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  1. I think you'll find that TeamWarfare (TWL) definately are a GR:AW2 ladder, and we've been supporting the GR series of games since 2002, through GR, GR:AW1 & now GR:AW2, we have had well over 1000 matches played over the years along with a huge number of teams taking part for the GR series. TWL as a whole has been around for over 5 years, now with over 640,000 registered users, over 41,000 reported league matches, over 440,000 reported ladder matches, over 98,000 reported 1v1 matches, across a 100 different games. ...and lets not forget the countless release tournaments that we've run over the years, giving away thousands of $$ worth of prizes in the process. Right now we're very busy ramping up our competition for GR:AW2 across North America & Europe. Before making such sweeping statements in the future, why not do some research 1st.
  2. The 3rd & final part is now online at the TuG Forums. I'm also working on the next part of the logging to see if I can also pull out the players CD key HASH that is used when banning. This would allow retro-active banning of a player using their Name/IP/Key Hash just by editing the bans XML.
  3. Yep, thats where I got the idea from & finally found the old tools kicking around on a cd from 2004. part 3 should be posted tonight.
  4. Part 1 & Part 2 are now online, final part 3 will be up shortly.
  5. I'd say completely wrong website too rocky.....
  6. Why dont you try looking over on the TWL forums and reading through a few of the threads there?
  7. Hopefully there will be no need for the following workaround to record PlayerNames to IP's on your GRAW2 servers once the GRIN guys have fully fixed the dedicated server files and added in some logging functions of their own to record joining player names, ip's & cd key hashes, along with any screenshot info we end up taking. Those who ran old GR servers will be familiar with the method of using ngrep & winpcap to capture specific packets on a specific port and output. I've set up a seperate forum on the TuG Team site, in which I'll be posting later today with full details on the required programs needed, and how to set everything up. GR:AW2 IP/Name Logging Discussion Forum @ tugteam.com Obviously you will need full remote access to your server to set this up, so those renting hosted servers with just FTP/Control Panel access wont be able to set it up, unless they talk nicely with their GSP. Example format of the processed data: We have date/time & client server IP, along with the player name. I've obscured my own client IP, the 2nd IP = server
  8. I'll see if I can get the ban info added to the official servers for this guys. oh & if everyone here who runs a server adds this guy to their ban list, he's not going to have anywhere to play with his hacks unless he buys a new game.
  9. What happened to the IP? I'd like to know what it is so I can do a little research. If anyone remembers the old method from [GR] of using winpcap to capture the ip's/names of people joining the server, I'm looking into doing a similar thing if we dont end up with proper server logs from the GRIN guys in a future patch. All hail the way CS:S logs, I'd love if we had something like that in GR:AW2. As for GRIN & PsB working together, i'd say thats a pretty mute point as its EvenBalance that develops punkbuster, not psb (they are just a repository). Unless UBI (or GRIN) stepped up and contracts with EB to have it integrated into the game, then there's not much to work with.
  10. YATATSTAB!! (You work it out) TeamWarfare.com (TWL) has already opened up its GR:AW2 ladders (Power Ladder) where you can play any gametype/maps you can agree upon. Check out the public graw2 forums here: http://www.teamwarfare.com/forums/forumdis...asp?ForumID=468 Ladder list here: (Click Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 to expand the list) http://www.teamwarfare.com/ladderlist.asp
  11. You just being out played, not hacked against. If you played GRAW1, you'd know that you can be shot through 'some' walls, fences with the larger caliber weapons, just as in real life.
  12. ** 23rd July 2007 - Tournament Update - Delayed for a few weeks. ** Unfortunately, due to there still being some bugs within the dedicated server files (small memory leak & crashing) & the lack of a full set of console admin commands, I have no choice but to delay the sign-ups for the tournament until the next patch is released. Sorry everyone, I'll update again once the GRIN guys are back from holiday & we see whats being worked on for the next patch.
  13. registry fix for remote dedicated servers. If you are just copying your local client folder onto your dedicated server, then you wont be able to properly run any patches on the dedicated box as the registry keys telling the patch which version you currently have installed & where the files are installed will be missing. I've linked a .reg file below which is taken from my dedicated server in london. You can open it up with a text editor and then see the important "InstalledPath" key, which shows where the GR:AW2 files are installed. Just edit this key with your path on your server. The other important key is the version key. This tells the patches which version your install currently is. Registry Fix: GRAW2-REG-FIX.REG
  14. Yes, some of it was, but all the other crap about SLi & graphics cards wasn't - thanks to the mods for cleaning up the thread & much love to everyone else.
  15. How about you guys STOP hijacking my thread for discussions about other stuff? If there's a moderator in the house, then please merge out the items NOT related to the initial post. thanks.
  16. TeamWarfare League (TWL) has some GR:AW2 ladders open already, so go sign up. We're also going to be hosting a tournament starting the next few weeks. The GR:AW2 forum over on TWL is here: http://www.teamwarfare.com/forums/forumdis...asp?ForumID=468 While the list of supported games/ladders is here: http://www.teamwarfare.com/ladderlist.asp If there are specific ladder types required, then let us know via the forum over there.
  17. It's SpeakEasy. But I didnt want to give them any advertising as I'm currently working for another voice comms provider.
  18. Dear GRAW2 Modders, We - The Unknown Ghosts (TuG Team) are currently looking to recruit some modders who are interested in joining a long standing Ghost Recon Series Team ([GR] since 2001, GR:AW1 & now GR:AW2) who are looking to create some quality Maps, Missions & Stuff for GR:AW2. We are mainly based in the UK, but have players from all across the world, including: Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Israel. Our vision is to create some good competitive maps for ladder play and to create some cool, exciting & fun maps and missions for Coop play. What can we offer? Well, we have the resources to support a modding team, vBulletin forums with integrated Project Tools, lots of web space, comms, access to our dedicated server for public beta testing & most importantly, an existing group of hardcore, eager GR players to help play-test, give feedback & ideas. If your interested, then please come and sign up on our forums over at - www.tugteam.com Thanks.
  19. To clear things up for everyone. There is no integration of TS with GR:AW2, period. This is just a cross-marketing excercise with a Voice Comms rental company, so you the player get some free TS2 time to talk with your friends while in-game (if you dont already have your own clan voice comms server). What they (the voice comms company) is hoping for, is that after the initial free period, you'll then pony up some $$ to rent a voice server from them.
  20. I've been testing the remote screenshot feature on the TuG server over the last week or so and have found a few issues with corrupted screens - only half saved, etc. I doubt its anyone 'hacking' but I'd wager that there are still several bugs in the screenshot code & possibly with certain configs of gfx card/drivers. A blank or corrupted screenshot does not a cheater make! oh & I forgot to say that its not a port issue on the server as we dont run a firewall at all on our box, there's just no need.
  21. Its funny you should post this today... I'm going to put a full post up later when I got home from work saying that .TuG. is looking for some modders to join the team so we can get to work on some new maps, missions & coop stuff, when the editor finally hits. I have all the resources to run a modding project at my disposal - nice vb forums, along with integrated project tools to keep track of project progress, lots of webspace, & a dedicated server.
  22. Honestly, I'd say it only needs a couple of minor tweaks to make it completely match ready. Obviously this is something that I'm interested in from a TWL stand-point for matches and tournament play. The major problem is not being able to load configs - so you'd have to keep swapping out the dedicated_game_info.xml file on the server every time you wanted to use the match config - which is just not practical.
  23. Well, you need to be posting on the TWL GR:AW2 forums, not here are gr.net.
  24. No, this has been answered already in the Dedicated Server Setup/Feedback thread & we have asked for it to be included per graw1. The 'search' option is your friend.
  25. On your client machine, fire up 'regedt32' and goto: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Ubisoft/Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigther 2 You'll find the install path info, etc. Just export that whole folder to a .reg file & then run it on your server box. Obviously this assumes you have GR:AW2 installed in the same folders on the client & server. You can edit the patch in the .reg file with a text editor if needed. Hope that helps.
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