR3 also have higher core clocks) ... such as the 8600GT I would go with something in the 8000 series due to direct x 10 and crysis + the future. Any particular brands or models?
  4. I got a new computer and am looking to buy a new video card, but I find mixed reviews with the ones that catch my eye. I'm hoping to get some advice on the cards I have listed below. And even some suggestions if I don't have them listed, but I'm not looking to spend more than $90. So any suggestions? EVGA GeForce 7600 GS / 512MB GDDR2 / SLI Ready / PCI Express / DVI / VGA / HDTV EVGA GeForce 7300 GT / 512MB DDR2 / AGP 8x / DVI / VGA / HDTV HIS Radeon X1650 Pro / 512MB GDDR2 / PCI Express / DVI / VGA / HDTV / CrossFire Ready Diablotek GeForce 6600 LE / 512MB DDR / PCI Express / DVI / VGA / TV Out NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT Silent Running / 512MB DDR2 / SLI Ready / PCI Express / DVI / VGA / HDTV Thanks in advance!
  5. I don’t play co-op or SPer but the Multi-Player in GRAW 2 is excellent, and the game is worth the purchase. It isn’t perfect but without a doubt is one of the better shooters available on PC. Hope to see ya in games! BTW, Are you Mr. Burns from The Rumble? Team NOMAD? Nope, sorry.
  6. Do expansion packs look promising for this like the original GR?
  7. I'm an old veteran of the original GR. I never played GRAW1 because I was unable to upgrade my PC. Well I'm finally getting a new PC and looking to get back into GR, but I have read a lot of conflicting reviews on GR2. Am I going to be disappointed going from the original GR to GR2? Will the demo give me enough of a taste to tell if its worth it or not?
  8. Great, was worried it was scrapped or something. Been itching to play it since I saw the screen shots a while. But glad to see its still in the go.
  9. I've been out of GR for a while, but last time I checked (a while ago) Year of the Monkey was going to be released soon. I checked their site and their isnt really news on it. Any info on whats going on with its status??? [Merged into existing thread]
  10. From what I know the "undetected" means that you have some MOD on you computer that prevents people from joining because they dont have it. The "*" replaces your ping because its your server.
  11. Pretty cool screen shots. Nice detail in the faces. Especially love the second one, reminds me of Vilnius.
  12. Hello, I'm having trouble hosting games because I can't figure out how to configure my wireless router. Its a D-Link DI-614+ router. I have been told some conflicting things. That the ports I use are 2346-2348 as Trigger, and 27243 or 2346, 2347, 2348 as the Public Port(s). Appreaciate any help I can get. Thanks
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