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  1. Hum, ok, so if I have the US version, this is the patch I should get? 1.07?
  2. http://www.laserwar.co.uk/ That looks like funnnn!!!
  3. Half life 2 is still the best game ever in my opinion. Love the whole HL series from the beginning. Who can forget the first time I faced one of those crabby thingies coming out of a dark corner in HL1? It was right after Black Mesa blew to $hite and I had been going from room to room looking for an exit from the core. I knew that this being a FPS game, monsters a-plenty were waiting for me and sooner or later I was going to dispense violence upon them. So the fact that it had been now a good five minutes of me going further and further away from the initial level, and that I had been u
  4. I think this is a great idea buddhiraja73. I am sure it's unlikely it will ever happen but an open-ended military shooter, with maps as big as OFP and a world environment structured like Oblivion (or Grand Theft Auto for that matter) is an excellent point for replayability. After all I am still firing up Oblivion or GTA from time to time even if I am not actively following any stories or quests. The point is, when you have an open world to play with, you can go back to the game 3 months later and pick it up and just roam around and make a mess of things .. and then pick up any open quests just
  5. it would have been nice to have a practice mission with no enemies and just a range to shoot stuff at different distances to practice. It seems to me that there's il logic behind the way the grenades (launched or hand grenade) work but it takes practice to grasp what that logic is. A range "training" mission would have helped this greatly but in the absence of that I took the time to practice in a "quiet" moment during mission one and kinda got the hang of it. The only solution to this is really just to find a spot where there's no baddies and then practice against cars and develop
  6. Same here. Installed the patch, game now doesn't start ...
  7. If you mean Falcon Allied Force, yes you are probably right. I did hang out in the Falcon forum for a bit and I played it (and still play, of course).
  8. the SCAR-L is pretty much my favorite gun to this point. I used a lot the under-barrel grenade launcher in old GR but in GRAW I am noticing that the launcher is reducing accuracy a bit too much. It's certainly useful but in close combat it gets in the way. Are you guys equipping/using the grenade launcher at all?
  9. I was actually about to start a topic about HL2 vs GRAW but not regarding the technical aspects or graphic differences. I am more interested if anyone noticed similiarities between the "creepiness" factor of GRAW and HL2? In the demo (it's the only thing I have played so far ... I don't have the game yet) I definetly got some HL2 flashbacks ... Creepy empty urban environments. Far away, inexplicable echos and sounds that seem anything but friendly. Then all of a sudden you round a corner and you find yourself face to face with ... well more than a couple of times I totally expect
  10. That was a load of fun guys. Thanks! You'll surely see me again!
  11. Cool let me know how it goes Well ... I installed the patch and now I can hear breathing, steps, gunshots .. the works. But no voices. Is that normal? I am actually thinking it is normal ... You know how in OFP you would hear a voiceover saying "enemy soldier at 2 o'clock" or some such? Is VBS1 supposed to do the same? Unimportant to me ... just curious. Just wanting to make sure I got at leat this problem fixed.
  12. Thanks! I'll try to install the patch. See what happens. You guys play online a lot? PS: flying is going good. Been pretty busy with that lately. About 2/3rds done with my Instrument Rating ... flew yesteray in the clouds for the first time ever. Pretty freaky not to be able to see your own wingtips. I can't believe how thick clouds are. You really can't see squat in them.
  13. Howdy-doody folks. Long time no see. I finally got off my ###### and installed VBS1 after a few months it's been sitting on my desk doing nothing ( ). Yes you can call me a dummass ... I don't mind. I am too busy to pay attention to what I buy. Game is installed (ALMOST all of it) but I have a bunch of pbo files that are not installed and I don't really know what to do with. I really just want to play online with you guys. I don't particularly care about special goodies or funky mods. Whatever i need to get online, is all I care about. Let's start with a couple of examples
  14. Ya better not be afraid now. ← That's what my wife said: "No more excuses buck-o. You went on that Death Trap, you are taking me on Medusa next."
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