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  1. Another good source of intel is your unit CSM and 1SG. Off course since deployment will not occur till 2008 they may not have any info for you yet.
  2. Depends on when they deploy. Completing OSUT is a good thing, but it takes time to work a new soldier into the unit so they might decide to leave you behind.
  3. Since you have not completed training and are not integrated into the unit they will more than likely leave you behind as part of the "rear detachment". When a unit deploys they often have to leave some behind, people who have school dates, are recovering from injuries (not just combat type, people still fall in the shower and what not) or for other reasons are unable to make movement.
  4. The finial team has played and pending finial review the standings are listed below. HOR GsTA PXS Gimp’s SOG QCM TEK 101st REM Cent MS GR 22ns SAS NH IAM TAW The scores for Mission One came back to act as tiebreakers for a few teams after all. Three challenging missions that did not see a lot of points, and quit a few negative scores. It was exciting to see the teams move out and execute their plans, and to see them react when the plans went south on them! For those of you that just like to hurt yourselves, the SD and 9MS missions will be up and running without any passwords and the Alpha mission is in rotation over on their server. 9MS : +SD : Alpha :
  5. Don't worry about that. When I joined up in 81 I was about the same as you, by the end of my first year I bulked up to 165 and then got to 185 by 84. When you need the muscles you will grow them, the wonders of youth.
  6. You could also place allied captives in hostage mode on the map where you want sensors. Anything they see will show up on the map.
  7. For Coop you can assign the player in Alpha One slot the variable of "Leader". Set a zone around the spawn-in zone so that when a character is spawned they will be made invincible and teleported to within 5-10 meters of "Leader". Then after a few seconds make normal and game on. I have never worked with TvT so do not know how to do that, maybe "Leader1" and "Leader2" variables and zones? Of course if Alpha One is lost then everyone will spawn back at the beginning with him.
  8. For the next five hours and 45 minutes, yes.
  9. Mission One Briefing and teaser up: Tourney Website
  10. I too sufer from a cable conection and every afternoon when all the kiddies get out of school and log on to myspace the speed goes down to nothing. It is so bad that between 3:30 and 5 I just stay offline.
  11. If you can not find him here, this is the place to grab him: http://www.warofinfamy.com/forum/index.php?c=10
  12. Alpha Squad, Special Detachment and Nine Man Squad present the 2006 Community COOP Ghost Recon Tournament. Each squad has made a challenging mission using different MOD’s. Sign up starts 8 December with Mission One play starting 5 January 2007. Watch this thread and the tournament site ( http://specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/ ) for further announcements.
  13. Anyone still interested or have we all moved on?
  14. I have been out since 96, but when I left you had to secure your personnel weapons in the arms room and it takes an act of GOD to get it out. In 91 I was a unit armorer and we had an LT that brought his 9mm to Korea. The only times he got to see it was if he was the officer conducting the inventory check.
  15. I use them whenever I can. They are also good as you can set on and then move away and blow them when you want. The bad guys (AI or player) all tend to look that way and want to check it out while you sneak by them.
  16. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=31073
  17. Its one of the choices in the drop down menu. It takes a the number of a counter or in this caes company size and displays it as text.
  18. In your startup block DisableAutoendTimer. The screen will say something like "Do not end the game automatically when the game timer expires".
  19. Select Display Message All Select Bottom Edit Box Select Concatenate Strings Start = â€Number of Enemy Left “ End = Bottom Edit Box Convert Integer to String Bottom Edit Box Get Current Company Size Select Enemy Company OK Thats it, you can do great things in IGOR, you just have to take 2 steps back, lean left and then dive right to get there some times.
  20. Make sure you set a timer and know the name of the enemy comapany, this will display the number left every 10 seconds. Group: <Default> Comment: Start Counting Trigger Event: Enemy Count Timer has expired. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Display ("Number of Enemy Left" + ((The number of active actors on Enemy Company) as text)) to all players. Set Enemy Count Timer to expire in 10 second(s). Group: <Default> Comment: Start Up Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set Enemy Count Timer to expire in 10 second(s).
  21. I will just have to figure something out. Funny how the game can put up a message "Actor A killed by Actor B" but will not let us do anything with the data.
  22. Hey Tinker, I want to add an actor ref to a player when he dies so I can move his body to a zone. I like a tidy battlefield.
  23. Does anyone know how to ID and assign an actor ref to a player who has been killed? This is in MP and can happen anywhere on the map. I am searching evrywhere and so far no luck.
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