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  1. Looks flawless SF, like that's out of the ordinary for your work. Still hope you'll reconsider importing your SCARs into GR as well. Be one of the great weapon mods for this game for sure.
  2. Would love to see an addition to this excellent mod GiWeDa.
  3. Looks amazing mig. Love the shots on WSV. Very cool. Still hope I can help you out in the kit icon depatrment as well once nat gets you the models.
  4. Nat never got around to making it cmh? Hope someone can stepup and whip one out for you. And what other weapons are needed?
  5. Pics look awesome CC. Like the idea for the different skins for the environs too. And the Marines use the Bowman PRR mainly from what I've seen. SnowFella made one as did spider_c$k.
  6. Well we'll still be here to play it once it's out cmh.
  7. Haven't installed the patch yet but I've almost beaten the campaign as the British. Really cool game all in all. Can't wait to try with the new patch. Probably do so as a new faction once I'm done completely conquering the world. And watch out for the Black Death. Certainly screwed me up for quite a number of turns.
  8. Yeah, I think they look great, especially the tent texture.
  9. Whisper, how's the bluefor squad ai compared to VBS?
  10. Oso's the man when it comes to mapping, and modding in general.
  11. Can't wait to get my greedy mits on that.
  12. That gas mask attachment looks sweet, not to mention everything else for that matter.
  13. Sweet. Can't wait to see some OPFOR skin shots.
  14. mig was just telling me about Phlookians work on Blue Ivan. Sure it'll be great. nats been mia from what I've heard. Hopefully he'll be around soon. Hope this change isn't a bad thing, though real life does have to be first. Why is what you planned out though? Time constraints?
  15. Indeed. X2 on what jay said. Can't wait to have more Oso work on my comp.
  16. I think I speak for all when I say that we'd love to have those hi-res skins and cool missions as well though Para.
  17. Oh, thanks for the link SF. Hadn't seen that.
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