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  1. That was awesome. You almost think that you're reading about a real life Special Forces squad.
  2. Very nice, but the SR-25 is already in the game as well. I'm still looking for a great M21-M25 class marksmen/sniper/scout rifle. Maybe You could add that in as well .
  3. We once again are recruiting members for TCGR and GRAW. If you have these and you are not with anyone, we will provide a home for you. Contact me at joshua_pease@hotmail.com or via MSN, ICQ or AIM we'll get you settled. Thanks.
  4. I meant more like....with where you have to rescue people etc. Is there a mission using an embassy map like that.
  5. Hey guys was wondering if you could help me figure out which would be the best Saigon Type Evacuee Rescue. If you could just give me hints...or show me a direction. I'd appreciate it.
  6. *looks at watch*...*looks at the size of the mod* yea I'll wait until tonight to download it...stupid DIal up!
  7. Yeah thanks...only if that solved my problem...its way to vague...I am all about learning it all on my own...practically did in one night, but...even setting them to invisible does not let them follow me.
  8. Do you have IM ? Any of them are fine...contact me ASAP if you would pls.
  9. Well I have most of my missions scripted but I am having problems with the hostages not following me and being able to walk into my document zone and it just script it out and say...documents destroyed (not gonna bother with Demo for right now) Also the damn hostages have weapons...how do I get rid of those?
  10. I see the M25/M21 Thats all I needed to see...I'm already happy.
  11. Hey, I have tried my hand in IGOR...and its the biggest headache possibile I am requesting, some help...I have a mission that I need created. I have the objectives, (3 of them)...and all the information.
  12. Please don't ###### about iron sights...everyone that I know has been wanting iron sights...I would rather use that then anything else @ the moment. I hate ret points...bring on the iron sites and optics
  13. Oh I would love to see the M14 USMC Marksmen rifle be in GR...I know the SR-25/Mk 11 Mod0 will be in there..I think i saw the pics. Maybe that was GR2 I was looking at....
  14. Did I see Iron sights...oh excuse me as I go celebrate...I don't care about anything else...I could careless about a hud....you can probably turn it off..
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