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  1. Heh, nice pic mig. Forgot to say that the control vehicle looks sweet too.
  2. Well at least the new patch will be out pretty soon. Once it's out I think it'll be time to conquer the Medieval world again.
  3. Great, like I said in my above post, the map sure does look sweet from the ss's.
  4. Nice looking kit icons and rets CC. Hope you can finish this up soo after your exams.
  5. They're Iraqi SF, and it's not a 416. Pretty much what Ruin said.
  6. Oh now that looks cool. Nice one Tinker.
  7. Just wanted to say that it's very cool of you guys to fix these issues. Thanks gents.
  8. 3rd for me as well. Guess the $2500 I dumped on a new pc was worth it.....once it's fixed.
  9. lol, sweet. Now you need to model a police cruiser and you could render a scene out of the movie. heh Again, great work SF.
  10. I absolutely love CENTCOM and have had only minor problems, and these were only on one or two missions. No big deal in the grand scheme of the mod. And jay, please release the update, I'd love to have any additions to this excellent mod.
  11. That is superb SF. Been watchin' the progress but forgot to post on it. You a fan of "Smokey and the Bandit"?
  12. No real hurry nat. For the time being I'm just using the standard at4 projectile. Like I said, including it in the next pack would be just fine.
  13. That's what I like to hear. My new rig will be in around Saturday so then I can finally use your M4 mod. And the AK is going to be a nice addition to the inventory too.
  14. Well at least that one issue is sorted. Happy to hear it too. As said the chr's/skins were what I was mainly looking forward to.
  15. Very nice work CC. And thanks mate, good to be back on the forums again. Hope it'll be consistent though.
  16. Well I'm sure you'll get it sorted like you always do. And guess it must be that time o' the year for thunderstorms in Aussie huh?
  17. Now that looks sweet Phlook. Great work.
  18. Simply fantastic work CC. Can't wait for the release.
  19. Very nice looking work SAP. And if you didn't already know, SnowFella's 'The Man'.
  20. Been away from the forums for a long time but just have to say thanks to jay and the team for releasing this excellent expansion. Simply phenomenal work! Proud to have contributed to it I am.
  21. Hope you pick it back up soon WD. Really looking forward to the Danish SOF characters.
  22. Thanks much for pack one nat. Looking forward to two also. Could you possibly include the SMAW HEPD qob file? It must have been left out of the first release by accident.
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