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  1. I see one huge benefit. When you take it out to the air compressor to blow dust off the components you don't have any side panels and front panels to take off ! Nice, unique build Cangaroo.
  2. Unless you have been diligently keeping yourself updated within these forums, it's easy to understand how you might miss a LOT of information. You might want to check th modding forums. One Grinner said he created TDM maps with multiple spawn points using the editor. They are not official content, as he did it on his own time. My point is that supposedly, with the editor, modders will be able to create unique MP gametypes. Not just maps or mods, but different MP modes. Another Grinner commented that something like escorting a convoy would be possible. Some of the other possibilities with the editor may be multiple objectives that can be completed in ANY order, and your own unique SP campaign. If any of this is true, it is very exciting. I can't say that I have been diligently checking these forums, I'm sure I have missed alot. Seeing the modding possibilities is good to hear. But what about the other things I mentioned? Anyone have any feedback on some of the other stuff I mentioned in it's current state? A good gaming buddy of mine is buying it in a couple of weeks so I suspect I will get plenty of info from him as well, different opinions is always good though.
  3. Interesting thread, good feedback from both sides of the fence. I'll keep an eye on this one I have yet to purchase the game, still waiting to see how the MP community is going to pan out. I still see some of the same complaints that GRAW had. People complaining of cheating or not a good enough AC, "Not competition ready", only 2 available spawn points in TDM. How is the dedicated server side of it? lots of options? Are there any GSP's carrying it or offering it at a decent price? Is the MP community gaining a good number of players and servers or is it just creeping along? Laddering? Is it easily moddable? Depending on the answers to these questions (IMO) will determine the games vitality. Good post BTW Alderei
  4. Oh yeah, what did you do to get banned?
  5. Thanks for the info COB77. I am going to wait a few months and see how it pans out before I buy. Like, how many GSP's (game server providers) will be offering the game, how many players there are after 2-3 months after release, what the ladder situation is, how the anti cheat is working out, and what guys like you are saying after the newness wears off. What you said is very encouraging though and I hope it all works out. Still looking for a good FPS here.
  6. Imagine how we [GR] fans felt when we had to wait about 5 years, and all we got was GRAW. Seriously, I think I read somewhere that it contributed to 3 suicides and about $14 billion US in damaged computers and computer parts. Wasn't pretty. Man, isn't that the truth.
  7. Does anyone know of any free programs that will allow me to allocate space from one partition to another? I am running out of space on my OS partition. If there is not a free one available what is the best one to purchase? Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. I remember asking for random spawns for GRAW, sure was hoping they would implement it in MP this time. Makes it so much better for the reasons you listed above.
  9. Tragic tragic day in American history.
  10. Currently, here's the confirmed list of those that got the invite, did the questionnaire, but did not get a 2nd email with key and dl link: InsolenceAndHeresy/FA_Insolence (dannyboy1026) SillyHalfMexican REDMONSTER RogueDOC jjknap [30+]Retlaw Stormin Hockeystick Nutlink Now, a direct invitation from Ubisoft should precede any cash-oriented offer from any other third party (in this case, Fileplanet). Ubisoft has serious screwed that up. I have yet to see anyone that got the invite email and completed the survey say that they received the 2nd email with key and link. You can add me to that list. Filled out the survey and never heard a thing back.
  11. I guess my point is how many doors this opens up when/if this cross platform gaming becomes available. Developers and publishers would no longer focus on one specific market (the one that brings in the most money,console)more so than the other market (the one that brings in less money, PC) I think this will help PC gamers in the long run, I think we will get better quality games that actually have some time and money spent on them by the publisher to actually develop them!! Maybe I am wrong....... Thoughts anyone?? Developer thoughts??
  12. Microsoft to link console, PC gamers online Live service will open for gamers who use Vista OS Looks like a GRAW 2 shoot em up, between console and pc players is closer than we think! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17608070/
  13. "Microsoft to link console, PC gamers online Live service will open for gamers who use Vista OS" http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17608070/ I didn't find this when searching the forums. Very interesting...................... THOUGHTS???
  14. Different game same SADS story ! Couldn't resist.
  15. I was at my local Wal Mart here and thought I would check the price on GR:AW, it was 29.98 last I looked. They had about 8 in the rack when I looked last and the back ones literally had dust on top of them. This time when I checked, they were gone, all of them, no tag left not a trace, the lady in electronics told me they pulled them because they were not selling. Was there not enough advertisement for GR:AW PC????
  16. They feel the need because they are fans of the original GR series. That and as NYR32 said, this is a GR fansite and they have the right to express thier disappointment in the game. This is especially true for the ones that have waited patiently for all the patches and gave the game a chance before posting. Lets face it, the game has very few players at the moment and optimistic me is now losing optimism. Will the game ever take off?? Starting to now have serious doubts. Now for the ones that have never played the game or just the demo and are constantly in here knocking, that does get a bit annoying. That is what ignore if for though.
  17. Ditto. I'll take it one step further though. It would be nice if all the maps available could be used for every MP Team vs Team game type. Some TvsT on some of those small HH maps would be a nice change of pace. That would give us what 6-8 maps for each mode? Can't remember..............
  18. Please admins, don't unlock the beta forums for all to see. I said terrible terrible things about others members of gr.net in there !! JK !!
  19. Agreed, I have posted this same thing numerous times as well as others. I hope they take it into consideration.
  20. Yes we are ! ATU will also be recruiting as soon as our new server is online
  21. Yes I must say, wow. Now that GR:AW is done, get to work on that expansion fellas !! (insert whip cracking smiley here)
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