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  1. Gorgeous work there for sure. Love cmh's work. Also, great job by all involved.
  2. Still can't wait to play it. Architect. Thanks for not dropping it.
  3. WD - Are you still going to complete the Danish SF portion of the mod? Still really, really looking forward to that.
  4. Indeed GR has. Still love your mods too Croc. GR1 or [GR] is is its last days it seems though. Some pretty good mods are still in the works though so hope is still alive.
  5. Just finished up a grand campaign as the Byzantines. Tons of fun, very good all 'round faction. Usually had two fronts, east and west, going from the starts. Went pretty well but then the Mongols and Timurinds came. Finished conquering the entire world by beating the Myans. Fun Times.
  6. Great work gentlemen. Everything looks very good.
  7. Sounds like a cool mission though Tinker.
  8. Hate reviving an old thread but the link doesn't appear to work and was wondering if anyone knew what happened to the post. Just wanted to give it a once over again, was quite useful.
  9. Looking forward to playing the game once this is released. Wish there was a list of fixes though.
  10. Appears to be an expansion. http://www.relicnews.com/
  11. Yeah, most of those weapons are already available. Diemaco's in Canadian Ops 2 or SAS mod. MP5's take your pic. MG3, AT4 and Carl Gustav are in Swedish Forces. Mininmi SPW in NMM. SR25/AR10 (T) in Thumpers mod. TRG42 in Sniper Armoury. etc Oh, and Glad to hear about the progress on the skins/models. Can't wait to see the SF'ers.
  12. Wow, everything looks great, the map, skins, weapons, etc. Nice work gentlemen. Love the pic of the MLRS's firing, mig.
  13. Gonna be sweet. Don't want to wait till the fall though.
  14. Good to hear Argyll. Hope you continue to do well and stay safe.
  15. Nice wallpapers Hammer. Any way you could upload them somewhere for us to dl?
  16. Excellent news. Should be enough out there as far as weapons to cover most of what you're looking for.
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