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  1. Real nice looking. Still have yet to install the first and the attendant addon though...
  2. Great new pics nat. Heard you're looking for SR-25 pics. Got some I can send to mig to get to you, don't know if they're good enough for textures though. Hope you get the new weapons out soon.
  3. Nice work on the weapons too brett. Looking forward to seeing the 552.
  4. Brettzies, awesome work done on the player characters. The MICH and Peltor combos are so nice. Thanks for continually making this rather lackluster out-of-the-box game relevant again.
  5. Hasn't this happened with your work before SF? Figures though, your weapons looks exactly like the real thing.
  6. 58%....damn. Need to wtirte off the relatives I think. j/k of course
  7. Mostly cash and gift certificates.
  8. Tie Fighter - had several expansions. Wing Commander. Several sequals. And I agree about those two as well. Classics.
  9. Saw AvP:Requiem today, two hours of my life that I'll never get back. How can two great franchies put together be so bad. How does one screw that up?!? Eastern Promises and the Kingdom are next. Still have Battlestar Galactica Razor to watch too.
  10. Love the other Partizan camo spetsnaz ingeloop.
  11. Merry Chistmas fellow GR.net'ers. Hope everyone has a good one.
  12. Very nice Wyndon, I'm envious.
  13. Thanks a ton ingeloop. Can't wait to try it out. Merry Christmas to you as well.
  14. Battlestar Galactica The Wire Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (BBC and US) The Ultimate Fighter Discovery/Military and History Channels
  15. Awesome. Love the Russian stuff that's for sure. Thanks ingeloop.
  16. Glad to see that there's more Russian camos in the works.
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