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  1. I really enjoyed it. Didn't have any major gripes about the film which I was surprised about. Wanna see it again soon actually.
  2. Yeah, I would really love to see Lockdown's character models in GR. Oh well.
  3. Great list of updates WD. I like the two templates you posted earlier too.
  4. 'nother awesome shot mig. Gonna be challenging for sure....
  5. Damn, hats off to nat. He did an amazing job on the AS50.
  6. Hope you post some pics swartz. Would love to see what you're doin.
  7. Awesome. Glad things are going well pz. Hope you have a happy holiday season.
  8. For me it's the first mission with Force Recon raiding the television station. Great video though. Hopefully there'll be more like these to watch.
  9. Love Rome and Medieval II, Empire should be at least as good. Naval engagements ahould really be enjoyable, like you said.
  10. Nice work PG, your skins look really good.
  11. Be nice but there's really only one person making weapon models for GR now so the likelihood is slim...
  12. Might help... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nig7yzIWKk8
  13. I'm sure nat will reply d, he's probably just busy. I'm sure he appreicates your help.
  14. No, but one is possibly being worked on as we speak.
  15. Sounds cool enough. Sure hope this is done right, really starting to look forward to this game. Hope it turns out alright on the pc.
  16. ' Read the complete Q & A here Not sure I like that statement, not at all.
  17. Ahh ok, just thought they were representative of a particular country or military.
  18. Looks great. What nationality are the guys with the digital camo pattern from? I actually don't recognize it.
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