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  1. I still come from time to time (once each two months). Which is not considerably less than when I was playing GR like a nolifer. I still play GR on my laptop when I'm working abroad but I get rusted and wiped now... *sigh* (I prefer it to BF2 by a mile). At home I play supreme commander exclusively, I got addicted. I plan to get forza2, and play pes with some football friend when they pass by. I did like Gears of Wars, but GR remains my only FPS love. Did buy a new comp for graw, I played it 10 minutes. I have to find the time to try the graw 2 demo, but it's summer babe. By the way, I'm still impressed by the mood and the good management of ghostrecon.net. Gratz guys
  2. who cares about console or computers? That's the games that count. got a 360 and play a bit of pro evo when friends are coming. Played some NFS too, with the same friend, and ho, gears of wars that was cool for like, 1 or 2 weeks. Since supreme commander is out, I play that extensivly. I'm addicted like I was for Ghost Recon, Gran Turismo, age of empires, etc. I did buy a 2000€ computer for gr:aw pc, and I played it like, 2 hours... graw2? who gives a ######?
  3. Callsign: roselan Game: GR1 all the way, I don't like GRAW, and I'm now playing BF2 Age: 32
  4. played kick off 2 for 4-5 years played age of empires series for 6 years (stoped playing with AOM) played pro evolution series for 10 years+ (still playin) played ultima oline for 3-4 years played GR for 4-5 years (still occazionaly playing). played guild wars for 6 months played lineage2 for 6 months played gran turismo series, ssx tricky (alway with my 3 roomates) for 4 years played GRAW for 15 minutes playing BF2 since 2 months (since I got a new comp and graw)
  5. I gave it a 3 out of frustration, but regrett it now (sorry for tk ) I'm on my laptop, and should wait to be at home on my 4800+ 7900sli monster to really judge. What does really worries me is that game is gold, and does not look promising. Graphics looks empty, you feel like driving a tank, but action is great. Nevertheless, when I was playing, I suddenly wanted to play bf2. And me "wanting" to play bf2 didn't happen for 6 months. Before GR1, I could not play a single FPS (I did play RTS/mmog/race/soccer games). GR made me love the full genre... I doubt GRAW will have such force. There is still hope: Let's see the final version, and overall MULTIPLAYER before to give a definitive judgment.
  6. question: when will an ageia PPU card be available???
  7. It is now one year I wait for aegia to sell a card. I did upgrad my system to it's limit, and consider serious overcloking. (problem is that it's my agp4x who begins to become the bottleneck) When that baby comes out, I will let hell break loose, and ruin myself on a comp that will make the best alienware commit sudcide in shame. at least I don't mind to miss videos. I mean, we play fps for before we were able to write. dawn, the most intense moment in BF2 this week was "yaaaaawn". It is time to go to the next step. now . For multiplayer, well there should be a way to go from the start situation to the final one by skipping the effect. But if you blow a car, and particule of it goes straight tru your ass, you are screwed. So yes, distrortion and desctructions shall be computed server side. Another option is to split the community, or create a server side option: "aegia effects yes/no" visible by everyone.
  8. more instructing I do believe... just to be sure it is not because "pc" is most widly spread on the web...
  9. same here: I saw friend play gr1, downed it. Finally, I bought two copies, and made directly buy to 3 other people. In all, 10 to 20 people did buy the game like that. I feel, no I KNOW there is plentylittle groups like that. Look at the number of people playing pes in europe (ea nfl game in us)... word spread. Ubi did break a moral law here. Not having the slightest respect for it's dedicated community does not help. They should have communicated better. I may play ubi game, but I never buy one again. I will even say that the "store includes a nasty virus", and handle a dvd or a 2mb ftp access to a cracked version. It is a question of honor It never stops to amaze me how poorly this industry is managed. Is UBI so stupid they didn't see the massive expectations there was for pc version of this game, and that GR is nealry the ONLY game mac user can play?
  10. In the French gaming Press, they are speaking of ghost recon 3, but there is no word on gr2. ubi can't suxor that much, can't they? can't they? DEATH TO UBI.
  11. After the initial fear on gr2, it looks more and more promising! I'm the first to critize and be pessimistic (just check my posts on the subjects) but here I feel RSE approach should be taught in programming schools!
  12. stop whinging and moaning, it makes you sick !
  13. I did try AA, and got bored, but most of my friends are on AA now. So i guess i will continue with GR1. The main point is that I don't care, if the next age of kings hooks me, or pro evolution soccer goes online, it will surely become my next passion, and I will simply stop FPS until the next big bang one...
  14. I don't know too much about RL snipers. But I think the cool cold lone sniper only belongs to movies. US snipers work in pair. A "chief" with binoculars to acquire the target and the sniper to "just" shoot. (in movies my fav sniper char is the bad guy of "beyond enemy lines", yes, i know, I’m weird ) In GR (mp), snipers are different than in RL, as normal rifleman are! Los (line of sight) recoil, ballistics are quite far from reality. BUT it simulates what counts quite well. Sure GR does not allow long range sniping (half mile), as maps are way too little. There are different styles of sniping in GR mp. - tactical / stealth sniping: you know a spot you can reach safely where no one think you can shoot from there. Quite good, but you *need* to know the spots. And most snipers like me or [sG]west won't tell those easily If the enemy does not understand, you are on for a genocide. - "usual" sniping: you lie down somewhere not too much exposed (near a wall or a random bush) and cover some angle with maximum los, and you wait for the duck. Not efficient at all in GR, even if the most popular. I call that the newbie sniping. Works well on maps like red square. - My favorite, the “counter-sniping” or short distance sniping, I do that on mbc or pooling center. Basically, the aim is to be as precise as possible, it is to get that toenail. You need to have perfect cover, and shoot when standing or peeping. You need to minimize you exposure time. Best rifle for that is kit 1, as it is precise when you stand crouch, kills goods, and remains precise when you peep or scroll the neighborhood. I’m not a sniper, I’m a rusher, SA80 fan (p90sd with hx5). But sometime I need to cool down or want some “technical” kills. I get lest kills being sniper, and get pwned more often… But the is no “free” kill, I savor each one, like a 3 pointer in basketball
  15. OMG. The gfx are so cartoonish but overall, the soldiers are look SO bad, they look like the born in tchernobyl! theirs proportions are so wrong. color choice are way to shiny, and reflections are so outdated! After the gameplay bad news, it looks like even the gfx are ubercrap :'( and they did forget their laser pointer in the toilets? it really looks like GR2 will not only be very bad, but way worse than GR1... I'm surprised that UBI let so bad quality print screens out, I thought their ambitions was to emulate, if not overtake EA, but it looks more like their model is Titus or Eidos after all. I mean when you see that you know it is too late.
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