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  1. Boyohboyohboyohboy!! Played the first mission. Then had a look at some of the new maps. Wooooohooooo! They rule. Just had some fun with the CQB map, location : Ghent - Belgium. *grin* I'm from Belgium. Anyhow: that was hilarious! Try that map (Firefight) in SP and you'll live a couple of seconds - a minute at the most. Great mod - am still exploring it.
  2. Thought I'd let you all know that I recently joined TAW - The Art of Warfare. Great bunch of guys, mature, very well organized! We have numerous members in various "divisions", amongst others Ghost Recon, Battlefield, Raven Shield, ... I'm not their recruiter, just wanted to let you know that they have both US and EU divisions, own servers, TS servers so you can fight it out with buddies at convenient times for you (no big time-gap). Well, I'm having fun!! Are you ? Just PM, MSN Messenger, email me or whatever for more info or visit the above mentioned website! Crusader_TAW
  3. ^seems to be a GR.net supporter which means he might 've ordered some stuff on Amazon. According to his avatar he's probably not feeling very well right now Apart from that, I know diddely squat about da Dagger !
  4. Hey guys, Thanx a lot ! It's allways a good thing to gather knowledge Well, I joined up with TAW and passed bootcamp today. This means lots of fun from now on on their (our - grin) server. Woohoo!
  5. Are the barcodes still among us ?? If so, I'm gonna need an inoculation...
  6. The B button! There: something new is learnt btw, funny sig, SAF_Camel
  7. Hey Tiny, I've been playing GR for years now. I only recently started trying to play online. As mentioned before: don't play on Ubi. Download the All-Seeing Eye (ASE), a program that will list many more alternative servers which you can easily join, just by doubleclicking on them. Rules ? Nah, not really. But it's common practice to give your character a NAME before playing online. Otherwise you'll be known as DefPlayer. Also, if one team is comprised of members of one clan, you normally don't join that team (it's courtesy not to). I found online play very hard. I play GR offline
  8. That was utterly, utterly great ! Really enjoyed that - I wish there were more of those... Indeed, some stuff I heard in that sound-big-byte I've never heard in-game yet! Coolness... Rob
  9. AAAh FAL: brings back memories! It was loud. It weighed a lot. It's recoil was heavy - you really had to put your shoulder into it Precision/Grouping was actually very good, when handled by a trained shooter. FAL = Fusil Automatique L├ęger = Light Automatic Weapon FALo = Fusil Automatique Lourd = Heavy Automatic Weapon Nowadays, we use the FNC as a replacement for FAL and the Minimi as a replacement for the FALo. Rob Belgian Armed Forces
  10. I can't even remember when I played GR for the first time... Anyhoo, my provider has games-review section. They host demo's as well (very convenient). Downloaded GR and there you have it ! Ever since been visiting this site, only registered recently though Now I'm trying to play online - whole different ballgame. (I pop up now and then as Crusader). At the moment, my online skills are...erm... not that good (sheesh - frag orgies all around!) Am trying to find a clan that'll suit me - and for whom I might contribute a lil. It'll probably require some form of adaptation, being...
  11. I'm using a Gigabyte Radeon 9000 Pro. Monitor is at 75Hz GR is at 800x600x32 Works fine. However: - I use 2D for menus etc and switch to 3D when mission starts - I have to re-swith to 2D BEFORE I leave a mission or go back to menu or my screen will go black, which can be resolved by pulling out the dongle and re-inserting it, and then going back to 2D. I will try monitor@60Hz and GR@1024x768x32 to see if I can get good results (woul allow me to play at higher res) All in all, it works very very well indeed. And I'm guessing ED will continuesly upgrade their drivers... Later
  12. Environment: - rain drops are falling: close to you, in front of you and further away - snow: same, just cooler. It's not just falling, it's all around you - lensflare: looks weird at times, but better - the sky: at times, if I stare long enough, it seems the sky is getting in front of my screen ! Psychadelic Use an AT weapon and look at the smoke trail ! Use a machinegun on tripod until the barrel starts heating up and look at that smoke swirling up...
  13. Update! Asked once more for convenient ATI drivers. ED sent me a completely new installer, and things work great now! Woohoo! Things to try out: - tents: looking inside seems kewl - houses: even kewler, you really feel at home ! - sniper: zoom in - weird ! Best of all: REPLAYS !! Set Depth Position (F6) to the max and enjoy the show. Looks like a great 3D movie Tried the goggles with these as well: Operation Flashpoint: nah, won't work - you just get a blurred image, but no real 3D Edge of Chaos (Space sim): nope, won't work at all One happy dude !
  14. Me zip-file was ok, extraction went fine. When I got the error message, and just before clicking OK, I took a peek in Explorer and noticed the setup did copy some files into \Program Files\edimensional. The rest of this already new setup was supposed to add/install the e-d controller (for the taskbar) and another control program. This part went wrong (with the first, second and third version of the installer they sent me). I checked their support and disabled anti-virus programs. I also had to switch from Dutch settings to English settings. All to no avail though... Anyhoo: h
  15. <Sigh> Got my pair last wednesday. Because the CD didn't contain any ATI drivers, I sent edimensional an email as they suggested. Thursday: Got the zipfile with drivers. Extraction (*grin*) went fine, but the installation program couldn't finish installing the drivers due to "a problem". Emailed edimensional about this. Friday: went awol for the weekend Monday: just got back. ED emailed me an updated version of the installer. Same results. It won't install and the process stops preliminarily - same error message Got a reply though: they'll need to produce a new build of t
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