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  1. Just an update with some more details about TuG. Website: www.tugteam.com - recruiting Location: UK based, but with members from ALL over Europe - uk, sweden, germany, denmark, holland. History: Playing the GR series since 2001, along with several other games. Info: A mostly 'mature' bunch of people from all over europe, who enjoy the gr series & enjoy competing against other clans in ladders/leagues, such as TWL. Our motto... "We like to have fun!" All applicants should be 18+.
  2. Just installed the patch locally & to our dedicated server & everything is running ok.
  3. As I was bored this morning I decided to run through the config XML & add some comments. There are still a number of commands missing from the config XML and hopefully we will have a full list soon. Downloadble version: here
  4. Persoanlly, I'm not going to set any of my servers as ranked (if the option works) as I'd like the XML stat files put back into the game that we had with GR:AW1....
  5. TeamWarfare League (TWL) is pleased to announce that our 1st Ladder for GR:AW2 is now Online and open for team sign-ups & challenges. The GR:AW2 EU Power Ladder is a flexible points based ladder, which will allow teams to make multiple challenges, converse with each other using secure 'match comms' on the TWL site for game set-ups & report matches. To sign-up to the ladder, you 1st require to register on TWL, then create a Team. The team founder then joins the team onto the ladder via the team profile page, then each player signs-up to TWL with their own account & then can join the Team Roster. The Ladder can be viewed here: GR:AW2 EU Power Ladder Ladder rules can be viewed here: GR:AW2 EU Power Ladder Ruleset The GR:AW2 forum for discussion/feedback can be found here: GR:AW2 Discussion Forum Good luck soldiers!!
  6. Here's some descriptions of what the sections in the the XML are (thanks colin ) </game_info>
  7. CPU usage seems to be way better than graw1, I've had the TuG server running now for the last 10 hours with 20-30 players on it & the usage hasnt gone above 40% and the mem usage seems to be sitting at around 350-400mb.
  8. Check out my thread started here yesterday: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44750
  9. I've just installed GRAW2 on our dedicated box Unfortunately, there are no example configs supplied or any useful info in the manual about what everything does. Here's how to install a dedicated server. Option 1: Install game on local machine. Install v1.01 patch on local machine. ZIP/RAR GRAW2 install folder & copy to your dedicated server box. Install ageia drivers on server. (graw2_dedicated errored with a crash log because they werent installed) Install registry fix from local machine so that GRAW2 patches know where your GRAW2 is installed on server. Option 2: Upload contents of DVD to server & run the installer. Install ageia drivers on server. (graw2_dedicated errored with a crash log because they werent installed) Install v1.01 patch on server. Creating a config template: Load graw2 on local PC, goto create server screen, select dedicated - then add maps, change settings to suit for each gametype. (There is no 'save settings' button as the manual suggests. The file will however be created once you start changing settings.) Goto graw2 install folder, find 'settings' folder, find the 'dedicated_game_info.xml' - file. Edit the file as required. Upload to the server in the 'settings' folder. Run 'graw2_dedicated.exe' to start the server. Setting the Admin Password - 2nd line of the XML file should be: <game_info admin_password="adminpw" internet_server="true" internet_speed="1800"> ********** If everything went well - you should have a server online. It took me about 30 minutes of head scratching & messing about on the client side to figure out what to do. Now, here's the poo part..... 1. There is no 'logs' folder & XML files arent created for each round played - why not? (Did I miss something?) This was a great feature in GRAW1 & it really needs to be in GRAW2... (TGPSP FTW!) 2. There doesnt seem to be anyway to load other configs from within the console, or to save configs as with GRAW1 - I cant see any cmds to change the gametype either. Hopefully the nice fellas at GRIN will give us a proper server cmd & setup guide soon. One nice feature is the ability to take a remote screenshot of any of the players in-game & have it saved on the server, however, this is a bit broken & useless as the file is saved in the format - screenshot_xx.xx.xx.xx_00.jpg - where xx.xx = the players IP address. Unfortunately, you have no idea which screenshot belongs to which player as you cant see the IP's of connected players anyway. - Suggestions #1 Add the player name along with the IP address to the filename. alternatively Create a screenshot.log file which logs all screenshots taken - date/time - player IP - player gamename - cd key hash, etc & then serialise the screenshot files. We could then keep better track of which screenshot belongs to which player. - Suggestion #2 List the player IP's when you type 'list' to get the player ID. - Suggestion #3 Add logging of round stats back into the game. (unless I missed something & they are present) Tired now & off to bed for a cry... :rollseyes: Edit #1: Updated steps above, spelling/grammar, etc. Edit #2: Added info on Admin password setting. Edit #3: Tidy up & reformat of install info.
  10. Sorry guys, but I'm only responsible for the European side of things for GR:AW2 - I'll try & get the guys responsible for the North American side of GR:AW2 to get something together.
  11. TeamWarfare League (TWL) is pleased to announce our European Recon vs Assault Tournament for Ghost Recon:Advanced Warfighter 2, supported by Ubisoft & Rackage Servers. The tournament format will feature the exclusive new PC game-mode Recon vs Assault. Tournament sign-ups will be opening approx 2 weeks after the release of the game, with the projected start date being the 2nd week of August. Thanks to Rackage Servers, we have a fabulous 1st place prize of a 32 Slot GR:AW2 Server for 3 months located in their London datacentre. Ubisoft have also stepped up to support us, with some great GR:AW branded T-shirts & Mousemat/USB hub combos. If we find anymore willing sponsors then the prize pool will be expanded accordingly. Team sizes are expected to be 5v5, with space for 32 teams across 8 divisions, with 4 teams per division. The tournament format will be single elimination through the group stages, with the final 8 teams progressing to the finals. (We are still deciding if these should be single or double elimination format.) The tournament discussion thread is now live over on TWL, located - here - where you can discuss all things tournament related. The rules are still being worked on, and we do appreciate feedback via the forums. I'll also be announcing updates to the tournament set-up in the linked thread. The main tournament page can also be found - here- - where you can find out how to sign-up (when the time comes), who the sponsors are, what the prizes will be, what the play schedule will be, what teams have signed up, how the brackets are shaping up & most importantly what the rules will be. I'll be updating the tournament page over the next week or 2, so check back often for updates You can also contact me via email - beaver@teamwarfare.com - and can also find us (me) on IRC in the #twl_gr channel on the irc.gamesurge.net network. Note: This tournament is currently open to European Teams only.
  12. While we're on the subject of ladders/leagues, just to let you know that as with all the GR series, TeamWarfare League (TWL) will be offering ladders for GRAW2. The public GRAW2 forum is up and running here: http://www.teamwarfare.com/forums/forumdis...asp?ForumID=468 I'll also be making an announcement tomorrow evening on here about the tournament which we are hosting too....
  13. Nice - we're actually working on a program/method to do the auto-ftp thing at the moment.
  14. ** UPDATE - v1.02 Release - 14/06/2007 ** Release info & file here: TGPSP - v1.02 Released All feedback via the official support forum please. Enjoy.
  15. There should be a new version released later tonight which addresses the php4/php5 issues.
  16. ** UPDATE: v1.01 Released ** Release info & file here: http://www.tugteam.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6167 All feedback via the official support forum please. Enjoy.
  17. Brief update... Small bug found with the dbsetup.sql - I forgot to set mysql4 compatility mode when exporting the table structure, so if you have mysql4 - the table create wont work. However, theres a new dbsetup.sql file attached to the release thread on our forums & the main release ZIP has been updated. Sorry about that. Also, we will be releasing a small bug fix version on wednesday evening at 6pm UK time - for some other minor issues. We'll be monitoring the official support forum all day tomorrow (13th) for other issues. Thanks.
  18. ** UPDATE #3 - Wednesday 13th June 2007 - 00:14 ** Good new boys & girls, after spending the last 2 hours updating the readme, we are pleased to announce that the stats package is now officially released. You can find it for download over on our forums here: http://www.tugteam.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6161 Rocky will be putting up an Official Mirror here at gr.net shortly. A very BIG thanks to .TuG.brok21k for all his hard work over the last couple of months getting the code sorted.
  19. ** UPDATE #2 - Tuesday 12th June 2007 ** Thanks for the feedback so far on the install guide - I've made a few changes to make it a little clearer. ------------------------ Note: One thing I do want to stress though, is that it will not be a '(Complete) IDIOTS' guide. Whoever is installing it for your clan should have some knowledge of how web hosting works, how to create a db, upload files, etc. ------------------------ I've done a complete fresh install of the stat files on my own server, following the guide & imported about 130 XML log files from all the GR:AW1 matches that .TuG. has played over the last year against such teams as - WD13th, SweX, vU, BPR..... You can see the import here: http://www.tugteam.com/index.php?page=graw-match-stats What this basically means is that we have the stats installed twice on our server, using different databases to track different things. The good news is that everything appears to be working as expected, so we should be releasing the files either later this evening or tomorrow.
  20. As i;ve said in a few other places on here - TeamWarfare (TWL) - www.teamwarfare.com - will be offering ladders for GR:AW2 on release, jsut as we have done with all the GR series of games over the last 6 years. TWL GR:AW2 forums are linked below for feedback from the community about exactly what types of ladder/league you may want to play. http://www.teamwarfare.com/forums/forumdis...asp?ForumID=468 We're also just sorting out the details for a release tournament (with some nice prizes I hope). oh & my own team - TuG - will be playing at TWL.
  21. ** UPDATE #1 - Sunday 10th June 2007 ** I have finally finished the Install & Set-up Guide html file for the stats package & would like some feedback on its content & ease of understanding. The work-in-progress install guide is here: http://www.tugteam.com/grawstats/tug_graw_...ats_readme.html and I would appreciate feedback via our official support forum listed in the guide. Thanks. P.S. We've pretty much finished everything for the initial release & may need to make some minor adjustments once we do our test imports. Fingers crossed it should be available in the next day or so.
  22. ... Ive installed teamspeak and ventrilo. Joined in on BADS teamspeak some times, nice, but I can't join them on a GR game since my Island thunder CD is broken, and I cant get hold of it...(dont want a post order since my wife will get angry ....) I play graw online in the evenings but i never found a ts server that hosts GRAW, and the exact game I joined ..... That's why i'd like to join a clan, it is way esier to pick your games when you know who is online when.... You should come join us on the TuG Teamspeak - we're heavily into GR:AW & run a nice dedicated server as you know along with playing alot of competitive matches in GR:AW1 & will be We're started off as a UK based team, but we have members from all over europe - sweden, germany, holland, denmark, and a few others. Website: www.tugteam.com - come join the forums & say hello & we'll get you on TS with us.
  23. Hi Guys, Was just wondering if there is any call for a Power (Pick-up/Scrim) Ladder to be set-up at TeamWarfare (TWL) for the GR:AW2 Demo. I do realise that the server functionality is somewhat limited at the moment, but it seems good enough to host some small friendly (3v3 - 5v5 pick-up/scrim) matches if your connection can handle it. If you do want to try out playing some matches, then I'd be happy to set-up a ladder on TWL so we can see how things work out. When the Full game is released in about 21 days, we'll definately be opening some Ladders/Leagues & running a release tournament too. In the meantime - feel free to check out the GR:AW2 forums on TWL here: http://www.teamwarfare.com/forums/forumdis...asp?forumid=468 Thanks.
  24. Yes it will have dedicated server files, when the FULL game is released - how difficult is that to understand? The amount of people winging about SADS files is beyond a joke - GRIN have stated several times in several places that there will be SADS files available when the game is released. At no point did they say there would be DEMO SADS files released when the demo is released. Oh & for those guys in AUS/NZ/ASIA - I do feel for you and I guess it was just a small oversite not to have demo servers in your region. Make love not war!!
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