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  1. I think the feeling is GRIN but UBI You guys at Grin are wooing us by returning to the slower paced tactical game play of the original, Listening to our comments, keeping it real etc.... You guys deserve thanx & I have every confidence that I'm gonna love GRAW when it finally comes out. The frustration comes from keeping us in the dark which I'm sure is UBI's call & it's also the reason most of us dislike UBI. Keep it up GRIN & if you can sneak out any other info updates without the wrath of UBI on your back it's appriciated. anyhow Bo when you've finished & it goes Gold you better get practicing cos I still remember a certain gauntlet has been laid See you on the battlefield
  2. Awsome I am Soooooooooooooooooo Pleased about the minimalistic hud, the old cluttered one was one of my main gripe's about the old early screenies. I love the textures & the lack of red diamonds. I'm really looking forward to this. Thanx Bo for the additional info it does seem that 95% of the GR PC community are now happy bunnies. You can't please every one but I think your very close to it. see how much info helps, the other day everyone wanted to grab there pitch forks because of being kept in the dark. now we get a few screens & Bo is allowed to answer a couple of questions & all is right with the world. Please UBI listen take note & keep us updated.
  3. Graphics: ATI: Radeon® 9800 XT Phew I think I'm ok Ram 1024mb : No probs OS : xp no probs CPU : AMD XP2000 No suprise there, I need to upgrade it anyway as it's old & past it. Only thing is I want to upgrade to a AMD 3200 400mhz fsb as it will fit right into my system but they've become as rare as Rocking horse pooh.
  4. although true & this was probably a main factor to the changes in GR2 however Grins brief from the top dogs at ubi was along the lines of "Do what ever it takes to win the PC fans back" I can't remember the exact quote or by whom but it was quite clear from the out set that UBI were giving GRIN free reign on this. I still have faith
  5. hmmm that date coincides a little to closely to my wife's Birthday. "Shucks - all resturants are fully booked I guess well just stay at home & I'll have a look at this game I happend to find on the way back home from work " nah!!! she'd never fall for that one cos I'm terrible at lying. I guess I'll have to book her into a beauty farm for the week
  6. hmm.. although the Jungle does seem attractive I think it could easily get too familier. & Likewise so could the desert. To add some variety there would have to be some real imagination like maybe rebels holding out in ancient ruins as well as hightech facilities & the usual camps, also caves & tunnel networks etc. Although this could be real cool I'm not 100% sold on that. For me the first GR just had fantastic maps with a good variety of stunning terrain. The wow feeling I got on the first map as I crept up the slope & the sun shone through the trees. ahhh. yes. Frostbite also got the balance right with some great maps. Personally Where ever it's based I'd want a good variety of really rugged terrain. Mountains, lakes, rivers & a real mixture of open grass plains heather & forest. There's loads of european & asian places that fit that criteria. Keep it rugged
  7. I still don't like the red/blue triangles/diamonds etc.. Appart from that it's looking very good indeed. The maps seem huge & very well done, The charcters movement looks very impressive, Fluid & human. on the whole It looks very very good.
  8. Funnily enough I Love GR1 & the ability to swap between squad members but I've been replaying through the original campaigns again recently & this time trying each mission in a different way. When I first played through them I played slow & did the bulk of the work myself as I didn't trust the AI that much but this time I've tried sticking as one guy & approaching the missions differently know I have to TRUST the other guys to hold there position or assault somewhere etc.... OK now sometimes they still do something dumb but what I was suprised to find was I actually enjoyed it more & I had to work hard & think more. I couldn't rely on my own ability but had to set up the situation jus right. Although I love the ability to swap between players & if I had a choice I'd still want that ability I'm happy that this new feature won't spoil it for me. ps another thing which I discoverd is the mp5 isn't as crud as I first thought. useing 2 ghosts armed with MP5's & a high stealth rating to scout out & assasinate was very effective. oh yeah & good list buddhiraja73 I agree with everything except the weapon swap thing.
  9. buddhiraja73 .... Agreed This would be totaly awsome if that kinda damage/reaction model was implemented however I'd be suprised. To get the movement realistic for a healthy soldier is hard enough let alone taking every possible hit & multiple hits into account. Ok you could have one set of animations/AI movements for a guy hit in the leg. What will happen is he will start limping or maybe have to crouch & drag his leg suporting his weight with his arms. then he get hit in the arm or other leg etc.... what I'm trying to say is the number of combinations is massive & even if you narrow it down to something basic to a hit in left leg, right leg, Left arm, Right arm, Neck, Body. Ok thats 6 possible locations you need to cover (I excluded headshot as you should be dead or dazed) which by my calculations is 126. Now multiply the number of animations/AI models movements for a healthy soldier by 127 (126 + 1 for the healthy guy) Now I know the object/Ai model would be designed to work out alot of the combinations itself but I guess I'm just trying to point out it's alot more complicated that it first seems. It is possible but it would take alot of work. anyhow I'd be happy as pig in poo if it was that clever but for now I'd settle for limping & droping the weapon.
  10. I think they said this is reserved for medi-packs. Just kidding... The more I find out about it the more excited I'm getting. Oh yeah bring it on.
  11. Alot of good point been raised here & I agree with 80% of them so I wont repeat stuff however theres one aspect that I don't think has been mentioned which would be my big bug bear & break it for me & that is.... Linear game play & scripted overload. I want to do missions the way I want to completeing objectives in the order that I feel works best. I don't mind the extra objective which might come up due to a change of circumstances but being spoon fed around a map is the mother of all no no's for me. I say give me my brief & let me get on with it
  12. If you find a cure let me know I'm having exactly the same problem. only it started when I was only useing the orignal mods. I installed GR, ds & IT + half a ton of mods ages ago & played em all. then my PC started playing up & I had commitments that meant I couldn't play much so I uninstalled it all. A few weeks ago I decided to play through the campaigns again & guess what... GR original is fine, DS is fine but IT keeps crashing on me. at first I couldn't even start the campain cos it would freeze at the loading screen but I tried turning intro moveies back on & then it started working so I thought cool. problem solved. but whenever I try loading a saved game..... Crash. & my logs are simular to yours. I've now got cheesed off & decided to ignore IT & play some mods instead like Saving Pilot Ryan & Frostbite but heres my log thingy's
  13. Yeah GR1 was a huge step & still nothing compares. I stopped playing Compter games (about 8months agofor awhile because my PC was struggling & needs an update & after the GR2 fiasco I just lost the will to play games. SWAT held my attention for a little while but My PC was struggling too much & although it was the closest thing to what I like in GR it wasn't the same. any how I started looking for a good game & found absolutely nothing that took my fancy. So I thought I'd play through the GR, DS & IT campaigns again. Man it's a good game. Even though it's years old & yes the graphics are looking sub standard now It's still the best game out there by a mile. I'm very much looking forward to Grins offering as it seems to me these guys can see what made GR so fresh & why it stood out from the crowd. Go GRIN
  14. Excelent Idea Tortfeaser & thanks Grin for accepting. Count me in. anytime, anyplace, any map, anywhere. :
  15. I got myself a pair after reading Rocky's review a year or so ago. At the Time I had a Gforce Grphics card that was a bit long in the tooth but I though I'd give it ago. End result was absolutly awsome, GR look absolutly fabulous playing the red square mission was jaw dropping as the breath had depth, Snow flakes come through the screen etc.. Yeah it was awsome. It's also suprising how many other games come to life as well. The problem is I suffered a fps hit which made it awkward at times So I upgraded my graphics card to a much newer better spee radeon card. Unfortunately I've never managed to get them to work again. Even though I have the latest drivers etc... as for the nausea thing. I feel sick when I play any Fist Person Sooter except GR & R6
  16. Big thanx I'll look forward to playing that this weekend
  17. hmmmm Well my first impression was eeeeK but then I thought about it & now Heres my summary of what I feel 1) Smoke trails? take a hike. I don't like them at all 2) the hud would need to be toggable. If it's based on a little screen that flips down I want the ability to flip it out the way. 3) The Blue objective/destination Icon takes up far to much space. Personally I prefer a small descrete compass with a direction marker. but if they just shrunk it & toned it down Id be happier. If it is released with it as is I'd want to turn it off completely. 4) As for the red enemy triangles. hmmm. If they only show if the drone/probe thingy has direct line of sight & the drone/probe thingys can be shot down & you only have a small limited number of them. Then I could live with it. But I agree it should be server switchable probably a bit like a kit restriction. That way they will be helpfull but you can't rely on them adding another tactical element. 5) The red body through the wall is a defnate nono. It's one thnig knowing where some one is but when you can see how there moveing & what position there in!!!
  18. I'm not worried matey I'm embarrased by some of the reactions I've seen around here but I'm not worried. It's funny everyone seems to be asking for more info but as soon as we get some they some members spit there dummy out & start flamming. hmmm I wonder why information isnt free flowing
  19. amen to that. I have to admit I shocked too some members of the PC community reaction to this. It's been clear from the outset that the PC version & xbox version were going to be radicaly different. the xbox version aimed at a more action/run & gun style & the PC was giong to be tactical. I'm still excited about every thing I hear/Read about the new PC GRAW version. keep it up Grin & don't let the ######**s put you down.
  20. Yeah I do believe your right. well atleast theres quite a few that are new to me. I think there mostly Xbox but still GRAW is looking good.
  21. Good find OPSIXDELTA I know it's too early to be cracking open the champaign but after the disappointment of GR2 & frustration of Rainbow 6 I thought UBI would never win me back as a customer. However it's looking like the Boys at Grin seem to have pulled a small miricle out of the bag. So far everything I've read has made me very pleased. The only thing that could make me happier at this point is a release date & mention of a expansion pack.
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