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  1. Good post. Well I can't say too much cos I only have the demo at the moment & My PC runs everything on minimum so the eye candy isn't so good having said that though Theres alot I can tell they did right. open gameplay I can play it how I want to play it. Tension filled, sure I played it with great caution & found it easy so I relaxed then got owned. It does keep you on your toes. Big Well designed maps. & the other stuff you've already mentiond. Theres more but I gtg now so I'll end this here but I can see this game is a worthy return for GR. I'm looking forward to some PC upgrades then giving GRAW a good thrashing for several years. well done grin, Patch the bugs, expand the MP & you've built a winner.
  2. close. Very close It's actually Original GR which includes the 2 expansion packs DS & IT.
  3. yes i know my machine sucks, but you don't need more to play gr don't you... i had a gf mx440 and 300and sumethin' drram yes it's an athlon on the f.e.a.r. box is says that the min. cpu specs are 2.0ghz but it works really fine(90% above 40fps)... graw is coming out for the ps2 is it? ← The AMD xp2000 runs at 1.6ghz the reason it's called xp2000 is because it's the equivilant of the P4 2ghz Frost your CPU is the minimum so you'll be able to run it. Having said that though If you motherboard will take a higher one I'd recommend upgrading your CPU as this is the weakest link in your system.
  4. Scent, smell, or stench? AI don't have a superhuman 360 awareness, so yes, if you're quiet you can sneak up on them an put two quick ones in their neck *THUD* *THUD* (we need a smiley with a silenced Beretta!) ← Stench yeah thats the one I was missing. thanks for the response desmond22 so does GRAW AI have stench awareness? If so I'm in trouble
  5. I'm shure thats a no no. Satisfying as it might be I'm sure theres no use of knives. Other than that I'm sure there will be plenty of sneaky sneaky. Remember the S's Shadow, Silhouette, Sound, Shine hmmm I thought there were 5
  6. LMAO Very funny. I'm having a bad week & you cheered me up. thanks
  7. Yeah what he said Also I think UBI could learn from this & allow other dev teams more freedom in future. It really has been a breath of fresh air to get feedback from the dev team. We know GRIN have been reading these forums & then looking at how they can build the ultimate game for us. Then they come in here, dispell myths, confirm facts & explain why they've done things a certain way. End result is we know that they do give a **** & the community has maximum respect. For me there openess has done more for PR than any ad campaign ever will. Keep it up guys. Respect
  8. Well I think the GRIN crew have answered wisely Yeah I'm really looking forward to this. Everything I've read & seen so far has hits the spot.
  9. Thank Desmond22 for the translation. Just watched the footage & I'm we'll impressed & very much looking forward to getting a copy. this little bit of ingame footage has sold it to me far more than the official trailer. Keep up the good work guys & thanks.
  10. Yeah theres one little thing your missing here & thats the guys at UBI that let go of the reigns & said "Do what ever you've got to do" as part of the brief to GRIN. I'd thank Redstorm for going out on a limb & greating GR1 in the first place, UBI for finally learning from there mistakes & picking a great Dev team & giving them control. (this was where other titles have turned to pooh) lastly it seems that UBI have removed there gagging order order on the dev team so they can pop in say hi which does make a difference. UBI have messed up alot in the past but as long as they learn from the mistakes I'll forgive em. hey heres to the future.
  11. theres a massive difference between the early builds & these new ones. GRIN Have been busy. as for the demo it will help calm me down while I wait for the release
  12. a few Big maps with only a few interiors & some small maps with many interiors gets my vote. I'm sure this is what Grin would've done. To give interiors to every building in a city would be a next to impossible task & would soon end up in a pants online gaming experience (I'm cool with it in sp) It looks to me like GRIN really have considered all the angles,pulled out all the stops & considered most things I'm confident it'll be great.
  13. Does that mean a demo or am i reading /hoping to much into that post?¿ ← I think he means there report/preview is going to be posted in a few days although I could be wrong
  14. I believe Bo said earlier that these effects would not be in GRAW due to the average engagement range. ← yeah I second that, Bo definatley stated a month or more ago that they looked into it but because of the distances involved it woudn't work. I think ultmately it just would've made the game sights appear buggy & frustrating so they ditched it. I'm all for realisim but not at the cost of game play. GR1 had a good balance & I'm sure GRAW will also. Lets be honest the shooting distance would need to be huge to justify it & you'd need some kinda 3d wind-o-meter to give you an idea of direction & strength of wind nah! I'm pleased with there decision
  15. It's not paintball, It looks like an airsoft skirmish to me, I've done a few woodland ones & it's a great laugh. I recommend it. I see your point about the head cam, Shows why the gun appears on the left as well.
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