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    Ghost Recon, Computing, WW2, Baseball,Ice Hockey, Music......pretty much anything :)

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  1. potshot

    My first joke

    Snake......u workin on another literary masterpiece?
  2. Me and WK are gona kick some ass now
  3. Tried ma best to listen to it....its on the rim of my taste in ambient/experimental music. One or two tracks are ok tho...
  4. Any British Viewers watch Top Gear on Sunday 9th May They had some new lotus driving round the track. The test was to see if an Apache could fly along with it and get missile lock. Was funniest thing I seen for ages. Turns out it couldnt get lock. Of course they then sat the Apache 2 miles away behind some trees and got lock on. Was still fun Can see a bunch of terrorists buyin the new lotus in some arms bazar in the desert sumwhere.
  5. Normally if im doin work on ma computer for uni or anythin...i have cnn or bbc news 24 on tv in background. I like knowing whats goin on in the world. Givin that most of the time its one bunch of people blowin up another bunch of people. But its handy to know which bunch in winning in case you meet any of them.
  6. Shouldnt have parked his car there anyway...
  7. nice pic but should prolly make it a lil bit smaller Pot
  8. potshot

    2nd Amendment

    Man that squirrel on the mg looks great
  9. Would like to see flyers or sharks do well....long as neither the wings or the avs win. Come on JR
  10. The Boston Bruins blow a 3-1 series lead to lose in game 7, 2-0 (4-3 in the series). :no: :no: After such a promising regular season its all gone Pete Tong. And to lose to the Habs....thats just even worse. Am now gona go and Unhappy Pot
  11. Tell em to bring beer aswell.... Need to mind and record some games and some external footage of people playing. Give us here something to watch as a result Pot
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