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  1. jeese im soo sry im not a theif i just thought that the exe file was corrupt. i didnt know that i couldnt do that im sooo sry. as for the cd i do have the cd still. is there any way it could be that the cd was corrupt and i have to buy a new gr? ps if u think im angy then u should read it this again in a tone where i am apologetic k?
  2. hello. 1.)i looked in my gr folder, clicked on data,clicked on temp, and there was no files in there. does ne 1 know if files shoud be in there, and what r they? 2.)can someone send my a ghost recon.exe file, b/c everytime i try to execute ghost recon, it says ghostrecon.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvienience....... idk if its possible to send the exe file but if it is can ne1 try to? please! also ive posted here b4 about this, andppl say i need a new machine, well, i got alot more space back and i cant geta new machine, so this is my official last try. please help.
  3. hey ppl ive been silent lately i had the same problems with u when i had ghost recon i had windows 98 then xp and i have a voodoo 3000 graphx card. ppl told me that voodoo 3000 cards werent that great with gr and said to get a new card hope it helps dude
  4. yea haha i like leaving with every one i came with!!(good strategy) Am i the only person that gets stuck on level 3 when i play elite?? that was the last level i ever played!!! on recruit, i made it to level 6(with out cheating)but Red square(with cheats) Should i have skipped veterans like that??? just wondering
  5. I say GR is(was) numero uno on my list, but now its like last cause of "technical difficulties", so its now GTA 3 and Vice City for #1,Conkers bad fur day(N64, great game), and then Ghost Recon
  6. *choking**keeps choking* HOW CAN U SAY THAT????? ESPECIALLY ON A GR SITE!!!!! omg i almost had a freggin heart attack when i read this!!!! u trying to cause a mass death or sumthin???? u could ahevat least said it on an un popular gr site or sumthin!!!!
  7. yea im 14 and my mom got it for my b- day when i was 13(or 12, i forgot!!) but anyway if my mom lets me get it and my dad has no problem w/it, then u should get it no problem just tell him there is just little blood, not like in GTA 3 if u use the gore mode cheat(heeheehee!! its good fun cause u see limbs like arms, feet, legs, and heads on the floor if u use a rocket so ur pa should be more worried about the GTA series, not GR, cause GR has a point to it, like if u shoot innocent cicilians, u can fail tha mission!!) good luck man
  8. wow man i thought i was like one in like 5 only that cant play GR wheni started this thread but looks like Ubi and REd Storm Built this game out of sticks and hay!!! "
  9. when evr i play any red storm game i can never lose a character or else i have to restart its like i cant die!!! it bohters me knowing that i left a guy behind, i guess w/ me every1 that comes together leaves together!! weird aint it i dont just do it on GR i do it on Rainbow Six for n64(yup i still got the best n64 in my town(one thinks))its good if u have to go sumwhere and u dont have the time to load up ur PS2 or XBOX or PC (cause it dont work !!!!!) classics are the greatest!!! umk bye now
  10. hmm another one that actually posts all the info for the first time!!!(yea i know i didnt, so what are u gonna hunt me down and kill me?? maybe ill go prone in the middle of the desert and wont be seen, heehee )well i cant help cause im a tech ######(im learning tho)(thanx to GR(the probs its caused me!) and the Ghostrecon.net!(the help and the forum!) so umm yea no help here sry tho hope u do get help
  11. Yea teens!!!!!! " anyway.... It was April 14,2002, and my b-day was the 18th, so my mom took me to Best Buy and i saw Ghost Recon and i was like "wooooooow"(and i mean "wooooooow") cause of the tanks and the bad guys and the guns, and the fact that it was from Tom Clancy and red Storm(my first red storm game was Rainbow Six for the nintendo 64 which i got both(gold edition N64 heehee)in 2000, for my b-day, so now i had an n64, Rainbow six, and the best playing, newest, and best controllers in my town perhaps)so anyway..lets get away from the parenthesis and back to the story at hand,shall we???anyway i was practically about to drool and my mom just knew i wanted it, so low and behold she got it for my b-day(yay!!!) My parents are the bestest!!!!yay!!!
  12. I know this has nothing to do with Tom Clancy or Red Storm or Ubi soft, but i figured u guys would be the best to consult about weapons and crap, so here it is. Yesterday i was playing Grand Theft Auto Vice city and used an actio replay to cheat. i had infinite ammo on, and i shot multiple rockts(w/ action replay, rockets are shot as a continuos stream of rockets)and then quikly switched to my M4 before the rockets exploded and shot at the rockets. a few rockets escaped, but some exploded, and the rest went flying up, down left and right. its not a glitch cause i did it another time, but anyway, is that even possible in real life???
  13. hey umk I dont use guerilla warfare tactics in GR nor any other game; all i do is find a "butt"hole, shoot him, wait 1-2 minutes untill the last guy came and died(killed one guy, another one came, shot him, no one else comes, i go on)and move on towards the waypoint.
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