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  1. Oh yes. At last I feel like I can see an oasis in a desert. @ Brainman2k. Your english is fine matey infact probably better than mine. any way where was I.. Oh yeah I remember now. Oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!!! bring it on. doh! can't wait..... oh where is it?.... I can't wait.
  2. I've just had to rebuild my PC, Once I had it running properly I made it a priority to download a bucket load of GR Mods when I came across a new map that I'd not seen before. As I rememberd we were discussing good sniper maps on this thread I though I'd come & mention this one. "The Dam" It's quite demanding on the hardware side of things but it's a great example of the size of map where snipers really could have more realism & still have an advantage. Besides I think it's a great map & worthy of checking out anyway. word of waring though you doo need a good spec PC to appriciate this map which is probably why Red Storm never created anything this big.
  3. Same here. If it's any help I have a Kensigton optical mouse & the scroll wheel has never worked on GR. Works everywhere else but nothing on GR. I messed about with drivers & settings etc but in the end gave up & used keys insted. If you do find the cure please post back with your solution & in the meantime I might try & update my drivers now 18mths has gone by & see if that helps
  4. I've only read about 50% of the posts on this thread so If I'm repeating anything I appologies. I like alot of the idea's that have been mentioned especialy holding breath & bipods that steady the shot etc. however personally I think taking the realisim much further could kill any advantage of snipers & eventualy the soul of GR. The Main problem at the moment is map size, this causes a couple of problems. The maps are to small for any distance where wind & gravity would have much of an effect. Add to that the mist which restricts vision further, your lucky to get a clear shot for more than 200m. At this distance a rifle (OICW/SA80/M4) is very accurate & has a quicker recoil/reload etc. so a rifleman/demo has an advantage already. If a sniper had to work out wind etc. they would be seriously disadvantaged. there are a few maps that do have good sniper potential but only a few so the maps would need to be huge to really give snipers a better advantage which could then have more realism added to even it up. Snipers in the Real world I belive spend a long time getting to a preplanned position, stay there along time being undetected before they risk there first shot & advertising there presence. If you had to do this I feel it would spoil the pace of GR. GR at the moment has the game play balance just about right, fast but stealthy tactical & skillfull etc. can't fault it realy & although I'd love more realism I don't want the pace of game changed. I hope that made sense
  5. How many tanks??? the BOOM missions have a almost humours number of tanks & the Tangos are plenty & armed to the teeth with rocket launchers, Sniper rifles heavey support weapons. Basicaly great fun although You need a good server & connection to play it well otherwise it will be a lagg fest. Have fun
  6. Patriot+SD made some good points so I won't repeat too much but I would like to add a couple of other things to think about. 1) Whats there ethos, How do the feel about things like cheating, spawn killing, camping, nade spamming abusive language etc. although nearly all clans are anti cheating those other issues vary alot. 2) how much commitment does the clan require & are they flexible. 3) Are they Noobie friendly & play for fun or only play to win. To be honest all those points should be fairly obvious after you've visited & browsed there websites but the thing you must do is pop in on there server & play with them a few times to see if you gell with them. It's only then that you'll really know if there a group your gonna make freinds with & enjoy battleing with. I'd put this down to one or all of these reasons. 1) Your new to online GR & even if you've mastered Single play you will struggle with experienced online gamers because they know the spawn zones, The good spots to check & camp, The frequently used routes etc. but you don't yet. Don't worry if you can relate to this that will soon change with experience. 2) the clan your playing with will be useing voice communication & will know what each other are doing & going to do so they can form a structured attack. 3) They've been playing alot longer. Don't worry you'll soon catchem up Hope that helps matey Good luck & I hope you find a clan that fits. Feel free to check our clan. TAW Website
  7. We're recruiting at the moment also. Pop in on our website & see if you like what we do. Taw Website Hope to c'ya around
  8. Cheers Guys It looks like the correct answer is B.5 or as Sleeper said. & cheers SI-Prozac I might take you up on that offer. a couple more questions though, I had a bit of fun with Igor last night & was suprised how easy it is to use on a basic level but. 1) I was wondering if there were any good tutorials around for at a more advance level. 2) Is there an easy way to preview (visualy) the actors. I'm guessing you might need 3d Studio max but Just incase. the problem is when I script a mission I have ideas about every element that I wish to place but I have a plethora of actors to choose from & finding the one I'm after could take a couple of days. Cheers
  9. hi Folks I'm planning on getting my finger out my butt & creating my own missions/campaigns. However as I don't have 3d Studio max I would love to pinch/beg & borrow other peoples 3d models (basically to expand the choice of models I have to play with) So I'm wondering what the score is because I don't want to upset/insult any of you talented guys & I'm sure it could be quite tricky to find the right creator especially if I want to use something from a big project that had many people working on it. So do I a) Use what I want when I want & only appologise when found out. b) Do everything in my power to contact & request permission before I even look at Igor. c) Use what I like but if I'm planning on making it available to the GR Community make sure I give credit to the right peeps. d) go out & buy 3d Studio max & create my own. I'm guessing & hopeing C is the right answer but I thought I'd ask you guys first.
  10. Nice work Chems I'm looking forward to downloading it & giving it a pasteing tonight & just for the record I quite liked the M4 armoury as well & never had a problem with it.
  11. I'm not sure of the exact breakdown but I did a lil research a few months ago & was plesantly suprised to see that the GR Series was a huge financial success, second only to "Spliter Cell" which tells me only a baaafoooon would not pursue such a dead cert. Now because there has been no news, hints, confirmation/information on GR2 I believe the reason has to be one of these 3 options. 1) They are genuine bafoons & have no business sense what so ever. 2) GR is still a great cash cow & confirmation of a GR2 on the horizon at this point in time would seriously damage current I.T. & J.S. sales. (not on PC obviously) 3) There too busy tied up on ther projects at the moment to realise that if they don't do something soon they run a serious risk of loosing the bulk of there passionate GR following. I'm hopeing option 2 is correct although the other alternatives are quite possible. If it is brought out on a console first it would only be marketing issues that would prevent it from being brought out on the other console & PC soon after. Once the missions, Maps & Skins have been created the bulk of the work is done & converting it to the other platforms (although always a debugging nightmare) shouldn't be too tough espacially as X-box is basicaly a modified/specialised PC. anyway thats my 5c
  12. It happens to me whenever I try loading a saved game. Quick save or no quick save. & yes I have DS & IT installed & activated. & yes it happens everytime I try And open a HX5 saved game.
  13. I belive you can alter the damage model in Igor however it wouldn't make the game harder. Because the damage model is generic for the tangos & Ghosts. So the Tangos would be come harder to kill but so would you. Although altering the settings might help Stewy get his screen shots it wouldn't make it harder for Cobblers. If you want it harder you need to try the mods that have more tango's & better equiped tangos. like the insane Boom mods. or if they're to intense try Postcards from Peru & Saveing pilot Ryan. They have a great balance as well, there tough with more tangos better placed. there are somanymods I want to recommend & most of them are tougher than the official packs.
  14. To -[NCM]- .:Nightmare:. being a fellow GR lover could you answer these qestions for me. 1. Whats the balance of gameplay like? 2. In FPS is there a gun graphic & if there is can I turn it off? 3. How's the realisim, I noticed one review say take lots of medi kits which made me think powerups. cheers any other thoughts would be cool. but I like the look of it so far.
  15. Stewy wrote: Where the hell you been looking buddy??? I live in the south of England & IT & DS are stil freely available new & second had here? back to the topic though true, JS is old news & is a poke i the ribs to the loyal GR PC community however I'm still a believer that GR2 is being secretly worked on & kept hush hush because confermation of GR 2 would kill the GR1 cash cow thats still very much alive on the consles. edited: Here's a couple of mail order places that still have stock of IT & DS That are instock. & for a fee I do belive that they do send internationaly order PC Island Thuner @ play.comDesert Seige at amazon.co.ukIsland Thunder at Amazon.co.uk Also Just for the record Amazon.com also have all three in stock at time of this post. Actually everywhere I've looked has got them
  16. I thought I'd add a couple of screen shots to give you an idea of what I'm on about: & &
  17. hmmm Difficult one. See the thing is I'm comfortable & enjoy all of them. & depending on what map is chosen & Game type? if it's a built up one with reasonable CQB then I go for Demo, if it's a huge map with cover then I like Rifleman or Sniper. & now I've finally mastered the art of properly useing a support guy I sometimes like to use them as well but I must admit support is my least favorite. So I guess it's Rifleman & Demo joint first then Sniper following closely behind & then Support 4th. Soooo I guess I'll go for Demo. (just because it's in alphanumeric order)
  18. Could this be War of Infamy & then some? A friend of mine knowing I'm a GR Junky told me about "hidden and dangerous 2" he assures me that theres no bunny hopping Or medi pack boosts & discribed it as a tactical FPS. Basicaly it sounded very much like WOI but obviously with a new engine etc. I must admit it does sound like it could be cool I might distract me from GR (or suppliment more like) So I was wondering what you fellow GR lovers thought. Have you tried it? What did you think? etc. here's a link to the officila website if you've not heard of it before. http://www.hidden-and-dangerous.com
  19. What are you trying to do to me ? I already have 4 Gigs worth of mods & now I've got to download this one Good job guys my wife's gonna hate you. Who needs a GR2 when You talented modders are churning out quality stuff like this. Keep it up & I look forward to giving it a thrashing. Cheers from a very happy GR Junky.
  20. Clearing Buildings hmmm I find a Dyson & a couple of bin liners do the trick for me. You'd be suprised at the amout of crudd that comes out of the carpet. Realy quite frightning really when you think about it. Bugs pooh, Mites etc. Oh Sorry you mean in GR, Well I've not seen a Dyson mod for the Demolitions so I'll try & be serious. I use a combination of all of the above stuff (except I don't use sensors if I can help it) & I found practice help. It's only just now that I've mastered Storming buildings. It was one of my weakest spots for along time but I kind of got the hang of it now. One bit of advice I can add thats not been mentioned though is "Always Check Your Ammo" before you try anything. Theres nothing more frustrating than storming a tango filled Room going Bang click clickety click,
  21. Cheers Zij that would've saved me some time but I enjoyed the experience of finding the stuff myself but "26th April" !!! I was hopeing wishing, dreaming & desperate to find something new but sadly I did not. I have no doubt that you've got an ear to the ground zij so I shall paciently wait for an update " ps. I did say & "lil" investigation
  22. I've just done a lil investigation & just to confirm what supasniper said 1. that report was in a computer Mag called "Computer Games" & was published in november 2002 & ubi confirmed that GR2 was in the concept stage. Unfortunately I couldn't find the article/interview/report but I found many references to it. 2. UBI's 2002/2003 report mention GR2 in a list with a few other titles like : Splinter Cell : shadowStrike. 3. Yeah I remember that artist thing. lmao very funny & true As Ive been looking around I've read some more of there finacial reports & was pleased to see that GR was a real success for them right up with spinter Cell so this makes me think they'd be stupid not to develop a GR2. Theres a masive audience with wallets @ the ready. Also I think there are people out there that know more than there letting on. While I was sifting through a plethora of articles I noticed a lot of "place holder" documents amongst online retailers with dummy documments for GR2 but with no details. This in itself means nothing, but because there were so many of them it makes me think that theres a belief amongst the suppliers that it's in the pipeline. There is one thing that does worry me. Since the finacial report there has been no mention or hint of GR2 even though all the other titles in that same list have long been confiremed. at the end of it all though I'm still confused but my gut feeling is there will be a GR2
  23. ok ok I confess Yes I do often use a SA80 or OICW because in GR they are the best by far for most occasions. I accept that these weapons would be nothing like that in real life but where not talking about real life? were talking about a computer game & in this game these 2 weapons stand out a mile. the other day I was playing war of Infamy & I really enjoyed the basic gear & lack of zoom. Funnily enough I was racking up just as many kills as with an SA80 but I was having to work harder & rely more on instinct. Because of that I enjoyed it more. So I say yeah Level the playing field, Get the weapon models accurate to there true performance & ditch zoom on guns without a scope. It might make it harder but it'l sort the men from the boys & be more rewarding
  24. 100% here Why so confident? 1) If there isn't a GR2 I'm gonna Cry, Sell my computer & be really cross so I'm in denial. 2) GR is the best game on the market for me & nothing else comes close & Da-Rat it right there is no other thats simular. so it has it's own niche. (Something that developers are desperate to find & hang onto) 3) This game has sold well & there is a huge community waiting for GR2 with wallets @ the ready. 4) There's been plenty of time to state that there not makeing one & if there not!!! the longer they leave the announcement the more annoyed there customers are gonna be 5) other things like Anual report & CV info are good evidence Although I'm impaciant & "WANT IT NOW" I Just hope they don't rush it. but take time & do it right. keep the old formula & just improve the weak points & don't make it more appealing for the quake/doom/MOH market. GR is unique I hope they keep it that way.
  25. Well Said Skunk I was going to write an essay on why spawn kills suck but that one statement sums up. although I would like to swap the word "Unplayable" with "Boring" Occasionaly spawn Kills are unavoidable especialy in games like Siege, Defend & possibly in the closeing stages of SAR but to seek out the spawn zone in something like HH is pathetic. "Own the map" my ######. I'm reasonably experieced in GR & can defend the zone & take out a spawn killer within a second of respawning so for me personaly "I can deal with it" but what ###### me off is that spawn killers are detering new players.
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