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  1. I think you should sue them. That sucks, I am sorry to hear that you got stuff stolen. Eh, everybody makes mistakes, this one was just really really funny
  2. I thought about putting $4000 into the stock market this summer, which is my entire net income from my summer job, being a student and all. Thankfully I decided to just pay off student loans I have already built up with it. Probably a pretty good decision.
  3. You are supposed to be one of the people who knows what they are doing.... So, that first quote is from a different thread, in a different part of the forum, from a quote button I hit almost 5 hours ago....quite the staying power.
  4. *googles Fuel Girls* *Wonders what this has to do with "Site Feedback"* Other than the fact that I think we need a video on the frontpage, would generate more traffic.
  5. Going from 174-180.43 raised my FPS in Far Cry 2 by almost 15 on DX10-Very High-0xAA
  6. So what I want this to mean is that say you own EndWar2 and GRAW3. While playing EndWar2 say you have a mission that means take paris, well you use the map from EndWar2 and it saves it on you console, then it switches to GRAW to actually go in a have a looky lou and take paris. But if you also own SC or R6 you could do either of those options also, with each game offering unique mission in that scenario (obviously SC and GRAW can't have the same objectives/mission) So I didn't do a great job of explaining what I mean, but it makes sense in my head. But in fact it will probably just be squad-based (using the very loosest definition of that term) Halo.
  7. I am pretty sure he just made them following a tutorial to practice modelling.
  8. Now Rocky, lets talk about how my discs haven't been shipped yet
  9. Ordered my set, yay! Go super shipper Rocky.
  10. I ordered my new stuff last night. Q6600 eVGA 8800GT (Stepping up to 9900 series when they come out in early July) 4GB GSkill RAM And this motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813136039 I have learned to not describe the motherboard, just to link it $750 total (with a new HSF) I am pretty dang excited, should be here early next week.
  11. So All I have to say about it is that 3 500GB Hard drives in Raid-0...costs 920$ when the HDs can be bought for 100 each online and Raid costs nothing because the mobo they have supports onboard raid.
  12. Cool, glad to hear that this is fixed BEFORE I got achievement hunting later tonight. Nice to see and issue realized, and fixed in such a short time. +10 points for everyone involved.
  13. OH, fun. Calls off the mercs...I knew I should have picked one that offered refunds....
  14. I would heartily agree with a couple of those suggestions, namely Eastern Promises, Zodiac, Letters from Iwo Jima, and The Bourne Ultimatum. I would also suggest checking out a couple of others like Gone Baby Gone and 3:10 to Yuma
  15. So played some firefight on a couple of the new maps (Caves, RR Bridge, and Battlefield to be precise) and wow is all I can say. Amazing redoing of the maps. Haven't tried the coop yet, hope to get some of that in tonight probably after about 9 CST, so if anybody wants in GT is Kamakazi010654
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