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  1. Thanks for the demo GRIN Amazing work guys!!
  2. SP for me. I’m not much for the online play and really enjoy SP offline. I personally hope for a good AI.
  3. - It's a game isn't really a good argument for using mini guns or helicopters. It's a realistic game... or at least tries to be realistic. GRIN could put jet packs or nuclear hand grenades in the game but that wouldn't make the game realistic. Realism is what makes Ghost Recon games so great. There are tons of other shooters out there that are less realistic but got bigger audiences, like BF2. Agreed
  4. Hi guys, where can I find grass textures? thanks!
  5. HX4 = Simply, OUTSTANDING!! HX5 = Can't wait!!
  6. yes!! I use MS SideWinder Dual Strike!!
  7. MS SideWinder Dual Strike...........EXCELLENT!!
  8. P4 + GeForce 3 : I tested and I approved !!! excellent work !!! ---------------------- mod my congratulations and thank you very much !!!
  9. Glad to have the forum back !! Cool
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