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  1. Happy Birthday Kaveman

  2. I don't think you will be able to see the effect of the glasses without them. Because of the way it works. Now that I think about it, maybe if someone set's the glasses to make the 3D with colors them maybe if you get those colored 3D glasses from cinemas and such, maybe (and that's a big maybe) you'll be able to see effect. I still haven't found my GR CD i think that with the moving to a new home it got lost, but i'm buying a new graphics card that comes with GR . So far i've been playing operation flashpoint with them, and it's a whole new game again . It's so good, that sometimes I forget to use the mouse to look and just turn my head around. @Pierre30 Saudações de um compatriota
  3. Hmmm i have lights behind me... Gotta try with the lights off... But i have it working with train simulator and now i can see the problem. The problem was convergence, i have to play with that a bit to get it right. But the train simulator... I can now see the potencial of these babys... When you use the glasses is the image with the same quality and brightness when not using the 3D? Oh! I have another problem, i just move to a new home so pretty much everything is still in boxes, can anyone help find my GR cd? I wan to see it in 3D but i can't find the CD to install Anyway thanks *NSO*Suli
  4. Ok, i made it work, I removed anti-aliasing and it works. One question, is it normal to play with double-edges? Because to remove those double edges or make the 2 reticules converge into one, i have to almost remove the 3D stereo separation with the hot-keys(one notch above no effect). Is this normal and it's my eyes that are not working with this 3D system, or something else?
  5. Re-installing everything seemed to work, the first thing i did after installing windows was installing the video drivers, and then the stereo drivers. And voilá the medical test now is shown in 3D. Tryed the spinning nvidia logo and voilá, with a bit of flickering it was in 3D. Then i proceed to update windowsXP, soundcard drivers, and other stuff. Finally i install Ghost Recon, i go to try it and BANG!! No 3D but not like before, it makes a lot of garbage on screen and it's really slow now. The spinning logo funny thing happens now, my right eye image freezes while the left continues to move. Has this happened to anyone?
  6. OK, it's official i'm gonna format my c: drive and re-install everything again I've been messing with the drivers and stuff. Funny, it was like the 3d making software wasn't being activated, i could see some pics in 3D but with a lot of flickering, but could not make the software make 3D in games. And so i went to clean the system for a fresh install of the drivers for the X time. Eventually i cleaned my registry soooo good i screwed it up and now i can't even install the drivers for my graphics card. " I'll re-install everything tomorrow, it's 1:35 AM and i'm not in the best mood to do it. PS: I did i mention that this time, I forgot to make a backup of the registry...
  7. @Rocky It always shows a normal image, either in any game or in the medical test and 3D spinning nvidia logo
  8. Hi! I just received my 3D glasses, the problem is they don't work! I instaled the latest drivers for the gforce and also the latest stereo drivers. When i go to stereo properties to enable the 3D the medical test that appears is not in 3D it just shows 2 images side by side. The nvidia rotating logo that it's supposed to be a test and in 3D, well it ain't. Hot keys to enable it or disable it don't work either. The glasses work, downloaded a program to activate or deactivate the glasses and they work, only problem is that the image in the monitor never changes for games or the tests that came with the stereo drivers. I emailed this to EDimensional twice but 7 hours later and still no answer. Can someone help me? My system: AMD 900 Mhz GForce2 Ultra 384 RAM WindowsXP 17" monitor PS: Why me? Why me?
  9. @ Stig U should try emailing the edimensional support. I just mailed them a question, and in less than a minute i had an email back with the answer . Truly amazing, the fastest technical support guys in the west
  10. Hi, I just wanted say i orded 2 pairs ( 1 for me, another for a friend). Rocky, your review sold me the glasses . If i'm lucky they'll be here next week *kaveman starts to pray*. Now that i made the order i can't wait uughh. And soon i'll make an upgrade to my PC and get a 19" monitor . To anyone who already have the glasses up and running... can u imagine DOOM3 or Half-Life2 with them? I think i'm gonna put a bucket under chair when using the glasses (If it's half as good as Rocky described it, i'm gonna be drooling ) One last question, How good are the glasses with older games, like Rogue Spear?
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