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  1. Prozac - here's my attempt at that shotgun: (1360 polys)
  2. I finished the Ruger Mark II model! (I think) Prozac - I'll give that shotgun a try! Its 1709 polys, even after going overboard way too much on the grip plates.
  3. I feel clueless now . . . so that's what's wrong with it. If there's anything else, tell me. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix the front piece, hopefully with out adding another 500 polys? sup - I dunno, just fool around with it, model random stuff. Thats what I'm doing.
  4. It would be great to get full sized pics, if you would do that. I PM'd you my email. Tell me if there are others, but the two errors I see are the shape of the front piece, which the handgrip is part of, and the absence of the cocking lever for the bolt. I was thinking that I still needed to fix those two parts, but couldn't find any reference pics for the cocking lever, and couldn't figure out how to fix the front piece. Thank you for your feedback. Here's another model I started today - Ruger Mark II : (1204 polys, which is a lot, but seems amazingly low considering how complex the model is.)
  5. I can't wait for the map to be released. Night and day versions look awesome Are you planning on having any missions come with the map?
  6. Prozac - can you even still buy max 4 / 5? If so, for how much $? Here is my quick attempt at lowering the polys - now down to 1578. Thats probably as low as i can get it w/ out re-doing the entire thing focusing on a low poly count. looks kind of bad though. . .
  7. I was able to get the poly count down to 2975 by making as many of the cylinders as possible 8 sided. If I did it over, there's probably another 500 or so polys I could get rid of, especially in the handgrip(462 polys). Also I could make the handgrip/receiver piece a lot less complex, as it is 556 polys just by itself. There's also another 353 polys in the screw heads and the sling attachment. and 152 just for the magazine. Thanks for the compliment anyway.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I was afraid that might be the case, but thats OK because I seriously doubt I'd ever spend that much on a program that was basically for a hobby. I've downloaded Gmax and am using it though. I have "renders" posted in the "show me your weapons!" thread of an MP5K I'm working on.
  9. Here's an MP5K that I started today (3137 polys). However, it was made in Gmax, so the "renders" are just the perspective view with lights added, then doing "print screen" and cutting out the actual image from the screen capture. I just now realized that the piece at the end of the barrel doesn't go down far enough. Here's another angle, with the front piece fixed: those AT-4's look awesome, as do your models, Cobra6.
  10. Is it still possible to buy 3ds max 5? I'm wondering because I heard something at some point that when a new version of max came out, the previous version was made unavailable, or something like that. Also, I looked it up on Amazon.com and it says,"This item is currently not available." with no indication of when it would be available. Just curious. . . .
  11. I could make a mod that does that for you if you wanted me to.
  12. Yes, but mostly I just have a moderate to severe obsession/interest in porsches.
  13. Here's my current one: http://www.ghostaholic.com/public/porschfa...ts/desktop2.jpg IMG changed to link
  14. I have an idea that I think would work. Here is what I think I would do- -change the .mis files for a mod so that the maps use different .xml's for the specialists -have different .xml's: unlocked_heroes_night, rain, etc -make different camos for the different xmls the idea would be that for the night missions the specialists would have black camo, rain camo (maybe) for rain missions and urban camo for urban maps, with the maps using differnet xmls that have the same specialists, but with different camo. Would anyone be interested in a mod like this, or does no one actually play with the original characters anymore? Just an idea. . . . . .
  15. I wasn't wanting to do anything illegal, I was just hoping it wouldn't be as expensive (but still be legal). Thanks anyway
  16. I meant obtaining a different license (hopefully for a lot less than just buying the program) for the demo that would remove the time limit.
  17. I have the demo for 3dsmax 5, but its 30-day trial period has run out, and I want to register so I can use the program without time limits. However, when I try to register, it asks for the serial number for the program I currently have, but the CD came with a book (3ds max 5 Bible), and there is no serial number on the CD itself. So, my question is, how do I register so I can use the program without a time limit?
  18. the full auto M136 with 50 round drum magazine! no, not really. my favorite depends on the mission but I have to agree with whoever it was who said the OICW is the most versatile.
  19. Now that is a clean and organized desk (compared to mine anyway). Nice computer too. Alienware, correct?
  20. I have a model I made in max 5 that is completely done and ready to be exported. However, I've had trouble with the tool to convert the exported model to one with the muzzle flash points, brass ejection point etc. will someone who I can trust not to steal my work (it's crappy anyway) do what is necessary to have the model ready to be used in a GR mod? Smith & Wesson .357
  21. that last pic was from Kill Bill Vol. 2, correct? I didn't know Chems had long hair or a talent for swordfighting
  22. This confirms my suspicion that the GR.net community is slowly falling apart as GR1 dies to be replaced by GR2, since it seems the time between new topics/replies in topics has slowly but surely inched upward.
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