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  1. Don't think there's any easy solution WD. There's only one generic reload sound for each weapon type so if you use the sound for a rifle, all rifles will have the "ping". Also there's no way to set it to reload after the last round is fired.
  2. Shouldn't be difficult to do, I'm sure someone could whip one up quickly. Good idea though.
  3. Well as long as it's done soon then, WD, I'm sure we all won't mind. Though, like I've said earlier, I'd love to see screens of some completed DanFor work.
  4. Cobra6, WardenMac and Whisper_44 are all part of the DTD team though Coco is pretty much singly responsible for character textures and attachment and some of the weapons. Also, I've been a member of their forums since way back in the RS/UO days and have beta tested pretty much all the mods they've made since then. I know cmh is not all all the type to not give credit where it's due and am 100% certain that as long as the credit is given in the readme, like I posted above, then Coco won't have any problems with their usage. He has always been difficult to reach, but, again, a post on the DTD forums will most likely be answered in relatively short order. -edit- And thanks mig. Well said.
  5. Well that's up to you cmh. Hope you get in touch.
  6. Looking bloody good SF. Such a gorgeous weapons platform. Your texture looks mighty fine too Prozac.
  7. Your CQBR is gonna look amazing in GRAW, SF. Makes me really want to go buy some upgrade parts to play the game now.
  8. Good to hear about the continued progress on the camos. Also can't wait to see some pics of the finished Danish SOF characters.
  9. Coco's good about letting people use his work. He'll let you I'm sure, just quote what you borrowed in the readme of the mod. Also you could try the forums, send him a PM through there. http://www.damnr6.com/yabbse/index.php?board=6.0
  10. http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-703.html
  11. Sounds great WD. X 2 on what EasyCo said. Then you can work on finishind up DanFor, can't wait for that.
  12. Pretty much all the mods in the last roundup, and then some.
  13. Nice work sleeper and ingeloop. It's going to be hard to pick the best one, all of them look great.
  14. Indeed, congrats Wolfsong. Things like that have to make you pretty proud.
  15. Great news ingeloop. The ball is certainly rolling.
  16. Well thanks for that cmh. Still looking forward to the 4RAR mod too. -edit- These skins are awesome cmh, just wish you had included some completed desert skins. Still, these are superb. Love your work bro.
  17. Hotpants/TheBlakeness made one for Sabre Teams. That might be more what you're looking for.
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