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  1. I recently purchased a new LCD 22" monitor and I have to say I was amazed at how big everything is now and that this game, Ghost Recon, improves by a factor of 1000X The canyon walls, the cities, the bridges, and the forests, oh the forests! Man, they all look like you are really walking through them all. I cannot say enough great things about this damn game on a widescreen get yours today!!! haha
  2. You even made the enemy AI harder and more aggressive too! This mod rocksssss! I had a blast this weekend Great job!
  3. Well the debate/discussion will seem to go on and on, but it is fun to discuss. I'm a biased fan of "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" for the PC (and also not a bad port to XBOX imo) so don't trust my opinion. My fav is the PC ([GR]) Ghost Recon, of COURSE it is!!!! How can you not love that damned game??? I mean, graphics are aging well, but oh, the versatilty man! You can mod that sucker forever and get hundreds of different things. Plus it is from a "modern" military POV not futuristic warrior stuff (like BF2142 and of course GR:AW) The best modders out there (Baja Bravo, SixPence, et al) have put out AWESOME skins over the years and you get immersed into the game more so than way others! The replay value and fun never seem to cease! The original gameplay is solid of course with tons of game features and modes to play, online or not! The first Ghost Recon was the first and the BEST! I had to try out Ghost Recon 2 on the xbox too and I had to say, it was a well thought out game but ended up being too "run and gun" and too damn hard to boot! You have to save ALOT on that game! Graphics were a step up and the environments were beautiful but the game is just "so-so". I fire it up on the box every now and then but this is not the best! Ghost Recon on X-box was great too just like the PC version, somewhat streamlined and it is the same fun I had on the PC version too with some tweaks. Basically almost everything the [GR] is! Of course the most anticipated "sequel" to the PC version (nope I do not own a 360) was "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter" which was great in every respect and played to this day but still just seems a little limited in its scope and capabilities, even though considering it is a Tom Clancy game which is surprising. I am not a big fan of the whole "jump to the future" warfighter concept as it may not even be implemented (FYI: The "Objective Force" warrior program already looks different than the concept presented by GRAW!) The game is solid though and they made an awesome attempt to keep it Ghost Recon, but did not quite hit the mark! (For example: If PC [GR] was a 100, then GRAW would be a 92)
  4. I'm with six pence---give him what he needs and turn him loose! Oh man, what [GR] fun we've had! GRAW does def need a "classic" look to it---the units look too "Spacey" too futuristic..
  5. Outstanding read! I mean the history comes alive! I amlost could think there really are "Ghosts" lurking out there.
  6. These skins finally do the ACU justice I'm liking the "dual" role you can use it in GR, DS, and IT. Welldone!
  7. Great looking skins there! A side note: The SPQR skins work just fine with the new patch out...I could not go on playing with the originals! TOO orange and kinda ugly. These green skins are awesome! Thanks for the 1.1 update too man!
  8. I'd have to say "well done job" and I do think the patch resolves plenty of old issues. The AI has stepped up I noticed and the game does blur a bit but I enjoy the "AA" they added to this. I was relieved the team now shoots alot quicker, I.D's threats better and stays the hell outta my line of fire when I shoot. Better than before, good job GRIN, you listened to the masses!
  9. Still would say GR1 and expansions (all the mods too have been incredible!) GRAW has great potential to be HUGE though, give it some time. Nickname: Ghost-Three-Four Age: 36
  10. Yes,you're right,I reduce to halfsize and luckily I found the skinning tutorial I was looking for,so I check for my doubt and resave everithing in the right format adding the blackscar granade launcher I forgot to edit!So soon I think that version 1.1 will be downloadable. Sorry but I don't know what it means.(is slang?) Sorry, let me explain: "take a bow" means like "well done, performance well done" you know like you did very well with the skins (which you did!) "F'N" is short for "FV*Kin" like "REALLY REALLY good" if it implies to you taking a bow. I just added that for emphasis if you will! Ha ha ha! I should have just said "tillboy, great job!"
  11. All I can say is "OUTSTANDING"! I've got my new official skins now and it makes the game look top notch now (well no AA yet, but yeah) LESS orange and the new green multicam looks awesome. That and I took the plunge and tweaked my settings for high via the xml. and the game runs great AND looks way better too! Happy day! I still don't get if I have a 256mb card only and it runs High textures (with little slowdown) WHY the original restriction to 500+ only? Must be to sell mo' 360's.... "tillboy" take a F'N bow!
  12. That sounds like a good way to get the enemy caught in your crossfire...I finally passed this mission late last night with the way I was trying it. Needless to say I took a LONG time and was very careful with snipers around the Black Hawk (which just sat there unmolested-and no supporting cover fire from the mini guns either lol) but me and Brown made it through.
  13. After about 15-20 tries on this mission now, the ONE time I got closest was when I had all 3 of the M1's killed, the Apache pilots leave saying their goodbyes and our Black Hawk actually landed and was waiting for our egress. Only problem was there was some hidden (well I couldn't see them!) enemy around that effectively had me pinned down behind the far right side planter (best choice for cover for me in order to kill those last two tanks under defilade) I've gotten close maybe 3 times but that one time I was HOME FREE!!!!! Only problem was I got killed when I tried to stand up and take cover beside the embassy wall, I was SO ######!!!!! My advice: Do go up the ruined second floor staircase (the one that goes nowhere) fire on all enemy on the left side of the building, especially the 6 that try to sneak up on the left flank. Kill the soldiers coming from the right side, then concentrate fire on the Panhard VBL gunner ASAP and kill the dismounts too. Duck behind the cover of the stairwell and you should have good defilade cuz of the ruined pillar to your left when the first Abrams shows up, Laze his rear and he will go down. Then double time to the VIP and get him to the Helo. Go to your left from the BH and plant whoever of your team that's left behind you and order "cover fire". Go prone and kill the enemy by the monument (maybe 6 or 8 of them) wait for the first infantry to come by you on the right and kill em then the next Panhard will show up, kill the gunner, kill the dismounts and down a bit the next M1 will appear. LAZE him when he climbs the steps (or earlier if you can!) From there it gets crazy, one more Panhard shows up by the monument and the last M1 is behind that by the monument, all I can say is lay down fire, aim tight and call in the helo for the last kill. I had all the stuff I needed and the Black Hawk was THERE!!!!!! I just needed to shoot one or two remaining infantry . BTW the enemy will overrun the ruins and will fire from there. My advice is have fire team clear it out but there are still some tangos somewhere near or on the monument site I could not tell! There you have it, "close but so far away!" lol
  14. Huh. Well we can both have our opinions but that "Easy to beat" I can't see though. I mean after years of playing this game they got to become easier but don't say when you first got this game they were not good. Otherwise people would not be complaining about "hard" this game is. (GR1) They will nade you, flank you, sneak up on you, take cover, snipe you, launch RPG's, bring out the BMP's, T-72's, use a MG nest on you, frag you, and if they had knives they would stab you in the back! ( ) GRAW friendlies and enemy both can be brilliant or dumb just like the originals. This time though I find the GRAW enemy easier to see, shoot, and kill than the [GR] guys. Plus their "500 yard headshots" abilities seem to be gone now. I have yet to be naded by these guys. They run for cover but just lik [GR] but then they will just come at you, "in the same old way". ha ha! Plus I've already had an instance where in mission 2 the M1 sent to our position to kill us kept shooting its main gun AND its .50 at my guy Brown who was standing less than 5 feet from it and NOTHING happened. In fact I was standing there along with the other two and the tank totally ignored our behinds. 4 years and the more things change the more they stay the same!
  15. Yeah I played the hell out of the PC version, just recently bought the XBox version and I liked it, it was very well done and better (smarter?) AI too. I play PC GR as often as the urge strikes me, I played "The Dam" mission last week and did not succeed. I have to gear up my squad and go in again soon. I got to plant the demo and recon'd two intel sights but everyone was dead by the time we went to go to the 3rd site.
  16. Yeah, GR's AI was definately better. I remember you play and shoot one or two and then see your TI go red and you wonder "Where is he coming from???" and then "BLAM!" (OGGR PLUG) ALso they would throw frags WAY more, I loved when you were in a firefight prone and then some ###### would lob one that that landed right in front of your face! *BOOM!* Or the grenade launchers, I loved seeing the AI launch one right at your face, just one big blur and then "All Team members lost".
  17. Well me being the sorta busy working family man that I am I try to play as often as I can. But I've only reached the beginning of mission 3 so far. I can say my AI teammates are good enough (better after the patch) but yeah the part on Mission 2 where the Abrams rolled out and the rebels start a counter attack on your position I swear was funny as hell... Brown just stood there while the tank rolled right OVER me and just kept shooting its .50 cal (with no gunner lol) at him and me and all the rest and no one died! I thought "okaay.." plus I discovered that when an AI enemy runs up to you and gets really close (talking inches here) he will look the other way and not shoot you even if he was just looking at you. So, needless to say just waste the guy and move on. But I see that in the 4 years time since GR came out, AI in some respects still struggles with the same old issues as before! Ha ha Answer to your question: Mission 1: All made it to extraction Mission 2: All made it to extraction
  18. I can totally sympathize with that, there are parts of me that want to just trash this game due to the fact that it has very little in common with the first classic we all love. I had to judge this game on its own merits and it has better potential, but lord knows all the patches in the world won't make this "Ghost Recon 2006", I wish it could. I would love to see the original game on a newer engine with the same specs/features as before with added features (mostly to be able to casevac injured or carry off dead soldiers). I think they made a memorable game, but not "Game of the Year" material. I agree with you guys on that. But that still means we can play and enjoy this game.
  19. Yeah that is dumb. It was dumb in GR2 and it is dumb now. I would not even sweat any of my team's lives in that game cuz down the road there the same guy is again, looking none the worse for wear. I thought "WTH?" So why bother? Just some missions would be much easier if you have those team members to lay down suppresion fire (which was the ONLY good thing they could do for me anyway) In Ghost Recon, I would always try to fight to keep my AI team members alive cuz they were valuable and if one of your expert veteran guys went he was gone for good! Nothing like a good sniper who was maxed out on Stealth and Weapon abilities. For them being "anonymous" soldiers I sure had more reliance on them than the big names of GR2. Yeah, that and the soldiers should have been all controllable in GRAW. What's the point of "Cross-Com" to see what they see, when you could just control them too AND take the shot! Fo real do'.
  20. Yeah I did that this morning and I have to say that fixed it 100%! This game looks fn awesome now! My comp is able to get the job done and all the textures are how they should be, this game is awesome. I don't really mind the lack of AA the levels look great and VERY detailed-HUGE MAPS. I could not be any happier ha ha ha ha! *hugs my Dell warmly*
  21. Appreciate the help as always! That's what I suspected it was but you never know. Thanks!
  22. My Dell is a 2.4 Pentium 4 1.04 GB memory ATI Radeon x700 PRO w/ 256 mb The game is fine (more or less) but palm trees look like big swirls on grey stalks, lightposts too and car and truck tires have no detail (missing texture) . I have the game on med mostly with settings on HDR to 16X with dyn shadows off. I had this problem with BF1942 a few years back and was told it was due to me having to "roll back" a driver for my then in use older vid card. I upgraded my card last July too. I know I think that might be the problem or my 2.4 just can't handle all this complex game has to offer. Any ideas? Thanks.
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