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  1. So sorry to hear of your troubles nat. I'm sure you'll make a full recovery in no time. Definately sounds like you deserve a break. Can't wait for your weapons though mate. Here's to you makin' a full recovery.
  2. Well, it was huge before Fileplanet dumped all the files, but it is getting big again thanks to the modders and your efforts GiWeDa.
  3. Rome Total War is amazing. Love that game, one of the best RTS's I've ever played.
  4. Heeeeeeerrrrrrrooooooowwwww. I now have the WMD's!
  5. cmh - I just got the book " Bloody Heroes" by Damien Lewis about British SF in Afghanistan. Lots of pics with SAS/SBS with C8's and AG-C's. Any plans for having them in the mod?
  6. yeah, would've loved to have more of eskwaad's chr's in GR.
  7. Hmm, M14 with a Dragunov-esque stock. Pretty cool.
  8. Well I for one can't wait to see ss's from both mods, cmh and WD.
  9. Painbastard - Poison For Your Soul (Christer H Remix)
  10. Those look great CC. Thanks for sharin' 'em. Gonna use a subdued US flag patch again? Hope so. And what new types of MICH attachments is element going to make for the mod?
  11. It was really good, that's all I'll say. So happy Galactica is back on.
  12. Universal Poplab - Heart Apart (Pual Lachenardiere Swing Remix)
  13. Cool, thanks DM. I still would absolutely love to see that map completed for TCGR. One can hold out hope I guess. -edit- The Tears of The Sun mod would've been a great mod as well.
  14. Did I ever say differently? Also, at the very least, the person that released them seems to be crediting Ubisoft. Still illegal but he/she is not claiming the content as original.
  15. I may be wrong but they look more like the customizable models in the 360 version of GRAW and R6 Lockdown.
  16. Oso's still around, no clue what he's up to. Last I saw him post was in a GRAW thread congrat'ing DonMiguel on helping organize the GRAW Recon section of GR.net.
  17. They look like dry suits to WD. Used in cold water dives to keep the wearer... well, dry.
  18. Unfortunately no, it wasn't. The screenshots of the work Mike did looked amazing though. He then handed it off to El_Oso but he never finished it.
  19. Yes, it's true. Been postponed indefinately iirc. You could find the official dispatch by doing a search on militarphotos.net
  20. Very, very slick. Thanks for posting that mig.
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