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  1. Damn, some really exceptional work has been going on since last I was around. Great work guys. This mod is really coming together now it seems.
  2. Sounds good to me CC. Share some more screenshots if you get the chance.
  3. Nope, never got fixed. I just substituted one of the default sounds for it though so at least it has some audio.
  4. Indeed, nice to see you around again Oso.
  5. Pretty impressive work Beracus. Looking forward to this weapons mod.
  6. So glad to see that you decided to finish this as best you can deleyt. Muchas gracias.
  7. Hmm, this could be promising. Be keeping an eye on this title.
  8. I too could make kit icons if need be. Already have made a few for the SCARs and SMAW. Really want to see this released.
  9. Very, very nice work CC. That skin looks exceptional. Long time since you posted though, still working on this? And the Marines don't use the M240B as you have in the pics, they use the slightly lighter M240G which doesn't have the heat shield. SnowFella made some so all you'd have to do is swap 'em out.
  10. Got this mod awhile ago but wasn;t around to post. Absolutely love it though ingeloop. You made one hell of a mod. Thanks a ton for your hard work. Love the partizan camo operator too.
  11. Ok, need to start where I left off. Been gone for too long. Didn't know we shared the same birth date CC. Hope yours was a happy one. Love those skins though. Hope you plan on releasing them. Just love the look of photos used for textures.
  12. Waiting on my new DVD drive to get here then this baby's gettin installed. Can't wait to take on the Turks in the Holy Land.
  13. Bought it, now I only need to get XP or Vista to play it.
  14. That's sweet. VBS2 sounds pretty darn impressive.
  15. indeed. CC Well then by all means, do tell gentlemen.
  16. Where's the best place to buy these online Ledanek? I dig that SEAL sniper, would look cool on my desk.
  17. nice work killabees. The new diver looks good with more bulk.
  18. Are you going to include the unused chr's/skins in the dl? Hope so ingeloop. Thanks for the update.
  19. No, there hasn't unfortunately. Would be great though. Maybe some willing soul with 3DSmax would help. Sounds cool about the Ranger mod being an addon though.
  20. Glad to hear about the C8-AG-C. Said it many times, nat's the man.
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