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  1. Yeah, hope everything works out for you in real life killabeez.
  2. Sounds great to me. Can't wait to see screenshots.
  3. Superb, thanks yet again to all involved in getting this polished off and released.
  4. True. Only the one side. Here maybe. http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures...l?id=2105436707 Also SnowFella made HK 416 models for his last GR project but never finished them. He did complete one for the Razor's Edge VBS1 mod however. Here's pics of the models he made.
  5. http://www.hkpro.com/hk416.htm
  6. Man do those look sweet. Can't wait to blow them up.
  7. Awesome, glad to hear you're expanding your already great mod CC. How far along are you on this and how long do you expect it to take to finish? Also are you going to do that Ranger mod you were talking about?
  8. Yeah, Mike's Kosovo map was spectacular. All the other mods listed were really promising as well. This thread brings tears to my eyes, it does.
  9. That's a cool idea mig. Can't wait to see where it leads.
  10. Ah ok cmh, was just curious. Just wish there were the desert variations in the zip. And how could I not like them, they're awesome!
  11. Any chance on getting the full 4RAR mod out in the near future cmh? The skins are absolutely great.
  12. Couldn't you just mail the SOTO guys to see if they have it available ZJJ?
  13. De/Vision Mesh Silica Gel Obsc(y)re Backlash Children Within S.P.O.C.K Lowe Elegant Machinery Evil's Toy / T.O.Y. Melotron Qntal Helium Vola Neuoractive Neuroticfish And One Oomph! Statemachine Universal Poplab Wolfsheim Welle:Erdball Alice In Videoland That's some of 'em anyway... Mainly German and Swedish electronic acts.
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