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  1. my friend found this flash movie and sent it to me, i was crying when i saw its true, but warning it contains language from a REALLYPISSED OFF PCGAMER http://www.pwned.nl
  2. yea i was looking threough a magazine for acomputer store and i saw the cover and iwas like....AWSOME i must have this game, and ilove it
  3. MP all the way, ive spent lots of hour fighting other people, lots of fun
  4. i recently got a usb headset for my ps2 and i found otu i can use it for my computer so i hooked it up and it works but the problem is all of my sound for everything is going through the headset can i fix this? thanks
  5. cool thanks guys thats the one i was thinking of, cant wait till it comes out.
  6. hi, long time no post, im curious if there are any vietnam mods out there like total convertion type ones, thanks
  7. definetly an amazing game i love it, it is a pretty easy game, one reason is because u get so many health packs, but its still alot of fun none the less
  8. wow, know we are gonna supply them whoa
  9. i play it, i love that game! do u have Brude War? we shoudl play sometime?
  10. no i said it was a PS2 game and it was moved to PC games lol, nope no manuals
  11. i like these WHOO will i get in trouble for this one hehe
  12. i didnt see a controls screen, but im not famliar with the game
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