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  1. At times I am able to see an enemy a few hundred yards away, and yet not see one just around a corner. ?
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    Thanks, I had all the above mentioned lag. I also had problems on large maps as well. I lagged more than a fatbody on P.T. after a night on the town drinking and whoring it up! Today I put my other computer (a bit more powerful) online and have'nt had lag problems as of yet. I think my smaller one might have some more problems. I've been using the All Seeing Eye and if I'm not mistaken it will show ping rate, packet loss, flux ect. Trying to figure it all out. The only major problem I'm having now is when I join a server I end up as "defplayr". I played around with it to no avail, and the online manual does'nt elaborate on setting your name. Been hearing a lot of ribbing. Thanks for all the replies
  3. By all means, thank you all for the input. Sea, for me ended up being a mistake by my Battery Gunnery Sgt. My last name starts with K, but has the hard C sound. Gunny just shortened my last name up to C. Funny thing about it though, initially I didn't get it. Eventually, most of my unit senior Ncos and Officers were using it. I was the driver for the C.O. and once questioned him about his use of the nickname C, and he replied, "well, thats what you're last name starts with". I thought, OK....better left untouched. I had to wonder if he had reviewed my records seeing as he awarded my last promotion?
  4. Man! Not even Turkies get stuffed like that!
  5. Yes, I did. Cool RatPatrol's is cool too. (Anna Kornicova ?)
  6. Two that come to mind, BkRily's and Warhawks (Jihad this!). History or motivation would be interesting.
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    Alright, I'll check for pings and consider cable. Thanks.
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    Will servers closer to me have lower ping rates?
  9. sea


    Crap, you mean I gotta get cable for better results?
  10. I recently went on line to play via the A.S.E. and when I tried playing on line, I kept freezing up and being relocated to a position I had left only a few seconds ago. When I shot it would take about 5 seconds to impact. G.R. plays fine when offline and in single player. I chose a server that was only running D.S. and I.T. which I have loaded on my computer along with patch 1.4. Intel Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz 128 MB PC800 RDRAM GF3 ti500 ( updated drivers 43.45 9x) sound, SoundMax digital integrated ??
  11. Phantom, I caught your reply after my last post, the mic was not plugged into the modem. Honest........
  12. Thanks to everyone that replied, unfortunately I ended up with problems with my modem also. My computer evidently needed some cpr so I called a tech that walked me through some diagnostics and some "tuneups". After the "tuneup", I still don't know what the source of the trouble was, but, the bottom line is, everything works. Teamspeak mic and all. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the ongoing help. My audio system is " Analog devices SoundMAX Itegrated Digital Audio".(No card) The headset is new. I have sound but no mic. I have another computer and will try to install Teamspeak on it and see if it works out.
  14. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that you are of Norwiegian decent, and yet you carry a remarkably drunken American accent. Facinating. ( tips hat ) Age, 142, minus a cnote.
  15. This computer runs on MS ME. and I haven't done much updating. Its almost two years old. Although today, after the fact, I installed a GF3 ti500 video card in it. I'll double check for conflicts with OS, but feel I've covered the bases on it. I have at times made a mistake now and then though. T/Y
  16. Many thanks Budgie, I' m of the opinion that right to left is acceptable, taking into consideration that the populace is dominately right handed. Hence, the righty always recieves, right? ( I guess it all depends on who gets the short end of the Tai Stick ) Zantar, man, it only goes to show you, an extra , $15,000 might help to feed our hungry instead of making a self centered show of pathetic self rightiousness. (I appreciate our wildlife, but ...) Budgie, to the left man, to the left. Hey! wheres the hohos!!
  17. Thanks Major M. for setting me straight. "Pass the Hooter" Still like to know the literal translation. Free Willy and smoke em'. Ask an Eskimo! They would spear P.i.t.a. Pita munches on Prinkles and HoHos, Tofu and veggies. Yum!
  18. I recently bought a smoker,( no, cigarette smokers are not for sale yet ) Pork, beef, fish, venison, smoked chicken is good also, no dolphin. The Dolfhin and Porpose are an "ally" They kicked ass in G.WII. Budgie, I vaguely recall a song " Pass the Dutchy". Whats a dutchy?
  19. Thanks all, but I still haven't nailed it yet. I have been to the Teamspeak site and followed a post similar to mine, and the person in question was unable to resolve his issue. I have d/l TS2 but have not opened it yet, hoping to resolve my current problem first, before opening up a new can of worms. Nightcrawler, seen any rabbits lately? Watch it though, my dogs are like Marines, They kill e..v..e.r.ything they see! T/Y, Hope you can pull one out.
  20. Thanks guys, looking into it.
  21. I recently d/l Teamspeak 1.5 and haven't been able to get any sound from the mic on my Plantronics headset mic. Any suggestions?
  22. Ok, thats what I was referring to, an installation program. The "other" computer is in my home also. I don' see a problem being able to run G.R. on both computers, unless I'm missing something here. I did purchase my G.R.
  23. I have a zip file that I downloaded from File Planet that I'm working with. I was looking for a 1.4 vers. that has an autoload program that installs it for me. I don't know what a [Thing that should not be spoken of here] is, I don't believe auto install programs are not aceptable, many mods use them and are conveniant to use. Thanks and please by all means, what is a [Thing that should not be spoken of here] ?
  24. I'm having a bit of trouble directing 1.4 on onother computer and was hoping to find an autoload version to skip the aggrevation. getting P.O.ed. It keeps showing up as 1.3.5
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