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  1. Very nice. This makes me want to revist the old TuG GRAW server stats code and get it updated to support GRAW2 properly, but work & life keeps getting in the way!!
  2. I applied just now and got an email confirmation through to say that i am on the WAITING LIST!
  3. The first release from me in what should become a series of maps inspired by some classics from the [Ghost Recon], which was the game that kick started the TuG clan off back in 2002. Map Name: [TuG] CP04 Island Village Author: TuG.Beaver Description: Based on the original CP04 Island Village map from the Island Thunder expansion pack for Ghost Recon. Original Map Overlay: http://www.trs-gaming.com/downloads/tugtea...nal-overlay.jpg Screenshots: http://www.trs-gaming.com/downloads/tugtea...eenshot0000.jpg http://www.trs-gaming.com/downloads/tugtea...eenshot0001.jpg http://www.trs-gaming.com/downloads/tugtea...eenshot0002.jpg http://www.trs-gaming.com/downloads/tugtea...eenshot0003.jpg Download in-game via the MAP COMMUNITY section or alternatively from TuG Team website. While this isn't an exact replica, nor should it be, I think it follows the spirit of the map! [Edit: Oversize images changed to URL's - FORUM RULE 3.14 ]
  4. Dont worry rocky - I will - should have something for you this weekend hopefully.
  5. We at TuG are in the process of making some maps too - we're doing remakes of some old Ghost Recon classics and I cant believe how close you can get. Will be posting my own threads up shortly with each map release, including some screenshots and dl details etc. We are so far working on: CP04 Island Village - 99% complete and play tested - just needs some minor tweaks. Author: Beaver D03 Train Depot - 50% complete - the whole train yard area is finished, now working on the upper tent camp. Author: Beaver DP01 Stronghold - 85% complete. Author: JJUK DP03 Creekbed - 99% complete and play tested - just needs some minor tweaks. Author: JJUK Am totally loving the editor for ease of use too.
  6. It was absolutely awesome fun playing this, both in testing and in the final release we did. The map-pack we used just seemed like they were made for the mod - although they were some old R6 maps! Bank was the most fun with shotguns
  7. Good news Rocky, after going through a stack of about 40 old cd's/dvd's I finally found all the old dev stuff we did for this mod back in 2003/2004! Below are links to the Mod & the MapPack which we used to play with it. Cops N Robbers Mod - here Cops N Robbers MapPack - here Let me know once you have both saved off & I'll remove them from their temp dl location.
  8. I've set-up the TuG Team GRAW2 server as a deciated coop mission test server with Tinkers test pack installed. Server Name: TuG Team - Tinkers COOP Missions I've included all the [GR]/FF/Defend maps in Day & Night variations. This is version C of the test pack. @Tinker - hope you dont mind that I mirrored the dl for 'c' on TuG Team, even though its not posted here yet!
  9. Bump indeed. was a while ago I said I'd look - will try & find it in my vast back cat of cd's in the stack. Have the whole week off next week, so plenty of time to search!
  10. I see my post was deleted although I was only explaining that the original poster (deko147) info was outdated and old. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...8188&st=15# I was putting into context when that info was released. He needs to go edit his original post and state that, because its out of context otherwise.
  11. I doubt it very much - too little, too late unfortunately. No doubt we'll dl the patch when it comes, check the new content, then go back to playing CoD4, Crysis & UT3.
  12. Just thought I'd let you guys know that the TWL Euro COD4 forums are now open and the cod4 admins are looking what types of ladder to put up. TWL CoD4 Forum: http://www.teamwarfare.com/forums/forumdis...asp?forumid=561 TuG are looking to play there & we've seen a few GR:AW teams in our servers too, so hopefully you'll come play too.
  13. We'll probably end up with 3 to 4 servers covering all bases. Just need to figure out the massive configs - more of which I'll post about in a seperate thread. Now that IW seems to be fixing the Master Server issues, people can actually get a chance to play and find out what its all about. Obviously the gameplay with unlimited respawns is alot faster than GR/GR:AW, but I believe the majority of people in clans who will be playing COD4 competitavely somewhere like TWL, will be playing a slower, more tactical game. For example, the Sabotage game-mode rocks on unlimited respawns/hardcore with a full 32 players for sheer fun & in your face pwnage, but slow it down with 1 or 2 respawns - drop the players per side to say 8v8 and it becomes a whole different tactical beast. I read somewhere on a forum recently someone described cod4 as "...a cross between cod1/2 & ghost recon:advanced warfighter", which I think is pretty fair. Edit: forgot to post that if you want to check your/any cod4 server is being picked up by the master servers correctly, then head over to: http://stats.callofduty.com enter your server IP & see what you get.
  14. Thanks for the feedback - I was monitoring last night for a few hours and both servers managed to get up to 10 or more players. The server browser I believe has a couple of bugs I believe which sometimes shows the servers offline, even though they are alive.
  15. For those of you who already have the game - I have a couple of test servers up & running on our dedicated box in London. I'm attending i32 LAN in Newbury UK this weekend & picking up COD4 there and will be doing some testing of the server settings etc over the next 5 days or so. Please check out the servers & see if you can join them, etc. Details: #1 - TuG Team [London] - Ranked - IP: #2 - TuG Team [London] - Snipers Revenge - IP: Please leave some feedback on the TuG Team forums if needed. Thanks.
  16. Today is a very sad day, for the 1st time in approx 5 years TuG wont be running a GR series server. I'll be shutting off our GR:AW2 TuG Team [London] Server this weekend. We've been there since GR, through GR:AW1 & now GR:AW2 and have enjoyed it a hell of a lot. A big thanks to all those who've played on our various GR servers over the last 5 years. Sadly for us, GR:AW2 is just about dead - we just dont have the enthusiasm that we once did to play it. UBI has had a patch for approx 4 weeks now & have done nothing with it - they just dont seem to care anymore. Fear not though, as we will be putting up some shiny new CoD4 Servers in the next 2 days (Ranked & Modded), so please come and check us out on those. We also hope to put up a Crysis server when its released aswell. Thanks! P.S. If UBI ever does decide to release a patch for GR:AW2 in the distant future, then we'll take a look at it & see if its worth returning.
  17. We are pleased to announce that the GR:AW2 European 5v5 Hamburger Hill is now open for challenges via your admin panels. (Team Founders/Captains) This is a scheduled rung based ladder and challenges cannot be declined. Please ensure that you read the "Rung Ladder General Rules" section of the ruleset which explains in detail how the ladder & challenge system works. Also ensure that you & your team members read the current ladder ruleset which can be found here: GR:AW2 EU 5v5 HH Ladder Ruleset You should also download the official TWL GR:AW2 EU HH Match server config from our downloads section here: GR:AW2 Downloads If you have any queries or questions about the ladder, then they can be addressed directly to the ladder admin - JASGripen - via email: jasgripen@teamwarfare.com - or via our GR:AW2 public forums here: TWL GR:AW2 Public Forum or alternatively, via the IRC channel #twl_gr on the GameSurge IRC Network (irc.gamesurge.net) Those teams not yet signed onto the ladder can do so as soon as they like, just create a new user profile if you dont already have one, create a team, join the ladder, then have all you clan members join TWL & then join your roster. Once you have a minimum of 4 players on your roster, you can then start making challenges via your admin panels. See you on the battlefield soldier!
  18. We are pleased to announce the v1.0 release of the TuG Defend game-mode for GR:AW2. Another co-op gamemode from .TuG.Tinker for your enjoyment. You must Defend The Smoke from attacking enemies. MiniMap: OFF / Team Markers: OFF This v1 release includes 2 Maps, which are: The Cut The Park Download via our 'Downloads Section': Downloads 29/09/2007 - v1.0 - Initial Release. Thanks & enjoy! The TuG CO-OP [London] Server has been updated with this new release. Note: Please remove the old the_cut & park bundles to avoid any conflicts.
  19. Mik, Not sure what your alluding to, but it probably doesnt belong in this thread. Why not drop me a pm with some follow up info please.
  20. Jump over on our forums and we'll sort it out there, this isnt the place. And to the rest of you. Our community spirit is there and always has been, otherwise we wouldnt provide public servers for people to play on, or spend alot of our time creating maps/mods, etc for the community to play. Its only fair to ask someones permission if you can use their work in your own mods isnt it? I shouldnt have to log onto gr.net and chance upon a thread talking about using the maps that we've created in another mod without 1st being contacted about it.
  21. Sorry, but you may not use any of the TuG maps in any mods without gaining our permission first. If you've already included any in your beta download, then you must remove the dl & remove the maps from the bundle.
  22. Thanks ringpull, we do try and make things that we hope the community will like.
  23. Check the height setting of the spawn - you set that too high & you'll 'drop in from the heavens'.
  24. Search is your friend young padawan. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...c=46902&hl=
  25. Theres currently no way to do this unless the nice fellas at grin can code it into the server.
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