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  1. I got GR up and running (thanks, Apex!) and played the first mission. There is a group of tangos in the far NE corner of the map that seem to not want to go anywhere, so I will check their path and timer. But I took them out and the mission completed.
  2. Ok, so my Win10 system hates the CD versions of GR. Does the Steam version allow the modding through IGOR?
  3. I will be installing and downloading the mod tonight, and can dig into this mission script. It's been way too long...
  4. Wow, fantastic, guys! I am so excited and blown away over this! Thank you so much for doing this update. I am going to dust off the old GR install cds tonight!
  5. Wow, it's so cool to see that people are still playing GR, and even Zapad, for that matter! It's been a long time, but I do recall some maps not allowing you to move your squads around. Not sure there's a way to fix that on the modding side of things, unless you are a map maker. All this mod talk makes me want to jump back into it!
  6. The kedr-pss.kit file should be located in the mods/Heroes Unleashed/Equip folder. See if you can find it, and we can go from there.
  7. No, I just signed in with the wrong username!
  8. Hi Chudy Picio, Well, when I started this mod, years ago, it was actually a "Red Storm Rising" (Tom Clancy novel) concept, where the majority of the fighting was to occur in West Germany. Then, I decided to take that RSR mod idea to a whole new platform using Apex Mods' Heroes Unleashed, and dropped the original concept. After finishing RSR, which still needs some real work done, btw, I decided to pick up where I left off with the original (now ZAPAD) mod. I made it more or less from missions left over or unused from the first campaign. So, long story short, the lack of Polish forces/civies was a combination of mod-recycling and, now that you mentioned it, a big oversight. I found a Polish Army mod in the GR downloads section (http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=69) but the link is broken. If it could be repaired, I am sure it could be used alongside ZAPAD to add Polish forces to the mix. I would love to get back into modding, and perhaps I will this winter, but right now I do not have the time. If I do find time, I'll see what I can do to include Polish forces (they of course are a necessary addition!) in a patch that also dials down some mission intensity/difficulty. Thanks for the interest and the advice!
  9. @jbrer5, looks like it can't find a bunch of textures; like Operative said, did you happen to activate GR: ZAPAD-81 Winter Add-On mod when you finished mission 8?
  10. Can you copy and paste your ike.log here? It's in your C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon folder.
  11. @paladin, I think it might be possible to go into the enemy weapons files and dial back either the accuracy or the recoil recovery; I did this once with a WOI campaign. I'll mess around with it and see. Mission 2 might also require you to sit back and let the crap fly for a while, then clean up. It goes against orders, but hey, you won't get demoted. UPDATE: there will be a patch available that fixes mp coop kit issues, and re-arm issues, real soon. It will be required for mp play.
  12. Thanks Tinker, I was not able to thoroughly test the co-op play, so definitely overlooked the no restrictions file; I'll see what I can do with it. The Farm map is very CPU intensive, especially in and around the barn. I'm not sure even dialing back the graphics would help there. I appreciate the feedback, and will try to work these bugs out.
  13. I just released the ZAPAD-81 mod. It is the cold war-based mod. Check it out in the discussion section.
  14. Yes, and it should NOT be active for the first 8 missions. It mainly provides snow camo for actors, and winter scenes for maps.
  15. Thanks, John, for the upload and the merge! @BS PALADIN, not sure why it is blank, the last mission shows up fine on my side. Want me to post a link to it for you?
  16. GR: ZAPAD-81 is a 20-mission campaign for single player or co-op that I've dusted off and revamped for release. I started it many years ago but never got around to finishing it until recently. It requires GR v1.4, DS, and IT; it also requires GR: ZAPAD-81 Winter Add On to be activated after mission 8. None of the missions require unlocking, just to keep things simple, but they are playable as a campaign. There is a read-me text file with credits for all the stuff I borrowed from other modders. I'll list them here as well: Map Credits mission: author: steel tempest "Biro" white thunder "H-Hour, Sarc & EL OSO" long bow "Rawker" goliath "Bludawg" Winter Textures "151-Lancer" df439 Sahara "PUNiSHER" Vehicle Credits BlakOps vehicles: Blakarion SS-25 TOPOL: cobaka SMERCH: Hammer Scorpion: Hammer civy truck: Tinker Character Credits German actors - DOG-ZEBRA Marines - Sixpence French actors - Petitjean & Froggy British actors - Sixpence hostages - MONOLITH and BajaBravo Weapons Credits M16 Armoury: Chems FAMAS Custom SD: Frostbite team FAMAS, G3, AUG: Bajabravo F-18 strike: Thales100 (I think I forgot this one in the readme) The campaign is designed around a real-world scenario that occurred in 1981, when there were popular uprisings in Poland as it tried to escape the Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union intervened; but in this scenario, NATO and the UN got there first to prevent another bloody crackdown like the Hungarian revolution in 1956 and the Czech uprising in 1968. This of course escalates to war with the Soviets, who launch Operation ZAPAD-81 (Zapad translates into "west"), designed to cleanse Poland without expanding the conflict beyond that region. The weapons and vehicles are period (those used in 1981) as far as I could tell through research. Some missions are vehicle-intense and might need some GR performance downgrading in order to play smoothly. The missions are varied and range from large platoon-sized conflagrations to small squad-based traditional GR stuff. The downloads are 7-zip format, but the moderators can change that to suit their needs. This mod was thoroughly tested by myself, in both sp and co-op modes, but of course there are always issues. Please use this discussion thread to bring any issues to my attention for future patches. Have fun! -variable13
  17. Thanks! I had an awesome time putting them together, too. Great history lessons!
  18. I dug it up from DF3 - Sharpened Switchblade and finally got it working. I just haven't had time lately thanks to another mod I decided to resurrect and rebuild. Perhaps a dual release will be in order...
  19. I hit a snag with the mission pack (couldn't get a map to work) but do plan on releasing it at some point.
  20. I'm also going to release a small mission pack for this mod as well. Look for it maybe mid-February. Cold winter evenings make for good modding time!
  21. Problem solved - I found the maps in Slugg's Icebreaker mod and they are editable. Apparently the DF3 mod had some sort of conflict.
  22. Tinker, the mod is Delta Force 3: http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=998 I'll try to pm the author(s).
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