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  1. HEY Matey Been awhile. My Online gaming is none existant at the moment as my PC's not upto the job at the moment. But lookin at this GR3 makes me think I'll find the insparation to invest. anyhow I won't change the direction of this thread, instead I'll log in & give You guys an update on the TRT forums.
  2. Thanks Great Post. I'm very much looking forwad to this next addition to the series.
  3. well so far I like what I see. Just got to wait for a few honest reviews now
  4. Whooo Hoooo Come on Rocky, Wakey wakey I've not been around since the GR2 cockup due to my CPU giving up & me loosing the heart for online gaming. This report could inspire me to build a new beast. Come on man Wake up!!! I don't care what Time zone your in cheers WK looking forward to it.
  5. I can't link to it but I can confirm from memory that it's true. I remember seeing it a while ago. I also vaguely remember the same report stating that GR was there second most profitable title, only being beaten by Splinter cell which was a surprise at the time because there was only speculation at the time of them even planning a GR2. Anyhow Im happy now cos I've found SWAT4
  6. While Getting annoyed with the lack of info from UBI & being very frustrated with the fact I'm really starting to hate that company but they produce all my favorite games grrrrr I tried out another offering from another comany. & I was truly surprised at the quality & I feel I may possibly have found my Realistic tactical none linear Multiplayer game after all. S.W.A.T. 4 ok it's not a military thing & it hasn't got the Tom Clancy Branding but geeez it's a good game. Replay ability is awsome as well with it's mission editor. It's also nice trying to capture alive the baddies without wasting any civs instead of head shot after head shot. Think of it as what Rainbow6 should've been but wasn't. If you frustrated with UBI I recomend Downloading the 186mb Demo of S.W.A.T. 4 & give that a try. I still love the original GR but S.W.A.T. 4 has definately got my attention. I don't know much about Sierra Entertainment but from first impressions UBI could learn alot from them.
  7. Hooray Something else for us to talk about instead of the usual why is there no news.
  8. This has raised a good point that I hadn't really thought about. Although Cheating suck & does kill the community No mods is a greater sacrifice & I'm with you on that one. Having said that on the few occasions I played on a cheat riddled server I've got very frustrated. I don't think there will ever be a piece of software that could reliably spot the difference between cheats & mod. I don't think this is where the battle needs to be faught. I think the only way this could be done would be to improve the banning. At the momment alot of servers police them selves & share information about cheaters so when the get banned from one for cheating (Useing replays that don't lie) they get banned from aload. But this dosn't bother the cheat too much because theres loads of other servers without such awareness or don't communicate with the others. What needs to be worked on is a bigger deterrant. What I would suggest is this 1) replays wich store additional information for each online character ip or identification/serial number. 2) A central body that can validate if a cheat is being used. (som software tool might also be needed for this. 3) Once someone is proved beyond doubt to be cheating then they are banned from all Servers. I would also like them to be banned from all other UBI game servers aswell but that would probably never happen. Then If someone thought that if they got caught they could never play online again without changing there ISP or reinstalling/rebuilding etc.. I think it would stop alot of people from trying. at the momment if they get banned they just find another server. there's obviously alot more to this but it would work without destroying the Modding community.
  9. calius I'm on that same rollercoaster mate. I'm 4 seats behind you next to that foxy lady with the tatto. Behind the fat guy who just chucked his lunch. Kurtz thats the line that I'm desperately holding onto. But I have to admit my favorite MP style is coop missions & if the Obvectives are spoon fed one at a time this will surely be a bad thing.
  10. Something that was mentioned in one of the pre release interviews was "layering the commands" I understood this to mean you could give multiple commands at once so you could send your guys to a position & hold then suppress then flank etc... Instsead of having to issue each command at the time. am I right or have I miss understood this?
  11. yeah agree. Sure the eyecandy factor is great when blowing stuff up but what I really would like is a maps choke points & dynamics change. Blowing a hole in a wall, taking out a bridge or even just taking out some turkey who thought taking cover in a fuel dump was a good idea.
  12. Ditto When I got the invite I thought then I noticed the date & thought never mind it gets released soon after so...
  13. I was only planning on getting the PC version but with the recent developments & reviews I think I might get Both. I don't think I could wait another 4 or 5 months I want it NOW!!!! gimmee gimmee gimmee
  14. I reckon a couple of you dudes have hit the nail on the head. If it's not a GR fan & applies the usual FPS tactics of run & gun he'll soon get frustrated. Tango's spawning right infornt of you???? come on that sounds to me like he didn't check properly before moving out. I wouldn't worry every other review & reports from true GR fans has come back glowing over the last 6 weeks. (we'll try & forget about the community dischord before that(sorry R.S.E.))
  15. mate thats 8 MP only maps as well as the 15 mission maps & the 1 training map I belive So thats 24 Maps to play MP with. edited ooops!! Didn't notice second page & that this point had already been made.....echo.. echo.. Doh!
  16. @ Tchaikovsky Enemy Kills 32 Head shots 0 ???? Do you work for a Swedish Cheese factory? J/k nice shots & cheers for info Suli. Most encouraging.
  17. I use a MS Strategic commander & have done scince they came out. They work perfectly for FPS & It surprised me they never marketed it that way. Unfortunately the MSCommander has been discontunued & forgotten about so when if finnaly does keel over & die through excessive GR use atlast I now know there is a new gadget thatcan repace it. I'd love to do an A,B or versus test to see which is better though. edited: cos I typed it so bad it looked like I used the Commander to type this lol
  18. Coool Just read it the multiplayer Lone wolf modes sound great. especialy the lone wolf v all
  19. Sweet ok just tell me when do I get my hands on a copy One thing which I took as a gret incouragement was the difference in the screenies when you compare the old original batch to the new ones. The old ones looked very fake and a little cartoonie but know the dulled down the colours, Improved the texturing & blended it all much better, & as another guy said this is for the xbox so on a sweet PC it should be the nads compare to & I just love
  20. cheers for the link EasyCo. Thanks for the correction RR_GRT although now I'm even more confused. I thought the big hush hush wait till the 16th was all about the Land warrior. OK so I must've got the wrong end of the stick there. (nothing unusual about that) I admit I'm not gun expert infact I wouldn't even claim to achieve the dizzy heights of novice. however the gun in this picture dosn't look remotely like any of the guns mentioned so far. It looks to me like some new OICW / XM8 type hybrid. with the peak function not Looking round corners. Could a resident gun expert please explain to me as if I had an IQ on par with George Bush. Thanx
  21. It dosn't look to me like he's useing the land warrior in that picture anyway, cos I though the whole I dea of the LW was you could shoot around corners withoiut exposeing yourself. It looks to me that that ghost is exposing his head. Biro's right they've already stated that the LW will only be in Cat & Mouse, 3 missions & Lone wolf mode. I reckon that that image is just of one of the ghosts useing the peak function which looks sweet to me. I only ever shoot for the head anyway.
  22. The article I think you originally saw I think I also saw it as well a couple of months back. If I remeber rightly it was an xbox magazine stating that there October issue would have a one level demo.
  23. I must confess I'm guilty of adding fuel to the PC info band wagon & I'm sorry :'( I think it was because whenever we asked for PC info we got a "Can't say any more at this stage so wait till the 16th" cryptic reply. usually followed with a wink. But I will now crawl back to my hole & await patiently for PC news whenever that might be. GR2 is looking to be pretty cool & I'm looking forward to it & I like this new toy & the way R.S.E. have thought about the change to MP & have restricted it in a way that adds not spoils the MP game play. Having it only available for missions or Cat & Mouse is perfect. LMAO @ Sart. Light relief, made me laugh & I do care about your bread sticks
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