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  1. what do you say about this? Looking for that now, I'll add that in version 2.0. looking forward for version 2.....great mod btw.....keep up the good work.
  2. I agree....alot of time u have no clue ur getting hit until u notice ur health meter or ur already dead. I perfer the method that ghost recon 1 used.
  3. well i seemed to fix my problem.... I checked up on my intel chipset to see if there was a update and i found a accelerator for my chipset. I downloaded it and installed...restarted pc...booted graw up...and right away i noticed the load screens ran smoother. then i clicked on multiplayer and got into the first game i tried to get in. nps......go figure. I always thought my chipset was update. never hurts to check. pc specs Intel Pent 4 2.4 512kb 1024 rambus memory nvidia geforce 6200 258mb tc
  4. yeap....i can not join a server at all....i have tried atleast 10 different servers and get the same problem.
  5. I connect to gamespy, select a server.....loading screen comes up.....then a black screen.....then i get a lost connection i have tried acouple of different servers.......I have game GRAW access thru zonealarm and have even turned zonealarm off and i have the same problem... any suggestions pls?
  6. agree....im disappointed in not being able to play multiplayer and the game issues. BF2 runs fine....hell even far cry on high settings runs good...but not GRAW..
  7. doesnt make a difference....tried it with and without and nothing changes. btw..have full version of the game..just got it today.
  8. I think its a bug i have the same problem with key stokes.
  9. think Gamestop bought Eb if i remember correct.
  10. keyboard and mouse ....nuff said...(wonder how the merc keyboard will work..hmmm)
  11. Gamestop also has the dvd version...i have had mine preordered for about 3 months now.
  12. I think this is a great game..(not ever game is perfect...cough oblivion wasnt) and its good to mention some fixable problems with the demo. But lets not get all warped on being able to post about game problems knowing the devs could possibly read it, there is going to be a patch after release which im sure will fix alot that has been mention. Look how long the pc has waited for a new ghost recon game and this one is going to only get better over time when the community gets involved with modds....which really is exciting...there is a bunch of great modders out there. Mp will grow...SP will grow....its all going to be great.
  13. Im sure there will be a realism mod that adds blood, etc.... in the future.
  14. Got a 19 inch Balance monitor with dvi/d-sub connection pc plugged into the dvi 360 in the d-sub just have to switch to the 360 thru the menu button on the monitor and when the 360 is turned off and the pc is on....it automatically switches over. very nice playing the 360 thru the monitor....highly recommended.
  15. Very dam good looking game...some minor flaws that are expected with a demo. This was definately worth the wait. Cant wait for the full version.
  16. has to be something with the firewall.....i have the same problem....just need to research it some more.
  17. Just bought GR gold edition about a wk ago and i must say the community has done a awesome job with mobs. Amazes me how good this game is with it being acouple yrs old. The replay value is great. Looking forward to tring some online playing. Been downloading mods.....and more mods...and mods..... Very nice website btw.
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